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Going into Perment chastity forever (as perment as it gets anyways)

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Fayt, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Hello my names Fayt and well my daddy will soon be putting me in a 304 small chastity (i think thats what its called) and will be making it perment as in the only way its coming off if ever is by cutting it with bultcutters and i know that big and for surgeries and all that stuff I'll be forced to cut it off but flying im terrified of flying so airports aren't a problem, but we dont really know how to go about this, we're gonna try epoxy and breaking a key off in it that fits but wont turn the lock (also if anyone has a key like that for a steath lock they wanna give could you please it help a lot) and sealing it in along with the ring and head of the chastitu together. And well we see lots using all kinds of stuff for perment chasity like rivits (which wont work on a stealth lock like the one we have), super glue, soldering, liquid cement and other things so we're wondering whats the best. So any suggestion please anything would help
  2. Just fill the keyhole with super glue. Nothing will get it out. Or get a cage with a magic lock and do the same. Will never be able to unlock again.
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  3. Well we're not so sure about super glue but could give it a try, gonna eait for more replies though to make 100% sure thank you though
  4. My suggestion is your kh put the key in a very secure place where you can’t get to it. If it never comes off it’s still permanent.

    The fact is, you will need to remove the darn thing occasionally to check for sores, left off for healing, medical reasons galore, something pops out...I could go on and on. I am sure it is very hot to not be able to remove, but not very responsible. What’s your back up plan, what kind of tools are you going to need to remove it, will the methods of forced removal cause injury?

    The part about a lock is that you can choose not to unlock it indefinitely, it can remain permanently locked without destroying your device and removing options.

    Wish you well on your journey, and choose to keep your device in working order, even if it’s never unlocked.

    Good luck
  5. Have you ever actually worn a device? If yes, and you are used to it and can wear it indefinitely, then it’s your kink and you can do whatever you like. We have members of the Mansion who are permanently and irreversibly locked and it works for them. If you haven’t ever worn a device then this is a really, really bad idea. You need to build up your bodies resistance to having the device clamped to you, this takes time and is nothing like the fantasy many expect it to be.
  6. I have for long periods of time longest was a year, and i am ready for this honestly i dont see doing anything but this
  7. I asked because it is always suspicious when someone turns up as a new member and immediately announces they are about to be made permanently chaste. We generally get more back story and development before someone gets to that stage. I have been doing this for two years and I know I am nowhere near ready for that sort of commitment.

    It would be good to hear more about your situation and the relationship you have with your Daddy, help us to fill in the gaps.
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  8. Oh well i just didn't wanna put to much in my post and bore people sorry and ive been doing chastity for a while but only recently found the site normally id just ask some of my friends thats in chastity as well when i had a issue but none have done perment before so thats why we came here, and I'll make a second post here in a second explaining out relationship and well kinda my past
  9. Well you are 19, I can’t think of a single reason why it would need to be removed in the next 60 years.
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  10. I agree with @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 . We don't know anything about you so there is now way to render an opinion. How old are you, How long have you been in a relationship with this Daddy person. What device do you currently use. What country do you live in?

    Is this new device something you have ever tried on before or even worn? You don't even know what your new device is! 304 is a mixture used in stainless steel not a model number... You don't know what device model you are going to be wearing??? How do you know that it is even comfortable enough for long term wear? Do you currently get released for cleaning? Do you get released for pleasure? You don't know how it's going to be locked permanently and yet in your opinion you don't see doing anything but this? And you want to lock the key in it? That doesn't even make sense to me...

    This is starting to sound a lot like click bait...

    You said the longest period of time was a year... A year of what? A year of off and on wear? A year of non release from a plastic device? A year of no orgasms? A year of tease and denial?

    I say if any of this is real (Which I doubt - because no one who has been wearing a device for a year would ever agree to changing devices without knowing what device they were changing to) don't do it. If the person you are with doesn't care enough to make sure you are comfortable prior to any long term physical manipulation... Then they simply don't care about you.... And if you are agreeing to it then you don't care about you...

