Green Eyes Pink Satin - Chapter 3 - Reality

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    It was a long night. The living room gets cold and ralph sat there naked bound to the chair shivering. Lesson 1. Joanna would never have done this before, so out of character. However he had learnt that she meant business and he would be far more comfortable if he just bit his tongue. He really needed a pee and bottom was numb. He has drifted off briefly an hour or so ago to be awoken by the strangest thing.

    In his sleep he felt a strong unyielding grip on his cock and found himself trying to get an erection. He woke with a start to find his cock straining against the new friend tightly wrapped around his member. The pain was real, his balls being pulled taught and his penis trying to straighten but it was without success. It took a good 30 minutes before the swelling and then the pain stopped. Morning wood? ralph assumed so.

    As the sun rose ralph could hold it no more and a trickle of pee dropped between the legs of the chair on to the hard wood floor beneath. Humiliating. He peed the sofa a week ago but he was asleep, this time he had made a conscious decision to pee and it felt wrong. The realisation that he had been terrible over the last month or to be honest last 5 years of marriage hit him. He’d try harder. He’d do what Joanna wanted, he had to make it up to her. She seemed pretty pissed off last night and he didn’t want to lose her. This night strapped to the chair had been strangely a good thing he decided.

    Finally ralph got a couple of hours sleep and was awoken by the keys in the front door. Looking down in shame he knew he’d be told off for the pee but he was going to make the effort today whatever the cost. “You sure you don’t want a coffee before you go?” ralph froze. Oh my god. Joanna has bought back someone. “Go on then, then I must be going. You are ok now Jo?” It was Tess. A old school friend who lived about a mile back. She must have driven Joanna home. “Yeah yeah I’m fine. ralph and I argue every now and then and I needed a time out. That’s all. Let’s go in the kitchen and I’ll make you a quick cup”

    ralph assesses the situation. Joanna knew he was in there. She knew he would be mortified if Tess entered the room. He panicked, there was nothing he could do to hide himself. Nothing he could do to hide the cage, the pee, the nakedness. He sat there listening in, awaiting footsteps.

    29 minutes. That’s how long he sat stiff, on edge, listening to every word, every knock, bang. Finally Tess was at the front door saying her goodbyes. ralph sighed a big sigh and got angry. Then, he remembered his situation, what he had promised himself at 5am and made a conscious decision to say nothing.

    Joanna didn’t come in. She spent the next hour walking up and down the stairs. Out to the car. And back. Time and time again. Finally the front door shut, the car started and he was alone again. This was all very odd. He needed a pee again but was holding it tightly.


    Joanna dropped the last bin bag at the door of the charity and closed the boot of the car. “It’s not problem, they were not being used anyway.” Joanna was waved goodbye as she drove away and headed home. She was excited. She had gone off script this morning. Her own idea to bring Tess in for coffee. It had made her tingle between the legs drinking coffee thinking how ralph must be thinking. She was beginning to enjoy this.

    Joanna opened the door and called out. “Honey I’m home! Hope you are not doing anything naughty!?l” she taunted. Walking in to the living room she saw a slumped naked man sitting in a puddle of pee. He looked terrible. Hasn’t slept all night by the look of things. And obviously was ashamed of his situation. “Please Jo. I need to get out of this chair. I’ll do what you say. I just need to move and clean up. I’m sorry for the pee, it was too long.”

    “Mistress” Joanna responded. “I am your Mistress. You no longer call me any other name. You seem sorry and seem like you mean it. I think another day sitting there and we might be ready.” ralph panicked. “No no, please. I’ll do what you want. Anything!” Bingo, Miss A has said this moment would come. She was a very clever lady.

    “Anything what?” Joanna corrected him. “anything Mistress” he retorted. Joanna got as close as she could without getting her feet wet and undid the straps. ralph rubbed his wrists and wiggles his ankles. He stood up “I’m going to clean this mess” he stated scuttling off. “Not so fast honey. I think you need to learn a lesson. Kneel.” ralph kneeled in front of her. Next to the chair and the pee. “You can clean it up for me. I want you to use the cut up clothes from last night to soak it up and then you will use your tongue to make the wet floor spotless.” ralph shot Joanna a look, first of rebellion, then something changed - he lowered his eyes and nodded.


    “Then you will use your tongue to make the wet floor spotless” ralph felt the anger roar up inside him, he was about to tell her to piss off. Then he remembered the morning, his promise to himself and not forgetting that god damn cage. He lowered his head and nodded. ralph knew he had to do it if he was to win Joanna back.

    Ralph grabbed the rags which were his clothes and used the t-shirt to soak up the worst of it. Using his designer jeans, now in shreds, he scrubbed hard to remove all the urine he could. Soon the floor was practically dry and he he had now the most undignified part to follow. He lowered his head and smelt the floor. It smelt of wood and polish, so he touched it with his tongue. Nothing wrong just a little bitter. He began to work his way round the damp patch and finished faster than he thought. He felt quite pleased with himself, performing for Joanna and it wasn’t too bad.


