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From Male orgasm control to cuckolding

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by hunci, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Like Penney, my wife has the option but has not yet cucked me. Also would love to hear others' experiences. I'm certainly open to the idea of her fucking other men (almost certainly my close friends) but the reality likely would be quite different.
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  2. Awes
    Awesome! This was a great comment. I have been in swinger for years with my wife and I can see what you are saying. We now roleplay cuckolding but it will really be a MFM. And the porn crap is so out there, you seem to point that out ALOT, really cool.

    I most of our friends over the years in the swinger lifestyle have seperated. But their kids were grown up or they had no kids. But I feel my wife and i always took breaks from swinging and I always was the middle person for communication. Guys and gals have their own thing. But guys do get territorial, we don't even realize it. And women love attention.. and often don't realize it.. so you get a positive and negative together and there will be sparks.

    Having a poly or open sexual lifestyle is riskier than monogamous... but wow it is so much fun.
  3. Are you bi?
  4. curious, I have never done anything with a guy but a few times during an orgy / group sex I have had an incidental touch of a cock or a pair of balls. Doesn't turn me on.. but knowing it didn't turn me on made me more confident in my sexuality. But I am a sub and having a dom command me to perform for a guy is hot, so in that context being bi is hot when I am a sub following commands. A long answer hehehe.
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  5. In a period of about five years we went from vanilla to hotwifing to cuckolding. After about six month of cuckoldry, my wife wanted orgasm control. This naturally led to chastity and entering a FLR. I imagine things can just as easily progress in the other direction, though.
  6. I was asking because you mentioned a good cuck preps and didn't know if you meant preps a bull. As a former eager cocksucker (and greedy swallower) I can testify that it's much better taking a hot creamy mouthful straight from the source.
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  7. Well I have fantasized about that but nothing even close. My wife/mistress is all about getting filled up herself so it will be awhile before I can even think about that... which is fine. having tons of fun.
  8. It must be wonderful watching her taking a hard cock. Does she have one bull or multiple guys? Has she ever been gangbanged?
  9. Sometimes chastity gets confusing as does most fetish play. Chicken and egg type of deal. Where you cuckolded because you are a "sissy" or did you become a sissy because you were cuckolded. Same goes for the reason you were locked up.

    I am locked up due to our teasing and denial games which turned into longer term denial. For us the focus is T&D, locked or not. My wife is fine with me unlocked if I promised to never masturbate anymore. I cannot do that unlocked for 6 months, so I am locked even though I can still masturbate while locked and escape if I want to. As I say, it is the promise, not the cage that keeps me chaste. The cage is sort of like my wedding ring which I twirl when I am tempted to stray. :)

    I find the locking up part easy. After 5 years it is not something I think about regularly just like my wedding band. It is noticeable when I notice it. :) It is the orgasm denial that is the tough part but gets easier every year. I play at being submissive in that I am only sexually submissive during sex. Once sex is over we reverse roles.
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  10. Here's the latest update for those who asked. Hubby going nuts... Locktober over but waiting until tomorrow night (Friday) for release. My new found stud ("Brian") is coming here this time, to our house. Hubby will be in the spare room. Brian will do his magic again (I can't wait) and leave. Hubby will be released and enjoy.... well, whatever comes his way. Not sure how he'll handle it, but he says he's as excited as he was last week when I came home after my date. Hubby will be allowed PIV for the first time in several months... if he pleases me first. Those conditions he already knows. I thought I'd feel guilty, but I feel only excitement. And the Captain is finally getting what he's wished for. Will try to update this weekend - although I'm working 2 doubles.... ugh. J
  11. Does
    Does cuck hubby have cleanup duties or just take sloppy seconds?
  12. Cannot wait for the update from KHtoCaptainScarlett!
  13. Congratulations on being in love with him enough to satisfy his fantasy ...

    You know what would really mess with his mind is to put the key in a self address envelope and give it Brian and say ... can you remember to mail this to me please .... and take your time ....

  14. Update!

    It’s been a few weeks since I have written here. With me being very busy with work, and a lot of travel, it’s been difficult to comment but I have enjoyed reading my wife’s comments, and now I’m finally home I can give you an update to our recent experiences.

    As some of you know already, we have been experimenting with this transfer from a chastity lifestyle to a cuckold/chastity one. My wife has become quite well informed, thanks to this website and the encouragement of a few members. What had been a one-sided fantasy had become a mutual reality that she had now apparently fully embraced. She was hooked.

    A few weeks ago, my wife finally took the plunge and had an evening with a coworker who has been pursuing her for many months. She kept asking me if I was sure, and to be honest, I wasn’t. But watching her become so excited, I showed more encouragement than I felt. I had been locked for the entire month of October (no milking, no relief at all). Yeah, she promised me she’d make it worth my while (with a cheeky wink), but I really also didn’t want to lose my wife.

    That night I stayed home, pacing, and when she finally came home, she said she’d had a very good time. The guy’s penis was apparently much thicker than she’d ever imagined. I was almost hyperventilating when she came into the bedroom and she laid next to me, kissed me and thanked me. She still wore her sexy lingerie, and I pulled her little panties to one side to find her once tight little pussy much bigger than I’d ever seen or felt. I ran my fingers gently inside her, and she purred, “be gentle, I’m aching a little”. I could still smell their sex, my balls ached, my cock was nearly exploding. I kissed her, and she told me to gently lick her. I did, and with her hand on the back of my head, she gently pushed my head lower to lick her out. There really wasn’t much left of him, and as I found out then next day, her stocking tops, underwear, the back of her skirt, and even the seats of her car showed the result of their lovemaking. And yes, I did clean that up too. She was so very content. She held my, kissed me, held my balls and told me how good she’d been fucked she had come like never before. She fell asleep still dressed up. I wish I’d taken a picture. I laid there for quite a while staring at my fucked wife. I was aching for her.

    The next morning, she told me she wanted to do this again. Maybe at our house next time. She smiled. She was very happy. I was packing my bag for another trip, and hoped I could last until the end of the month. I too now was excited. We are actually doing this…. Part 2 next.
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  15. Perhaps one day my being locked will lead in this direction. I would not object at all. For now I am happy to be looking forward to being caged!
  16. i generally do short-term lockups because it just messes with my head sooooo much. my Wife likes to signal that she's going on a date in the near future by locking me up. She calls it "guaranteeing i'm as excited about her date as she is." She usually unlocks me a day or two afterward, but lately, that's gone on as long as a week.
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  17. Wow I can’t imagine being locked for an entire week after the wife has a date. Are you on the hook for cleanup duties right after her date? Once you’re unlocked are you allowed reclaiming sex?