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Getting back to it

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by tomf_22033, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. ive been involved with chastity almost since the original CB2000 came out.

    As we all know life has a strange way of taking us on a journey through places we want and don’t want.

    I’ve tried different devices, and been involved in different relationships. Currently I have a Mature Metal Jailbird that I believe is sized really well. I’ve also reconnected with a Domme friend who I believe is going to make me one of her subs. As such I’ll be locked for her pleasure.

    In preparation for this, I’ve been wearing the Jailbird since last Sunday. If all goes as planned, tomorrow I’ll be giving her the keys.

    I’m both excited and scared. Excited as she’s an amazing Domme that I trust. Scared because as we know getting what you ask for can be mixed blessing.

    What I know so far is that the Jailbird has been very comfortable. Some minor discomfort when I’m excited, but overall much more comfortable and no issues getting used to it.

    I will say that in all the years that I’ve been involved with chastity play, I don’t recall hearding about folks talking about the testees being confined, and pushed out a bit and howit makes people feel. With the snug small Jailbird (I’m a grower so it’s quite small), I feel like I’m literally being held by the balls. And as a submissive wanting to go deeper in submission this is an interesting feeling.

    So I’d love to hear what others have experienced with this. I’ll also post more as things develop.
  2. Well today is the last day of the first week being locked up.
    I’m really happy so far. I’m waiting to get my instructions on what panties to wear. Then hopefully I’ll be on my way to meet with my new Domme.

    I’ve also been thinking about what to wear to the gym, I need to get back to it. Im thinking a tight jock strap or a dance bet might hold the Jailbird well. I guess experimenting is in order.
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  3. well i hope that you am ok and that your cage is nice and comfy and that your new Mistress is nice as well. After you been locked up for a some weeks you just gets use to it and if your Mistress unlocks you for a bit well it feels funny cos you got use to having a cage on all the time. if it hurts a lot please go and tell Her tho.
  4. jemima thank you
    I just took it off as I think I’m pushing a bit. Overall I’m doing well but it was feeling a bit tender.

    I agree that removing it after wearing it is odd. I know a weekisnt much but it was a good first test
  5. yes tis and you has to make sure that a new cage is ok for you.
  6. The cage isn’t new. I’ve worn it some, had it adjusted. I just haven’t worn it in a long time
  7. Well six days was a bit long after a long layoff.
    I got some rubbing that made me tender.

    So some ointment, and a few days out and Ive been allowed to go with a more gradual work up to long term lock up.
  8. It sounds like you have made great progress getting back into chastity. Do you have any specific goals? Staying locked for a month at a time? Whatever your goal, heal and keep on working at it!
  9. Well actually I’m quite sad right now. It seems doing a week was too much too fast.
    I should have gone with my gut but it felt so good.

    I’m now paying the price as a rubbed spot heals.

    So, in a few days I’ll do one day, then a day of, then two, then a day off, then four, then if all is good eight, then two weeks. it’s slower but I should be able to go to long term/“permenant” after that.

    The goal is a year without an orgasm. So we will see