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Genderfluid and in need of tips for looking feminine

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Sissycarly, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hey, I'm new here and have really been a fan of this stuff for a long time, does anyone have any tips for how someone like me can look more feminine? I thought about getting one of those "Prosthetic Vaginas" a while ago but they are waaay too expensive.
  2. Well until we know what you look like it will be Hard to make any worthwhile suggestions
  3. Loads of advice around here though, dig into the forums for a start if it helps... what about yourself seems too manly?
  4. @Sissycarly@Sissycarly , we all have our challenges when trying to look more feminine, but the beauty of it all is that a large part of female dressing is the application of makeup which covers a multitude of male features and the dressing in frilly and feminine clothing which can give any guy the look and feeling of being feminine. When it's all said and done, how you feel about yourself is the most important thing.

    When I began my journey, I went for the slutty bimbo look with a blond wig, big boobs and micro miniskirts, but then Mistress sent me to the Mall with a paper and pencil to record what women my age were wearing while shopping. After doing that for a couple of hours, I realized that dressing to blend in with women my age, height, weight, etc would not be difficult and that I could "blend in". Now I dress with a grey wig, B cup breasts, conservative but nice looking tops, dresses, skirts and jeans and I just love being one of the girls! Once again, its how you feel about yourself (and how your Mistress feels about you) that matters!
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  5. well hormones make you look more better.
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    I find that the way you walk can make a big difference in the way others see you when you are dressed.
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  7. I think Donna Sue offers some very good advice...dress your age...if you're 50-something and dress like a 20 year old, you'll likely draw attention to yourself and not look natural. I start my days with a feminine routine that sets the stage and puts my mind on my feminine self...I shave underarms, legs, breasts, tummy and pubes...then I shower with all women's products including body wash, shampoo and conditioner...followed by feminine body lotion and deodorant. Then a pretty panty with matching bra...when I feel feminine I know that I am more feminine!

    Here is a link to a website ran by a lady who offers some great tips for the feminized male...there is some commercial stuff on her site, but lots of great tips and tricks...


  8. Thanks for the link, @jamieanne ! Some good stuff there!
  9. Might there be a MAC makeup counter or store near where you live? That might be a good place to start
  10. Jules is correct learning to walk with confidence like a woman is critical which is one reason I am kept in heels. I now walk natural in high heels but it took a few weeks to master and just walk natural trying to keep your steps one in front of the other and not spread.
    Just second nature now.
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  11. I guess I've been fortunate. In college they offered a fashion modeling class as part of the fashion merchandising and design course offerings. Then a few years ago I was fortunate enough to connect with a pageant coach who also referred me to a great hairstylist and cosmetic dentist.

    Are there Jazzercise classes in your area? If so, see if a "Dance Mixx" class would fit into your schedule.

    Also in college, I had two years of ballet which helped my mocement skills be less clunky
  12. yes ballet is good as well.
  13. Find a high end nail salon and after growing out your nails get a manicure. Select a bright color...and enjoy.
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  14. I SO wish i could get this done.. i am thinking of doing just this next year, and taking three weeks off work so i can be "she-me" full time for three weeks
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  15. Shaving and lotions are a wonderful way to feel feminine. It's my daily treat.
  16. For me, nothing makes me feel more feminine that wearing a bra! It is the most feminine garment made. Also, applying lipstick throughout the day helps you to constantly feel the creaminess. Even when in male mode, I wear a lipstick color that matches my natural lip color. Nobody can tell - except me!
  17. Reading all the great suggestions makes me feel kinda sad. I know that it is quite hopeless for me as much as I might wish it so. I am very fortunate however in that my wife encourages and supports me in my dressing. She is the one that threw out all of my male underwear. Now I only wear panties. I'll never go out dressed, so in contrast to the common wisdom of dressing your age, I dress as I want. In the UK they have a saying, mutton dressed as lamb. That's me.