Green Eyes Pink Satin - Chapter 5 - Maid Service

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    As Joanna calmed herself down in the bedroom, ralph finished the bathroom and tidied best he could without disturbing his Mistress. Having finished upstairs, ralph busied himself in the kitchen and made a mess of a scrambled egg for lunch for both of them. Cooking wasn’t his strong point and now it seemed his duties included the cooking. As he prepared the plates he heard the shower running and thought back to yesterday morning when he wanked off to the thought of a French maid. Now, 36 hours later he was the maid and Joanna was having the shower.

    Joanna came down 15 minutes later, her long wet hair in a ponytail, leaving a wet patch on her back. She wore a white blouse, something he never saw her wear before, lacy detail and semi transparent showing a lacy white bra below. ralph looked up and caught her eyes as she entered the room and the sun glistened off her face. My god her green eyes were beautiful. Full of a story and he remembered back to 7 years ago when he met her in the garden of a friends house, the sun terrace was brilliant and everyone was there with the shades on. He had gone in to get a top up on his beer when Joanna took her oversized glasses off and her green eyes had drilled right through him.

    What had happened in those 7 years probably wouldn’t make a very good story. However there had been good times and recently outweighed by bad times. He promised to make more effort when he was tied in the living room last night and this was his effort.

    “Knees ralph.” Joanna said passing him without paying attention to anything in particular. ralph had forgotten, and was busy cooking, he wasn’t sure if the rules but quickly knelt before her. She left the room and he looked around puzzled. Did he get up? He guessed so and rose and carried on cooking. Joanna was just outside the door with a smile on her face. She composed herself looking in the mirror, and re-entered the room. ralph turned around immediately and saw Joanna again, dropping to his knees mid whisking the eggs. “Good boy. You are learning.” She grabbed a glass of water and left immediately again.

    ralph spent the next 20 minutes rising and falling as he cooked. He was sure Joanna was doing it on purpose, and she was, but he couldn’t say anything and bit his tongue and got on with it. He finally finished the eggs and toast, and called his Mistress in to eat. Joanna entered and ralph again dropped to his knees having put the plates on the table. Joanna took a seat and stared at the burnt eggs. There was no way she was going to eat those, but it gave her an opportunity to further push home who was in control. ralph went to rise and sit, but Joanna has other ideas. “No ralph you don’t choose when you rise, I tell you. And now, with this pity excuse of food you can stay kneeling.” Joanna took the plate and held it out to ralph, showing him his mistakes. “I am not after a la Carte food here, but you will improve.” She took her knife and pushed the food off the plate on to the floor in front of ralph. “Oh look, your dinner has been served. I’m ordering takeaway and you can finish that slop off the floor.” As she stood she purposely put her heel into the egg. “You can start by cleaning my shoe, maid” with a smirk on her face.

    She took a seat on the table in front of ralph and swung her heel up to his face. Egg was dropping off but enough was still squashed in the grip on the sole. ralph began licking until the shoe was clean. His cock was growing in its cage and a string of precum dribbled to the floor and on to the remainder of the egg. Joanna saw this and knew he was aroused, things were going swimmingly.


    ralph knelt in front of Joanna, her beautiful feet pushed in his face with the heel digging into his cheek whilst he licked the sole. He was turned on. He loved her feet and heels. He would worship a pair every day if he could. He has never admitted to Joanna but before he was with her he used to buy used heels from eBay and charity shops and lick them inside and out until they sparkled. He wasn’t into femdom but loved heels and now he was doing what he used to love and being allowed to at that. He felt his cock grow in the cage and after a spasm he felt a big blob of precum leave his penis and pool with the rest in his cage.


    Joanna was enjoying this, the shoes were good but she wanted more. She took off her heel and placed it on the table next to her. ralph stared hungrily at her long red painted toe nails that matched her finger nails and red lipstick. Joanna moved off the table and put her foot in the egg and precum mix, with egg squashing through the toes. She took the ketchup off the table behind her and opened the cap. Squeezing she added ketchup to her foot, leaving quite a mess down below. She hopped back up on the table and pushed her foot towards ralph once more. “Eat, you are banned from plates and cutlery today, also no using your hands to eat. My foot can help you my honey - don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get your substance.”

    ralph sucked and licked like he was possessed. There was something different about this woman, she no longer was a push over. She no longer cared for his opinion and no longer waited for ralph to take the lead. He liked it but at the same time he was wary of upsetting Joanna further. He licked the final ketchup off her foot and gave each toe a final suck before he knelt back and looked at Joanna. Egg down his dress, ketchup over his face, and slimy pile of mess in front of him as it dribbled from his cage. Joanna rose and walked out swishing her hips. “Clean the rest off the floor, you can then have time off but no use of anything electrical. You want anything, I’ll be in the garden enjoying the sun, you must ask for any permission kneeling next to me. Have fun” and with that she was gone. ralph rewound the final orders. He had to eat the disgusting burnt egg, then what could he do without electricity?! No tv, no console, no phone. Jesus that’s everything he did! And finally, if he needed a pee or anything else he had to go outside dressed as a maid and kneel beside her?! Joanna was pushing every time he felt he had it under control again.


