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Girlfriend on a Date

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by DeniedCuck, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Nice.. belts intense
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  2. How are you doing now? My first time caused a turmoil and messed with my emotions. What happend to you and are you still happy?
  3. Well this isn't my first time, or even my first relationship in which I've been cuckolded. Often, my concerns for my girlfriends safety in meeting new people overshadows any jealousy during the act; would be different with a steady lover.

    In the past when she's had someone steady and brought him home often, it was sometimes difficult not being given her attention. I usually try to stay busy in those situations: doing chores, etc.
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  4. I was cuckolded by a girlfriend when I was 17-18. We had some great times and it was an interesting experience.
    (I met the other guy once and ended up as the pillion passenger on his motorbike driving recklessly at very high speed; I guess he was trying to scare me or worse.) We split up after two years. I decided it was not something I would get involved with ever again, although the sex aspect probably bothered me less than everything else.
  5. Great! I misread you first sentence - the first time again. I know that feeling quite well. Happy that you're happy!
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  6. Would your girlfriend prefer a steady lover? Were my wife to exercise her option to cuckold me, she would do it with one of our close unmarried friends (admittedly a very short list) and it would be a long-term relationship. I would prefer that he be bisexual so that I could share him.
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  7. So, you are not interested in a cuckold relationship after that experience?
  8. My girlfriend would much prefer a steady lover/boyfriend. She has been looking for someone for quite a while. Most guys are not open or mature enough to handle this, and want to simply have one-night-stands (and they always underperform).

    I don't really care if he would be bisexual, as I have no interest in men sexually. I would only get involved that way if I were forced or offered a substantial reward from her.
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  9. That would be interesting.. the friend dynamic changing..
  10. Correct. Now I'm just denied.
  11. It certainly would. I'm sure my friends would love to fuck my wife. She's pretty vanilla, but that could change.
  12. Am a bit confused. I think you said you plan to marry her but she wants a steady lover. Why would she/you want to be married given her desire?
  13. Does that not also mean that your significant other is also denied, or do you provide oral only? I am curious how this works for you.
  14. This desire that we both have only brings us closer together. Being married will only heighten the significance of the "betrayal" that cuckolding plays upon. We have talked openly about this together. For us, since I am not inadequate in bed, the dynamic works by keeping me denied (chaste) while she enjoys limitless pleasure. Without each other, our pleasure would be greatly diminished.
  15. Has she pointed potential lovers?
  16. I provide oral. It is the only sort of sex she wants and she has multiple orgasms.
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  17. That makes perfect sense. Both of you will be fulfilled -- that's the essence of the ideal cuckold marriage.
  18. Not recently, the entire process of finding guys is tiresome and tedious. It really gets her down sometimes the way most men are not honest upfront about what they want.
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  19. What do they say they want?
  20. So does my wife. All of my lovers couldn't get enough tongue. And when I licked their rosebud...
  21. I could write a book about this. The phone wanker, the "if I act dominant I am dominant" guys, the ones for whom this is the only opportunity to not to have to pay for sex, the ones that don't respect limits and so on and on. It is hard indeed.
  22. Indeed it is, as my wife anticipated. She has the option to cuckold me whenever she pleases. That said, she will not have sex with men who have wives or girlfriends or with anyone that she does not know well. That means the pool is limited to our longtime friends, almost all of whom have wives, or unatttached men whom she might meet along the way. She won't go the Craigslist route, for which I admire her. But as she says, it's unlikely that she'll take on a lover. Should I maintain my absolute submissiveness and obedience, she says that won't happen.m
  23. @demale@demale well you better behave then and then She wont and that's better i think.
  24. I agree completely, which is why I am unfailingly obedient.
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