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From the very beginning.....

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by First time couple, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Well here we are, I suppose I'd better start with a bit of background infomation ! Me and my boyfriend have been together for quite a while moved in and a happy household! I have quite a busy job and he runs a small building company, we get on fantasticly and love each other deeply he has had plenty of experiences and tried many things and is intrested in the kinky lifestyle whereas I am very vanilla, he has a very high sex drive and mine is a lot lower . We recently had a talk and decided to try a few new things so off to the world of internet shopping we went and thats where we got our first chastity device and many other things!

    So as I'm new to this we decided to try the device and played with it on and off for about 3 months with his longest lockup being 6 days! I enjoy having him locked up knowing that he cant pleasure himself! I have a couple of books which I am working my way through to break me into the kink!

    The other night we had a heart to heart about everything and he seems very keen on bondadge which ive never done and I must admit the idea of having him tied up is very strange and im a bit aprehensive about trying it, I suppose I'm lacking the confidence and a push in the right direction, he asks if we're trying anything but he isn' whatsoever pushy, I suppose I'm starting this journal to hear from some fellow keyholders and some views from the other side of the fence on how to gain confidence in the kinky world and enjoy having him locked and how to keep him happy, any benefits and things I can use to my advantage, I could do with a step by step guide! Hope to hear from you all and help us on our way

    Miss s
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  2. Welcome and I hope you both enjoy the experience because for my wife and I it is a shared one. If your boyfriend is giving you the key then it's a sign that he trusts you to take control of part of your life together. This is something you should remember.
  3. Congrats on your newfound control. I know for for a fact it can help grow confidence and create a bond like never before.

    Speaking from the other side of the fence, one of the first activities she tried out was (after she had an orgasm through oral and fingers) was to give me a very short window to cum, after my minute she would tell me maybe next time. After awhile I would have a hair trigger and she would switch it up. Telling me I had to last at least 2 minutes or I would stay locked up for a month.

    Have fun
  4. Welcome, Miss S. I think you will find the mansion very useful and helpful as you begin your journey. I'm happy to hear you have some books to help you build your confidence. That is the biggest step you can make moving forward. I as well, use to lack confidence or have insecurities. Once you get past those, you'll have a new prospective on building your relationship!
    First of all you have to own it and want it. You are his one and only, he is now giving you rights to control in, in every way. How do you keep him happy? Tease the hell out of him. Think of what you want. That's what this should be about, what you want.
    For example, my husband has a few thing he must do each day. And these things keep him on edge at all times! Every morning he must wake me with oral pleasure, dress me in my robe and have a cup of coffee ready for me. In the evening he has to lotion my legs and give me oral again before bed. If your sex drive is low and you don't want oral that often, something you can do is have him give you a back rub or body massage each day.
    What would make you happy? Your happiness is what will bring him happiness.
    Feel free to reach out anytime!
    I wish you both the best of luck! Don't stress or worry, it will come within time. Don't let other things you don't like or want get in your head. :)
    Make the most of every day!
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  5. not to sound too cliche' but confidence comes from doing something over and over again. Yes you will make mistakes. Making mistakes is also a great way to learn. your not sure how to tie him up, just go for it, have fun with it, make mistakes and laugh about it. Start out simple and just tie his hands to the headboard with some scarves and have your way with him. I'm sure you will both have fun and make some great memories too.
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    @First time couple@First time couple Welcome to The Mansion. I expect there are some threads on here concerning bondage and using the Search facility might prove useful. I found Japanese Shibari fascinating and there are many intricate ties.