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Girlfriend on a Date

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by DeniedCuck, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. I love this question!!! Love it love it... I am not as big as DeniedCuck (mine 7" , 5.25' around) but being a cuck is not all about sexual performance. It is so hot to be a sub...but it reaches from a place of love and giving up control to feel truly needed....
  2. I love being a sub as well. Our FLR is total. I do what she says without question. My wife has the option of cucking me. She says she probably won't but I'm excited by the possibility. How did you get started?
  3. well that's still pretty big innit.
  4. I don't understand why women's magazines keep repeating the "size doesn't matter" mantra. Same here: above average too, but size is a lousy indicator for the arousal level or how horny one gets (sorry, I don't know the right words in English. I mean the difference between having sex and making a grocery list at the same time and sex when she rolls with her eyes and seems to be in a different dimension)

    We started off on the wrong foot. Both being relatively inexperienced caused ridiculing every alternative way of sex. This resulted in few sexual options. After some years when I entered the bedroom and she was naked she sometimes said: "you can start" which meant: oral on her and missionary penetration. Both acts took ages as we would both frantically search for a thought that allowed us to climax.

    That changed when she dated other men. I was shocked by the dirty talk and noise she suddenly made @TheKeyIsMine12@TheKeyIsMine12 was a completely different woman. She was shocked to see my eagerness to dive in the second her lover rolled off her and allowing me to eat her pussy. After a while I learned to take it easy to prevent her climaxing within 10 seconds. The problem was: when you're not horny at all, it's easy to do all the sexual acts which were on the list. If you reach another level of excitement, it's easy to forget the other. That caused friction and problems.

    You can be the well endowed captain of the boat, but sailing on calm water with no wind is not fun but no threat to the relationship either. Alternatively, you can be the well endowed cook on a boat with a huge-dick-captain crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a storm. It definitely creates memories but it could tip the boat over as well.
  5. We don’t currently do the cuck thing, but I know what you’re talking about with the difference in size.

    I am pretty small, and although she has fun, and can grind out an O when she’s on top, it’s not the same as the mouth open, eyes rolled back, moaning, a bit of drool unashamedly dripping from the corner of her mouth, and wildly cursing look I get from her like when I use “Johnson” our 9inch strapon. Unabashed want and desire shakes her to her core and she cums really hard. Not something I’m physically capable of doing how I’m equipped and how she’s built.
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  6. We have such a thing but haven't found out how to use it as my male parts are in the way.

    There is quite a difference between "above average" and massive. Some made it hard for her to walk afterwards. Some cuckolds are into small dick humiliation. It never appealed to me but I admit that it does turn me on when she's observing my locked penis and asks if it is or appears to be smaller.
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  7. I don’t really think of it as humiliation, more like extreme honesty. Like telling me she can’t feel me at all after using the strapon, saying she wished I had a real cock so I could really fuck her, or telling me when I have my finger in her that it feels bigger than me. Extreme honesty is way hot for me, not sure why. Maybe it’s cause it shows she cares enough about me and our relationship, it would be easy to pull up her knees, let me jump away, and fake moan and such, just waiting for me to finish.

    I prefer the honesty of her saying “your little dick can’t make me cum, but I’m so excited for you to use that real sized dildo on me”. She’s happy because she gets the size she needs, and I’m happy because she’s happy.
  8. Well we started swinging about 5 years ago. Turns out we both really enjoy watching each other with another partner. But my sub side is more exciting to me. So I could def have a girl or two and my wife is cool but right now I'm all about being a cuck. Could be a phase but either way it is fun.
  9. Thanks, but I think 8" inches or more is big. But maybe it is becuase I"m a sub and that is how we think. The next size up is the right size.
  10. You both make a good point I left out.
    The first time we were with another couple my wife had an orgasm in like 4 mins and had many more that even. He was the same size or a bit smaller than me. But at that moment I realized it was the thought of being with another man was a big turn on. So in many ways size takes second to some new person.