    Joanna watched with a smirk on her face. She knew from Miss A that this was the easiest task of all, but it would be rewarding to him and would start to embed that servitude was good and not always a chore, before long he would look back at this moment and realise it was just the tip of the iceberg.

    Joanna moved her trainer covered foot in front of ralph and instigated the next conditioning. “I am sure I trod in a little, how is my sole of my trainer?” ralph knelt up and checked “a little bit Mistress” he answered. “You know what to do pet” Joanna returner.

    ralph gently held her foot and began to lick the wet part of the sole. It wasn’t terrible but again it was underlining the control. “You might as well do the whole shoe whilst you are there” said Joanna as she took a seat on the sofa and raised her foot again. ralph lowered his head and took the foot. She had beaten him. He was licking her dirty pee covered trainer whilst naked and kneeling, in chastity. Joanna let him finish before moving on to the other trainer. He finished with a gentle kiss to the foot. “Good boy. You have earn a reward. Go to the kitchen and make us both a coffee. Stay naked for now ralphie, I quite like your cute cage”

    ralph got up and took his pee soaked clothes with him. “Throw those in the bin baby” Joanna called after him. ralph was back 5 minutes later with two coffees and a plate of croissants. ralph went to sit next to Joanna. “No darling, you have a pee soaked bottom and haven’t washed in a day. It’s not nice to soil my furniture is it?” Sit by my feet and eat and drink.

    Joanna ate in silence watching ralph’s every move. She couldn’t quite believe it, but he was doing as told and making a good job at it too. She couldn’t stop starring at his cage and couldn’t quite believe how much difference it had made already. ‘Give him pleasure at first, remember Pavlov’s dog’ echoed in her mind. Miss A had walked her through this part. Joanna took a moment, placed her coffee down and bent forward and undid her shoe and removed her shoe and sock. Using her toes she started to stroke the cage and gently rest her foot on his balls.

    ralph looked up and opened his legs wider, offering the cage to his Mistress. Joanna picked up her her coffee and continued to drink and eat. ralph sat there, his penis bulging through the cage, enjoying the attention. Joanna moves her foot away and offered her other foot to ralph. Knowing instantly he removed her shoe and sock leaving her pretty foot at eye level. He took the foot and began to kiss it like it was a rare delicacy. Joanna continued to run her other foot across the cage and soon he was panting and quietly moaning as he licked her foot clean whilst getting the strangest foot job he had ever felt.

    Joanna was feeling horny. There was no two ways about it. It wasn’t meant to be an impromptu session but the power made her giddy and she couldn’t help but feel her vagina warming and the pulse of the blood pumping round. Miss A had said under no circumstances let him see her sex, she knew she had to stop, but god this was hard. Then she had the idea which made her proud. She didn’t own a dildo (yet) and had to improvise.

    Joanna took the blindfold from the table used last night and placed it over his eyes. She slipped down her jeans and her panties were slipped to the side. Joanna took her fingers and started to play. She soon was enjoying her own touch but needed more. She closed her eyes and thought back 5 days to when Miss A had teased her to an orgasm and started to mimic the touch she felt so gently. “ She offered her foot back to ralph and he took it with his mouth, whilst she continued to explore herself.

    Joanna began to feel the pleasures rise, watching ralph was making it even better. She took her other foot and rested it on his shoulder. His face just inches away from her she continued to work whilst ralph continued to suck. Joanna began to moan and shift her hips closer to ralph. Surely it can’t hurt to let him at her she thought. Moving her foot from his mouth she put her leg on his other shoulder and pulled him in. Closer until he was touching her sex, her mound wet from years of frustration locked on to his lips and ralph for the first time ever used his tongue on his wife. Jesus it felt good Joanna thought. Why had she never done that before, she wondered and began to ride his face pulling his hair closer and stopping him breathing with the force of her thrusts. Joanna was lost in the moment, something alien to her and to ralph actually as well. For his part ralph was sucking and licking like his life depended on it, he was actually ok. Needed some direction and some control but he did ok for his first time.

    Joanna felt her groins tighten as the second orgasm in 5 days began to wave over her. As the orgasm was shooting up her legs she looked down at the blindfolded man between them. Hair matted and juices over his face, she came on him with a wild roar. It wasn’t subtle, was lady like, it was 5 years of pent up frustration released directly into ralph’s mouth. She laid there for a moment, legs on his shoulders still, whilst ralph tried to look round the blindfold but with no luck. “Good boy” Joanna gathered herself. “That was your reward.” Now let’s get you dressed.


    It took 30 minutes before Joanna felt she could manage the stairs. She had a groin strain somehow and was still sensitive on her nipples and lips. She had kept the blindfold on ralph for a good reason, she needed to gather herself. It was time to show him his new attire. Joanna led the way, taking the blindfold off now she was dressed again, ralph following the bottom up the stairs and into their bedroom. Joanna sat on the bed, looked at naked ralph standing there with just a cage swinging in between his legs. “A lot to take in little one. But things have already irreversibly changed for the better. It’s time for the next stage. Open your wardrobe and pick something to wear.”


    ralph opened the wardrobe with stunned silence.
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