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From Male orgasm control to cuckolding

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by hunci, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. As to your question yes it can. What started out as to curb a masturbating problem has changed my life. Sure i dont masturbate like i use to but then again I cant do it at all with this cage on lol. After a time one thing lead to another there I am hooked to a chair my penis trying to get hard in it cage watching my wife/mistress having multiple orgasms one after the other with a 10" cock (twice the size of me) and then realizing we are both so turned on by the whole thing. Here we are 2 years later
  2. Do you enjoy blowing him? Do you lick him clean?
  3. Well, let's just say my Wife was very quick to recognize, despite the fact that i was wearing a CB-6000(small), my body was trying to get an erection. So, based on that kind of evidence, i'd have to say i do.

    Well, that kind of evidence and the fact that i often wank to fantasies of giving him blow jobs.

    Lick him clean....? You mean that's optional?
  4. Silly me! Of course the cuck licks the bull's cock clean. In my cocksucking days (not as a cuck but a bi hubby who now is prohibited by my wife) I was careful to slurp up every drop. Then, to further honor a superior male, I would eat his ass with relentless relish. Miss those days deeply.
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