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Greetings and Salutations!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LadyWillendorf, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Hello all! I'm a 42yo lifestyle dominant BBW. Longtime lover of kink, but only got turned on to the benefits of chastity in FLRs just in the past year.

    As with most of the times I've had my horizons expanded, it was via conversation with another intelligent kinkster. I love the benefits of keeping an open mind! it can keep things fresh and new almost indefinitely, as the plurality of human sexuality is almost limitless.

    Now I'm here to learn more about the mindset of males who enjoy chastity, as well as techniques for safe and sane distance keyholding.. I currently have two long-distance subs who lock themselves for me, and a third who is curious and probably just needs a bit of encouragement. So I'm looking for ways to control and intensify their experience, while keeping them safe "just in case." So I look forward to learning from and networking with y'all!
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  2. Welcome to the site. There are a couple long distance KH's here that I'm sure can help you out.
  3. pictures, communication, teasing, and pushing boundaries
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    Welcome to the Mansion. Always nice to have another lady join us. There is so much information on the site and if you have any questions just ask. The guys are super helpful. If you would like a female's point of view just let me know. Have fun
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  5. Thank you all for the kind welcome! I can't wait to dig around and start asking questions.
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  6. Welcome to the mansion! =)
  7. Welcome to the Mansion. Great that you found us. Always enjoy hearing from the other side. There is a lot here, go slowly you don't
    want to miss something. ;)
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