    The rest of the day was more mundane after the excitement of the morning. He didn’t dare use the bathroom with the threat of kneeling in the garden looming over him. In fact, without anything normal for him to do he had nothing better than to continue with house work. He removed every glass from the cupboard and hand washed before replacing sparkling clean. He then cleaned the cupboard too, then the top of the cupboards. By the time Joanna came back in from the afternoon sun he was unable to do anything more in the kitchen - it was perfect.

    “No free time ralphie?” Joanna scolded, she knew how the afternoon would play out and expected boredom to push ralph back into service. She was right. She was hot and sweaty after sitting in the sun for too long. Her pants were damp and her panties were wet from the mixture of the day and the heat of the sun. She tapped her phone and ordered her takeaway - for one - and slipped her trousers and panties off in front of ralph. For the first time since the weekend she allowed ralph to see her sex, see her uncovered and in power. She motioned to her panties “Pick them up ralphie. And put them in your mouth.” ralph eagerly picked them up, the hesitated as he felt they were wet all over, and looked at his mistress for guidance. “Come on, tongue out, pop them in and then in close your mouth.” ralph obliged and stuff the panties in his mouth and tasted the bitter mix of Joanna’s essence. He breathed heavily out of his nose and looked pleading at Joanna. The scent and taste was almost too much, his cock grew again in the cage and he doubled forward as it bit in and stopped any further arousing. Joanna stepped forward and leaned over his head to the drawer in the kitchen holding tape. Her sex rubbed against his forehead as he knelt there in front of her, and for a moment he hoped he was going to be allowed to service Joanna again. Instead, the tape was pulled off the roll and his lips sealed around the gag. Joanna then leant over him again, rubbing her mound on his face, and taped his hands behind his back - she stepped back and looked and the frustrated face. “My takeaway is here in a moment, maybe I’ll get the driver to bring it in? What you think? Stay still until called”

    She left the room and slipped on a skirt and stilettos without any underwear- Miss A had popped a mail to her earlier today with another step to follow to secure his servitude. The takeaway arrived and Joanna picked it up and shut the door. She left ralph kneeling gagged on the hard floor, she went in the living room and enjoyed her food. She had missed lunch because of him and was starving. After watching tv and relaxing hours later, she remembered ralph hadn’t had a pee for hours so called out he could relive himself. That alone was difficult bound as he was, but with his cage dangling out of the panties he was able to go without removing any layers. As ralph squatted down on the toilet he caught himself in the mirror and saw what he had become. A maid with a gagged mouth stared back. He was still caught by surprise every time he saw his situation - this was still a bizarre dream.

    Joanna called in ralph and he entered looking like a broken man. Eyes were red, he had been crying. Joanna felt a little sorry for him but knew this came from his own fault. She called him over and he knelt before her. “Your uniform is a mess. You will wash it and dry it and wear it again in the morning.” And with that she unsnapped the padlock and undid the zip a little. She removed the tape from his hands and gestured to him he should go to the kitchen and finish disrobing. ralph quickly removed the outfit and hand washed the uniform and panties, stockings as well, and stood there in just his cage completing his domestic duties still gagged and tasting his Mistress.

    He hesitantly walked back with the living room and held the soaking clothes to Joanna. “And what do you think I am going to do with those? Outside, now” ralph’s wide eyes explained it all but Joanna was unmoving. “The washing line is just there. Go now and kneel back before I make it even worse!” And with that ralph had no option but sulk out. He shot out quick as he could, drapped the uniform over the washing line and back in before you could blink.

    “Hmm, that’s not going to dry thrown over the line like that. Use pegs and do it properly.” ralph headed out again, using less haste and more speed he came back in again and knelt in front of Joanna. “Lay down and relax pet, this is our evenings now”

    ralph laid there on the ground, naked, wearing only that thing that neutered his once proud maleness. He thought about his life and the worm he turned out to be in the last years of their marriage, since he met Joanna. Ah, those eyes that captivated him, why he didn't look to them with the same passion that once made him so full of passion and felt that he could go following her to the end of the world if she wanted so. He looked up and again felt entranced with the eyes.

