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From Male orgasm control to cuckolding

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by hunci, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Has anybody experienced the situation when male orgasm control lifestyle slowly turns to cuckolding? I wonder what the chances are of this.
  2. Yes
    My ex and I did
    And I miss it as I enjoyed watching her with others.
    We also were into MMF threesomes.

    Now keep in mind real cuckolding doesn't have to be like the fantasy crap. We weren't into race play. We weren't into humiliation. Cuckolding to use was me not having sex with other women and only with men who would join us. She'd have sex with her female lover alone, and with men with me or alone if we discussed it.
  3. We came at it from the other direction. Cuckolding led me to want to be caged and have orgasms denied.
  4. It hasn't happened to me, yet. We've talked about it in great detail. I would love to watch my Miss have sex with another man, and it would be great if i could join it. It hasn't happened. We're both very new to all of this, and don't really know where to look, but we've talked about going to a swingers club. Maybe start there, and see where it leads us. She doesn't want to cuckold me to the point that i never get to have sex with her again. I guess more accurately we are just looking for another male for a threesome, that i would probably have limited participation with.
  5. My wife and I are on that road. Orgasm denial has left her craving cock. She already has my blessing to cuck me. Just a matter of time when she'll become another man's slut.
  6. In my opinion it is not a natural progression that one thing will eventually lead to another, just the likelyhood that one would be more inclined to allow it.

    I think unless your relationship is super rock solid, you BOTH want it, and you have both discussed it thoroughly, it would certainly be risky for a relationship. It's not just that they might end up having feelings for the other...she may lose some for you. Anyway, I think the odds are very low unless you both want it to happen, even then actually doing it might be too much reality for one of you.

    She does not want to go down that road yet, but she may...time will tell.
  7. I was a cuckold, a bull and married a cuckquean. I have seen cuckolding from all sides. I discovered that I much prefer to be the one getting the free and often kinky hot sex, than having or watching someone do that to my wife. I was a cuckold because I was in combat for a year previous to meeting my girlfriend who lived and slept with me more as FWB, had my ex fiancé of 5 years cheat on me, did not love my girlfriend at all and she was giving me more sex than I could handle. It is not the same for me when I love someone.

    I cuckolded several husbands, mostly short term but one for 25 years up to 7 years ago when I moved out of State. Only had one watch and he freaked out in the first 5 minutes. I was not a mechanical bull. What I mean by that is that a wife in bed with me was mine, not his. I refused to be be an actor in the cuck's fetish. We kissed, got passionate and made love. It was amazing how rules flew out the window after giving a few orgasm. Not one wife complained about their cuck's penis size like you see in porn. All but one complained about their cucks in other ways and had what I call revenge or angry sex. They were the best. Happy wives do not get as dirty as an angry wife does. :) There is a lot that cucks never learn about. I learned that from hearing it from guys my girlfriend was having sex with who happened to know me and as a bull.

    Only once was I OK with my wife having intercourse with another guy in a wife swap. I did that because she was a virgin when we married and I knew from what happened with my bi ex fiancé, that she would get curious about sex with other guys as well as women. She already had sex with women so I wanted her to get men out of her system too. She hated the sex with the guy, a friend to both of us, and never wanted to have sex with another male but me since. Yea me! I did not get jealous or aroused. It was just interesting to watch my wife have sex from a distance in a stoned fog.

    I never got aroused or jealous watching my wife or exes with other guys and girls. I was the 60's and 70's when free love was the rage and everyone got stoned and had sex with whomever was around. A joint got you laid many times in my day. If you cannot be with the one you love, love the one you are with generation. Girls were on the Pill and STD's were limited to prostitutes mainly and never knew of anyone who got one. I did much later in life with a married women who did not know her cuck had a girlfriend which is why he was OK with her spending a weekend with me.

    Sex with my wife or another woman who was just with a guy was very intense. The old sperm competition at work. However, there were other ways to have intense sex that did not involve other men using my wife for their sexual pleasure. We got into all sorts of fetishes instead.

    With the passage of time I went from being a big proponent of group sex and poly relationships to not thinking it is a good idea. We were lucky, none of our friends were though. Either one or both spouses fell in love with their sex partners who did not want to share them so the spouses got divorced even though they had kids and a nice home. We are the only survivors out of our circle of cuckolds, hot wives, swingers and wife swappers. I think that we made it only because we shared the same girlfriend and my wife prefered to play with women rather than men outside of our marriage.

    In the end I learned that I much prefer to be the bull. Free hot sex and the husband's approval. What is there not to like? Not into MMF threesomes at all and neither is my wife, but had over a thousand FFM ones. Our girlfriend was always trying to get me to have sex with men as part of her domination of me sexually. I always drew that line at that. In my golden years my feelings about monogamy, poly and groups sex, have changed. Maybe because of done that and been there or feeling that sex is something we should save for our spouses as the one thing we do not share with outsiders. I am getting soft in my old age. Just one word of caution. Cuckolding is not like you see in porn. A lot can go wrong and few women are self confident to just jump into bed with someone they have just met. if it does not work out, it cannot be undone. Never harp on it if your wife says no. If you do she may do it because she is afraid you will cheat on her if she does not, or she will do it just to shut you up. I have been with a few wives who regretted it afterwards because it went against their religion or personal moral code. My wife still mentions it and regrets not being the faithful wife who waited until marriage for sex and wanted to only be with one man, her husband. I regret a few things too. Too many to talk about. Old age changes you.

    Many men say they are cuckold when they are just having MMF threesomes. I never thought I was cuckolding my wife in any of the few thousand threesomes we had over 45 years. To me, being a cuckold was not participating as an equal. I might be asked to lick my wife to get ready or similar but if I was a full participant, it was not being cuckolded to me.
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  8. While my wife has the option to cuck me according to our agreement, she says she's unlikely to as long as I remain faithful, submissive and obedient. But I'm still preparing myself for the possibility that I will become a cuckold (albeit willing) for the rest of our marriage.
  9. It was the other way round for me. When my wife cucked me in December she had a lot more interest in my submission and keeping me locked. I was locked for life on February the 9th.