    But let's admit. Just like you talked about the Johnson, making a girl scream and moan over and over takes size. I can do it every time when the wife is in the mood to allow me to use a large toy. And they other times she has those type of experiences are after I'm or 2nd or 3 guy for the evening. So many people don't get this cuck or swing lifesylte... but seeing that sexual bliss and passion is what we all had with a woman in the beginning of a relationship.. and these kinks and fetishes brings it back.
  11. That's pretty hott
  12. For guys I dont think the size of your own equipment has much bearing on whether or not you enjoy TTTWD

    Though I can concieve that a woman that enjoys controlling a penis MAY get more pleasure out of controlling one of above average proportions.

    There's a lot involved though ..does she enjoy controlling the penis or the man or both and in what proportions and in what way?... you can over think these things you know.
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  13. I'm curios, if you are that large, what device do you use?
    Out of experience, I know it is not easy to find nicely fitting ones for larger penis...
  14. You are correct! Finding a device that works long term is almost impossible. A “trapped ball device” never works because my erections are so large and strong, the devices literally crush my balls.

    My cs-100 full belt from chastity Steel is the best I’ve tried, but I’m in the process of getting a custom device from behind barz.

    Being uncut also complicates things! I need my foreskin to not get irritated so a more open design is preferred. Also, my large girth means most tubes are way to small and I get a lot of irritation on the sides of my penis.

    I’ll be posting pictures and review of my new device from behind barz when it arrives for all to see and enjoy.
  15. @DeniedCuck@DeniedCuck well i seen your piccy and it does look a bit big but its in a cage so you cant really really see if its huge. Can you please just put a piccy in with not a cage on it.
  16. I do have a picture of myself uncaged in my photo album. ;)
  17. ooh yes. cooooo.
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  18. Jemima I can see you getting yourself into a whole world full of trouble if you are not careful. :)
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  19. :( i has not done a bad thing tho. i was only having a look.
  20. wanting to see boys willys is good then?
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  21. @DeniedCuck@DeniedCuck we're in a very similar situation. My girlfriend has never had PIV with another man but at one point did have someone she'd visit and mess around with. It was really fun for us but he was also in a relationship (everyone knew and gave consent, I'd never let someone cheat on someone else knowingly) which started going downhill and eventually he became emotionally unstable. We broke off contact with him and haven't seen him since.

    She has tried dating before but essentially ran into the same issues. She is extremely up front about having a consenting boyfriend so there are no surprises later. Some men want a one night stand and she isn't interested in sex without having an emotional connection with someone. Others aren't emotionally mature enough to handle sex with someone who isn't their primary partner. And some of them simply don't want to, which is completely understandable if you're looking for a monogamous situation. She's expressed interest in cuckolding me with a woman as well, but said that every girl she'd meet for a date was either vacuous or very immature.

    She's been out of the dating scene for months now because it became too tedious to continue wasting fruitless evenings. Where have you been looking? Mostly we've utilized things like Tinder but haven't had amazing results, obviously.
  22. Thanks for the introduction! I really feel for you two. My girlfriend has been using Tinder, Bumble, and OKC with basically the same results. The guys are usually straight rude and sometimes even put her down (her being more full figured), which only degrades her confidence. We have used Fetlife too which can be a whole different set of problems. How old are you and your girl?
  23. Yeah we ran into a number of guys who were pretty shitty. Needy and would keep messaging if she didn't respond quickly enough. Some are just creepy. Others are so presumptuous "When do you wanna meet up and fuck?". Stuff like that. At least it makes them easier to weed out before wasting a whole evening. And god some of them are so pushy. One guy was really insistent about going back to his place that night and when he wasn't taking the hint she wasn't comfortable with it, she left and he grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She's always smart, carries mace, watches her drinks, and stays in crowded public places, but it's so terrible that these are things you actually have to be worried about.

    We're both in our mid 20s'.
  24. Mistress Jules

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    Just a thought, which may be useful or may not. I know that at our local fetish club there are a number of people who are polyamorous and they got together because they attended events and got to know each other as people first and prospective dates shortly afterwards. It meant that they knew they were into kink, knew that poly was an option and were able to deal with it.

    I know some don't want to go to events but even if you were to go to something further away from home it may give you a basis rather than the horrible people you have been getting so far.
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  25. Thank you for the input, @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules. We did for a brief time attend our local kink club but were not actively seeking other partners at the time. They have unfortunately had financial difficulties since then and will be reopening in a new space at some point, but it's consistently been delayed.

    I do agree that being able to meet in a controlled, kink-friendly environment like that was extremely helpful.
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