    To which I say: Seek professional help... Isn't that what we should be saying to this person who is about to make a bad choice? if any of this is real?
  11. When i was still in my teens i was a different type of person into chastity since i was aound 14 and same with being little and into diapers and all weird i know but in my teens things were rough to say the least and i need someone to lean on and just talk to a friend and well i went online like most teens no and a days, i went to sites for abdls and such cuss being little pretending to be young before life started getting complicated hard and just pure horrible was really my only escape and gave me any since of happiness, but while on the sties i meet people here and there and got into rp and kinda liked it. Soon people started telling me about twitter when i was say 15ish and went onto there to rp and just meet other people and ended getting into the furry community. And one day i got a request to be this mans little girl and i wanst really doing anything abdl at the time and i said sure and even though fake it was one of the best times in my life, after everything was done i asked if we could be friends or at least do it again sometime he said yes to both, and as time went on we got ti know each other for reasons i wont say his name but i call him Bear.so Bear was one best friends we talk daily and eveything was awesome and i cant remeber what it was but one day ended up in tears and he texted me and asked why i wasnt online cuss it wanst like me and i said i was upset and he kept pushing for information and i broke apart and told him everything how life felt awful and how i didnt feel right like there was something wrong with me i wanst exposed to be who i was and he said "sounds like you may be transgender" and at the time i had no clue what he ment he went on and explained everything about it to me and well everything made since and well i was. Later he helped me find myself some more finding out things i liked how to help and everything he was always there for me when no one else was and after changing a nig now i went by a different name and owned being well a girl and honestly it felt right i started being happier and all and life was bright again. Soon i kinda started realising i had feelings for him lots but not sexually, i wanted him to be my daddy for real, and i didn't want to ruin the relationship we had now but the feels kept building up and soon i just stoped talking to him. He didnt though he kept going on asking if i was okay if something happened and all, and one day he said "if you dont want to talk to me anymore can i at least have a reason thats all i ask and I'll leave and never bother you again" my heart sank and i broke asking him to stay and i confessed that i loved him wanted to be his little girl to meet in person and be his and do the things we did in rp but for real, he was shocked and said he kinda did too and well we began to be a kinda daddy daughter relationship thing. Come to find out he lives in the UK and im in America so things kinda sucked fiscally but my heart still wanted to be with him so wel kept going and well our relationship evolved a lot now i have a big sis and a daddy they both live together and they already have a room all set for me the only issues is money here on my end that and im still finishing school, but im saveing up to move out there (by boat of course cuss i HATE flying) but he started putting my big sis in chastity and they love it and well he started on me too and well i love it being devoted to him and my sis un able to get hard cum or anything unless they say so i was perfect feeling so submissive so dominated even from so far away it was perfect. And well now thats it been about 2 yeats since he first put me in one im ready for a super small chastity and so is y sis and to show how much he means to us how much we love him we wanna make it 100% Perment so the only way we can get off is by him giving us his little baby girls permission it all for him and hes 100% on board we're already basically in them 24/7 so might as well
  13. If you never wont to get out of this mix up some araldite abd pout it in a syringe inject this into the keyhole it will never move. Suprglue can be dissolved with the right substance. If you enjoy pain you could heat the lock up before pouring solder in this will be permanent. You will get some branding frm the device which willtake 3-4 weeks to heal-it will be very painful!
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  14. I’m trying to find the right words to describe the utter horror and contempt I feel for the advice just given. If you like pain? Branding yourself with a heated up lock? Are you insane? That is the single most stupid thing I have read since joining the Mansion.

    Pain is good when it is safe and within the limits of the person receiving it. This is not safe and there would be no way of getting away from it. Three to four weeks for healing? I suppose you have some experience of doing this, and you are basing your advice on that experience. I have worked on burns units where people have been scalded simply by sitting in a bath of water that was too hot, for a few seconds, and it took months to heal and left life changing scars.
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  15. Just take estrogen and end erections :-D
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  16. Some people are into that stuff me no but some are that um "hardcore" i guess you could say, dont go shaming besides even if they end up regretting it people wont learn unless they make mistakes
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    I don't think what @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 said was what could be described as shaming. For all this is a sexual fetish based site, I do feel that it should run along the age old BDSM lines of "Safe, Sane and Consensual"

    Suggesting using soldering equipment on something metal attached to a very delicate area of your body is not a suggestion that could be considered particularly safe. So lets just get it out there from the Mod team

    Do not try to use soldering equipment on a chastity device whilst it is being worn.

    This ends this Public Safety Announcement
  18. I’m not into shaming anyone, @Fayt@Fayt. As with you, as long as you are going into this with your eyes wide open, with all of the information and experience you need, then I am happy for you. I have no issues whether you are straight, gay, bi or asexual. If you want to be a cuck, or a sissy, or any other kink, that is great, go for it. Even if you are into pain, as long as it is done with experience and in a safe way, I am all for it. But not when something plainly ridiculous and obviously some kind of dangerous fantasy is given as advice.

    Thank you for the support @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules I appreciate it. You were exactly right, safe, sane and consensual was exactly what I was thinking. This didn’t sound as if it was sane and I know for a fact it isn’t safe. I once saw a kid with a hole in their hand because the idiot thought they would see how hot a glue gun got. The answer? Hot enough to melt skin. I dread to think how hot solder could get.
  19. Hi @Fayt@Fayt , your post seems to be generating some negative reactions. I'm basically still mostly vanilla myself so your situation is far beyond my realm of experience. So far that I find it hard to even consider it might be real. Don't let that bother you though because I read tons of posts on here that I have trouble believing are real. I wasn't planning on getting evolved in this since I don't feel qualified to offer any advice or want to participate in the fantasy but after descovering you met this man at 14 years old. I really feel like we as a community are totally ignoring the fact that you've been sexualy abused.

    If I believed any of this I'd be incredibly disturbed by the fact that you met this man when you were so young and didn't have anyone in your life to help you avoid the situation or get out of it. You are 18 and can't wait to move across the world to be with a man who's been sexualy manipulating you since you were 14. To me it sounds like you need a hero to come rescue you from a bad situation, but I know you didn't come to a sex site to hear that. Still i'd suggest you at least have a look at some of the articles on sexual abuse in children and what sorts of mental trauma it can cause. I know you're 18 and a man now, albeit a fury one with a gender identity disorder but its still never to late to get help. They have hotlines you can call and probably all sorts of ways they can support you.

    So if this isn't just some kinky fantasy you've dreamed up. Let me be the first to say.... Get help!
  20. OK. Well... Here is what you wrote about yourself... Anyone who can read should come to the same conclusion.

    Your profile says you are 19 soo... Still teens... but I don't believe 19... And here's why -

    then some stuff happened and

    And next...

    So in summary... Bad spelling and grammar that wouldn't fly in any American college that I have been to (4). Probably still in high school. Most likely 17. I'm not touching this one with a 1000 foot pole. You want help. Ask your parents to take you to get counselling. Perhaps a professional can better help you understand who you are and how to fill your needs...

    By the way @Sarah8@Sarah8 is 100% correct. If any of what you said is real, you need counseling from a professional. I don't think you will find the answers you are looking for here. I know that I won't be giving advice to a potential minor other than seek professional help.

    National Sexual Assault Hotline

    Call 1-800-656-4673
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