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Gosh, where do I go with this?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Shepherdsflock, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. i think that this is all very very scary and please do what Mistress Jules says.
  2. Shepherdsflock

    I've only been lurking on this site, but I would like to add to what others have said about chemical castration. I worked in the penal system (no, not penile system) for several years, in a medical capacity, and I am familiar with chemical castration, which is most often used for pedophiles.

    It is often touted as being reversible as a way of selling the idea, but it is in fact essentially irreversible, and causes MANY side effects including memory loss, depression, bone fractures, heart disease, and other mental and physical problems.

    These side effects are actively suppressed or minimized in the medical literature because of the overwhelming lack of treatment options to treat pedophilia which is very treatment resistant.

    Please understand that I am not claiming a vast medical conspiracy, simply that since there is not other effective treatment for pedophilia the problems are not fully pursued. Many of these same drugs are used (in different concentrations) to treat prostate cancer, but again, although the side-effects are acknowledged, they are not given much weight due to the lack of treatment options.

    Another problem is that most of the pedophiles who are considered eligible for chemical castration are much older than you, and that's WHY they are eligible. They've mostly been in jail for years. The same age issue arises in the case of prostate cancer. It's far more common in older men.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless your endocrinologist is familiar with oncology, he will not have as good an appreciation of the drugs problems as you would expect.

    As a result I actually believe that, if you feel you must pursue castration, a surgical course might be less injurious overall.i am NOT familiar with urology, but it seems toe that there must be a simple, possibly reversible surgery that could render you impotent, possibly one that bypassed the corpus cavernosa. Whether a surgeon would feel that this surgery was professionally or ethically appropriate is an entirely different question.