Full Belt Chafing

Discussion in 'Difficulties with wearing a device?' started by veron3216, Jun 29, 2020 at 9:01 PM.

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    Hoping someone can help or provide direction for me. I have, what I believe to be, a well fitting neosteel total belt that I enjoy wearing but struggle with longer durations. My job requires sitting and after a few hours the ring around the base of my penis becomes painful. The best solution I've found is to wear pantyhose underneath the belt with only a small hole for my penis to pass through. While this is comfortable and works well, it requires me to remove the belt to use the restroom for anymore than peeing.

    Any ideas from other wearers? Bending the belt to reduce pressure at the base helped, but not enough to reduce the need for pantyhose.

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    now my main language is danish and i use google to translate so there may come some completely wrong words that do not fit in your head ..

    but yes the total belt is on, an office chair is not a good place to be. it has something to do with the shape it has where it hits the chair ...
    which helped me to switch to a sports belt with a cable .. but it may not be the same as the total belt ..
    so it is a choice .. what to be able to do in the individual belt and what not to be able to do in that belt and what is ok not to be able to.
    That being said, there are many of the things that you only find out when in this or this belt ..
    hope it made sense ;-)
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