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Girlfriend on a Date

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by DeniedCuck, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and thought I'd post tonight because my girlfriend is heading out on her first date in a long time! We are both excited about it, and she's wearing a little black dress I bought her earlier today (cliche I know :p).

    Anyway, she's been talking to this guy for months because he's been overseas and is finally in town. She's meeting him for drinks in an hour or so. I will update if anyone is interested! Trying to get some pics going :)
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  2. Would love an update and whatever pics may come with it. Is your gf wearing anything beneath the little black dress?
  3. She is wearing panties (I checked!). But she's very excited. Trying to upload some pics but it says they are too large :/
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  4. Sounds lovely. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful journey for you both. Bet she comes back oozing with satisfaction.
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  5. So, she called me on her way home around 3am. They went out for drinks, went back to his apartment to watch scary movies, and eventually had sex!
    She said he was very nice and attractive, but bad at sex compared to me (I'm well endowed) due to his lack of size and experience. It is still hot for both of us that she went through with it, but I could tell she was disappointed in his performance.
    At the very least, this should help give her more confidence to date more often so I am being as supportive as possible.
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  6. Too bad that she didn't enjoy it but it's wonderful that you're encouraging her to continue cuckolding you. Was wondering: does DeniedCuck mean that she doesn't have sex with you? If so, I would think that she'd be frustrated knowing that a huge cock was at her disposal and she wasn't using it.
  7. We do have sex, but it is only because she hasn't found anyone as good as me in bed. I don't even think I'm that good, just very large. She has told me repeatedly that once she finds someone who is even close, and who isn't unbearable to be around, I am cut off. She really enjoys long-term chastity too.
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  8. Does this arrangement work for you? Since she's a girlfriend and not a wife, would it make sense to find another woman who can provide what you're looking for as a cuckold?
  9. @DeniedCuck@DeniedCuck well please how big am you in inches please.
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  10. She is my girlfriend and best friend, and I plan to marry her. I would never betray her or push her aside to satisfy my kinks. This is something we both enjoy and are working toward together. I just have to be patient and supportive like any man should.
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  11. I am about 8" long and 6.5" in girth (sort of an oval shaped cross section), uncut. These unembellished dimensions are difficult to replace it seems.
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    That puts you well into the upper range of cock sizes. Forgive me as I may have missed this - but would you expand a little on why exactly your partner finds you unfulfilling?
    Why do you think you might be unskilled at using such a beast?
  13. Interested
  14. I love the cuckolding... talking about the acts... comparisons... kissing her after shes been with him... its just a rwal turn on... including the angst
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  15. She does not find me unfulfilling: she simply gets off tremendously from denial and chastity, as do I. She loves being in that position of power.

    I say that I don't think I'm that skilled because I don't feel like I make an effort to do anything special; I simply do what feels good for me. I think that having a large penis allows me to get women off without trying much. That has at least been my experience as I've never failed to make women cum like crazy.
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  16. I'm curious as to why you'd give up so much pleasure to be caged and denied.
  17. I did a poll here and you would be surprised at the results. I thought it would be overwhelmed with people with small to average, and people competing for the smallest. That wasn’t the case.

    Quite a few were well above average, most were average, and the smallest (lol) percentage was 4 inches or less.

    30% 7 inches or more
    5-6 inches was 54%
    Only 16% were4 inches or less.
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  18. do we not derive pleasure from being caged and worshiping our goddess, and giving our souls to them?
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  19. We do indeed.
  20. Most of the cucks I know are quite content.
  21. This is exactly the idea.

    I am happiest when she has the biggest orgasms, which occur when she enjoys has the knowledge that I'm caged and frustrated. I love when she humiliates me concerning this fact.

    Our goal is permanent chastity, which we talk about often, but it's only practical after we have children.
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  22. I like teasing and subtle humiliation
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  23. well that's huge and its like a rollypin and not one that wud go into a throte easy. Can you put a piccy up of it in the gallry thing please.
  24. Yes I will try. I'm new here and still learning how to use the site.
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  25. Pics are up if anyone is interested. ;)