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Gosh, where do I go with this?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Shepherdsflock, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. i think that this is all very very scary and please do what Mistress Jules says.
  2. Shepherdsflock

    I've only been lurking on this site, but I would like to add to what others have said about chemical castration. I worked in the penal system (no, not penile system) for several years, in a medical capacity, and I am familiar with chemical castration, which is most often used for pedophiles.

    It is often touted as being reversible as a way of selling the idea, but it is in fact essentially irreversible, and causes MANY side effects including memory loss, depression, bone fractures, heart disease, and other mental and physical problems.

    These side effects are actively suppressed or minimized in the medical literature because of the overwhelming lack of treatment options to treat pedophilia which is very treatment resistant.

    Please understand that I am not claiming a vast medical conspiracy, simply that since there is not other effective treatment for pedophilia the problems are not fully pursued. Many of these same drugs are used (in different concentrations) to treat prostate cancer, but again, although the side-effects are acknowledged, they are not given much weight due to the lack of treatment options.

    Another problem is that most of the pedophiles who are considered eligible for chemical castration are much older than you, and that's WHY they are eligible. They've mostly been in jail for years. The same age issue arises in the case of prostate cancer. It's far more common in older men.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless your endocrinologist is familiar with oncology, he will not have as good an appreciation of the drugs problems as you would expect.

    As a result I actually believe that, if you feel you must pursue castration, a surgical course might be less injurious overall.i am NOT familiar with urology, but it seems toe that there must be a simple, possibly reversible surgery that could render you impotent, possibly one that bypassed the corpus cavernosa. Whether a surgeon would feel that this surgery was professionally or ethically appropriate is an entirely different question.
  3. Haven't been on here in a few weeks. I had one of the worst sinus infections I have ever had while on a business trip in Canada. Was in tremendous pain and pretty much confined to a hotel room for three days until the pain was bearable enough to function.

    During that time I had a lot of time to think about things. Long story short, I made the decision that I won't be going forward with castration. There are some side effects that I simply don't want to live with for the rest of my life. I also came to the realization that in spite of the frustration that chastity sometimes brings, I do enjoy being sexually aroused by my wife think a life without desire for her would be boring.

    So, we're back to just plain old chastity. Since this is pretty much a permanent part of our relationship now (after two years I don't really think we're ever going back to a "regular" sex life) I am thinking strongly about upgrading to something made for long term wear. The Holy Trainer has been good in many respects, but I would really like to have something that offers better hygiene.

    Anyhow, hope everyone's doing well.
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  4. I think that's a wise decision. I was willing to consider castration since I'm permanently flaccid anyway and since my wife (with my agreement), wants me neutered (at least psychologically) as part of my de-maling. I feel that my useless scrotum is mocking me. That said, the side effects of castration are profound and sobering, so we've decided not to go that route. Sounds like you'll be fine as you are. Best of luck.
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  5. Hi Shepherdsflock,

    Sorry to hear that you were sick. If you haven't already, try sudafed (the real sudafed available only from the pharmacist, but without a prescription). I'm glad to hear that you reconsidered. Life without any sex drive would be rather blah to my mind as well. Have you read Mina's Bitch's https://www.chastitymansion.com/forums/index.php?threads/permanent-titanium-it-is-done.23972/ post? Something similar would give your wife the reassurance she needs to be comfortable knowing that she was safe from unwanted intromission. My wife and I have pursued a different, but similar course, and I'm adjusting well.
  6. Hi @Shepherdsflock@Shepherdsflock
    glad to read that you are moving away from castration, I have read that while people are happy with the lower sex drive, they do miss the level of excitement that comes with having balls.if you want something more permanent but also something that will not effect you health why not go for a mysteel or something at that at level of security.
  7. I'm looking at my options. I fly frequently and am leaning toward the Evotion devices. The ability to go all plastic for TSA is attractive.
  8. You may want to check out eunuch.org. There is much better info on this subject there, Good luck!
  9. no cos he says now that hes not gonna have it cut off.
  10. It's good to hear that you Didn't do something that you would have regretted being in a relationship is t always easy. I've been with my wife since 1980. Chastity is part of your life today but in a year from now it may not be. We never really know what the future will bring. What we do know is that if we have a spouse that we Love Honour and Respect and as long as we're with them everything will work out. Take care and enjoy the Journey that You and your Spouse are on NOW!!!!!
  11. Those Sinus infections Relly Suck. If you have to fly with one it's even Worse. I hope you enjoyed your Business trip to Canada beside the sinus infection we dohave a lot lot to offer that may be different then what your use to.
  12. Quebec seems like a nice place every time I have to go there, but the language barrier kind of takes away from the experience.
  13. I'm confused.
    Given that neither of you want or seem to enjoy what you refer to as a "regular" sex life, why do you need a chastity device?
    Just going without both the device and that aspect of sex would seem to be appropriate and have none of the hygiene issues that wearing a device brings.
    People do practice chastity on the honour system, but that's in a sub-dom type of relationship. Here it appears that you both want [or in this case don't need] the same things, so what's the purpose of wearing a device?

    You might be better served by writing a 'contract' that you both agree to.
  14. We operate on the honor system in our female-controlled marriage and it works nicely because the penalties for me having sex with anyone else are severe -- my wife will cuckold me with my closest friends and, if she desires, divorce me and take virtually everything.
  15. Two primary reasons are I have a really hard time not masturbating, and my wife does not like me having erections.
  16. Were it completely up to your wife, what would she do? If she's not particularly interested in sex, should you not have an outlet for release? My wife says that I never can have sex with her again unless she knows that she can trust me absolutely. I am not allowed to touch my penis for any reason, not even to pee. But she allows me to use an anal vibrator to have orgasms, she milks me with it twice daily and pegs me regularly. So I have no reason to be dissatisfied.
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  17. Did I read your post correctly, that you are milked twice daily? I can't imagine you would have much coming out on that second go around. I've never been milked so I don't know how that feels, but is it pleasant? I'd like to suggest it to my wife as a possible alternative to pegging.
  18. I am indeed milked twice daily. While there are only a few droplets the second time, my wife insists on dual milkings to make sure that my scrotum is drained completely as part of my neutering. The sensation of having a vibrator deep in my rectum is lovely, regardless of how little semen emerges. The process also reinforces my submissiveness and docility as part of obedience training. The pegging allows my wife to have an orgasm as well, since the strap-on is designed to stimulate her clitoris. If you're not a sub hubby, the milking might not be as effective.
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  19. Thank you demale. You description was quite thorough, so much so I'm sitting here squirming in my cage. :) I very much enjoy the idea of neutering. Now to convince my wife.
  20. The neutering is a gradual but inexorable process. It is best that it be your wife's proposal, as it was in our case. Our agreement is that everything must be her idea and that I must accede. In my case the neutering is primarily psychological, with the purpose of feminizing me from the inside out. While my wife has not yet mentioned castration, which would be attractive since I am permanently impotent, I am prepared to have it done if she deems it necessary. Best of luck with your quest.
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  21. i wish i was milk 2 time a day but i don't think nothing wud come out of me. Sometimes only little dribble come out after 4 week. i spose its hormones.
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  22. I agree with you jemima, but it would seem like a lot of work for nothin".
  23. well it don't matter anyways cos Mistress wudnt do it that much. everthing is in my box and it takes a lot of time.
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  24. Well, I guess my thoughts of not pursuing castration were not mutual. My wife brought it up again a couple of nights ago.

    Part of me would actually like to try the chemical route for a few months just to see what it’s like. Knowing it is reversible is attractive. Being free of sexual urges and frustration sounds nice.

    I’ll do more research before committing to anything.