    Those eyes are still there but what has become of himself? A bigot, a sexist male totally unaware of the beauty he had home for all this time. Joanna is completely right, her eyes are still the same and contemplating them again as it was for the first time he felt merging into them, his willpower gone, no more wanting to be again that pig.

    ralph continued to stare as Joanna watched tv above him. Joanna, what a beautiful name, I want to be hers, I need to be her toy, the faithful servant of those stunning bewitching eyes, just a little bit of attention of my Mistress will make me joyful and life will be worth living. May she do what she wants to do with me, thereafter I will love to serve this amazing alluring eyes Goddess.

    Joanna moved one of her high pointed stiletto heels on top of his cage, swinging it slighting like a warming caress. She looked into his eyes, both of them motionless, wandering in their thoughts unaware of nothing else but their own recently discovered universe. It was thrilling, and they were captivated on wholly new emotion previously unknown to them.

    Joanna stared through ralph laying curled on the floor, and daydreamed back into her past when she fell in love with that romantic boy now beneath her. Where did he go! what has become of her marriage? She still remembers how he treated her for months and years past. How he pushed himself in her from behind and how much it hurt. How humiliated she felt when he laughed about her pains, all that must remain in the past.

    When Joanna threw out all ralph’s clothes, She had also thrown out all those baggy ugly t-shirts where she tried to hide her beauty from the pig to whom she was matrimonially bound to. Reclaiming back all the sexy girl she once was. Sitting here above him she was in her full womanhood, her lacy white blouse she was wearing in front of the new ralph laying beneath her. Joanna felt her nipples protruding caressed by the silky fabric, a warming sense coming from her innards and traversing her spine down to her crotch moisturising and nurturing her swollen sex. No doubt she was aroused and inebriated by reclaiming her womanhood and power which for so long was neglected. It was always there ready to rise again and now blossoming all its female power for no more being shaken or weakened - the true Goddess Joanna has fully risen.

    Joanna snapped out of her daydream and focused again on the curled pet by her foot. She stood and walked to the cupboard that was under the stairs. “Come, let me show you what else I did this morning whilst you were peeing yourself ralphie” she reminded him where he was this morning. Joanna opened the door and the once full cupboard was empty apart from a small camping light and a pink satin sleeping bag rolled up. “This is your new sleeping area. Until you prove to me that you are an obedient male maid you will sleep here.” It was dark, looked draughty, and sure there were spiders hiding under the wooden stair panels. Still gagged ralph could only make noises in protest but it was to no avail. “You have work tomorrow, I want you to clean the bathrooms before you leave and you will leave earlier from now on too, you make a good impression and earn me money. So I expect you up no later than 5am, you can clean naked whilst we get you a spare uniform, and then at 6:45 you can wake me with croissants and fresh juice. Then you will dress and leave the house by 7am sharp. I’ll explain how your day works tomorrow ralphie but I’d get some sleep you have an early start.

    As ralph walked towards his new room Joanna pulled the tape off the gag with a delicious sound. “Mmmmph” ralph yelled as the sodden panties still muffled his tongue. “Don’t want any marks on your face from the tape for work now do we? However the panties are surely not clean yet, you can keep those in tonight as present them to me in the morning clean.” ralph nodded, ducked down into the door way and rolled out the sleeping bag. It was too small to roll out completely and there was no way he was going to be able to lay flat. He got in, hitting his head on the stairs above and elbows in the walls and curled to his side. He looked up at Joanna with pleading in his eyes. This was terrible punishment and he knew he had to work hard to get back in bed with his wife. He had to work hard to get the maid outfit out of his daily routine. He had to work hard to get the cage off his penis. And had to work hard to get her to get her friend to delete the video from the email that was sent.

    Joanna closed the door leaving ralph alone in the cramped room with nothing but a dynamo camp light that was fading fast. He moved the panties around in his mouth and sucked his saliva out and swallowed along with the juices that came out too. He started to move his tongue around the panties and soon found the gusset and the sweet taste of concentrated juice. He closed his eyes and drifted off with the pink satin feeling slippery and cool caressing his body. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


    Joanna lent back against the door and took a deep breath. She was super horny, and the last 20 minutes had pushed her over the edge. She pulled her skirt up and felt her juices running down her thigh. As she moved her hand over her swollen lips she bucked against the touch and began to pleasure herself merely a metre from where her husband lay. As she came she grabbed at her sensitive nipples and pulled them thinking of Miss A, looking forward to the Wednesday meeting in three days. It was Monday tomorrow and she had decided to dress to impress and see who else would fall to their knees tomorrow. The goddess was on the hunt.
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