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Freshman Year

Discussion in 'Member Fiction' started by mikecb, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Freshman Year
    by mikecb

    We were all exhausted. We had gotten up at 5AM to drive to my new college for Freshman move-in day. Mom and Dad were proud, of course. My older brother had gone to a 2-year college before landing his job across the country four years ago. Now, I was about to enter a Computer Engineering program at a very prestigious college in the Northeast.

    I was settled into my room, and we had dinner together at a local restaurant. The wait was atrocious, since about 10,000 other parents had decided to take their kids out for one last dinner, too, but we finally got seated in a quiet corner. Mom and Dad were both shocked by the topic I raised at dinner. Dad must have asked “Are you sure?!?” about 20 times, discussing the hurdles I would face. Mom let him do most of the talking. Finally, she said “I don’t think you should do this, but you know that if I consent, it will be final.” She looked me in the eye and asked quietly one last time, “Are you sure?” A moment later, the topic was closed.

    Ninety minutes later, Mom and Dad kissed me goodbye and set out on their drive back home. We…. I should say “They” live about three hours away. Now that I’m in college, I’m sure I’ll visit them often, but I know I’ll never “live” there again. As their car rounded the curve and vanished from sight, I thought for the first of many times to come “My god, what have I done?!?” I’m a horny 18 year old college guy, locked in a chastity belt, and they had just driven off with the only keys.


    It all started about three years ago. I was 15, and came home unexpectedly from a weekend at a friend’s house. I don’t know who was more shocked when I strolled into the house to find my Dad naked, except for some kind of metal G-string contraption, kneeling in front of my Mom in the kitchen. Dad bolted from the room to put a robe on, while Mom told me to sit at the kitchen table. She was wearing some kind of sexy negligee that no 15 year old boy wants to see his Mom wearing! The world’s most awkward conversation ensued. They must have apologized about a thousand times. Mom and Dad had always been very open about discussing sex, or any other topic for that matter, with my brother and I. Of course, they never discussed their OWN sex life. Even though they were mortified by my discovery, they were completely open and honest with me. In fact, they may have even been a little relieved to finally tell me the whole truth.

    It had always seemed normal to my big brother and I that Mom was the one who made all the decisions in the family. It wasn’t until I was 15, and having this awkward conversation that they used the words “Femdom Marriage” and explained what it meant. To be honest, I wanted nothing but to get the hell out of there, but Mom insisted I sit with them while they explained. Finally I blurted “It’s OK, It’s OK. Whatever! I just don’t want to talk about it, OK!” I grabbed the backpack I had forgotten to take to the sleepover, and ran from the house.

    I admit the rest of the weekend was a blur. I told my friends that I wasn’t feeling well. I mostly hung out by myself, thinking, as the other guys watched movies, played video games and told lies about their girlfriends.

    Sunday night came around, and I went home. My parents were on pins and needles. Mom said “We should talk,” as I entered the house. At least they were wearing normal clothes as we sat at the dining room table! I think they were both surprised when I spoke first. “I want to apologize,” I said. They started to speak and I cut them off, “Not for walking in on you…. Well, I feel bad about that too. No, I want to apologize because there’s this whole big thing in your life that you can’t do because of me.” They sputtered and carried on for a moment how it’s fine, and not my fault, etc. Finally I said “Let’s make a deal. Once a week, I’m going to do something that keeps me out late. You’ll know where I am, and I’ll have my cell phone. I PROMISE you, I will not come home early without calling first and giving lots of notice. Do you GET me?” My father sat with his jaw hanging down, and I think I saw my Mother blush for the first time ever. “In return, I just want one thing…” Mom looked at me sternly. I can’t believe I actually said it, but I did. “From now on, you will NOT enter my room without knocking first. I’m 15. Sometimes I’m doing things YOU don’t want to know about.” It was my turn to blush. My Mom burst out in laughter and hugged me. The conversation was ended.

    True to my word, I would stay late at the library, or at a friend’s house once per week. We never discussed it, and frankly I didn’t want to know. I mean, who wants to think about their parents having sex?!? Still, the Femdom marriage thing intrigued me, and they did explain about Dad’s chastity belt too. That FASCINATED me. Mom and Dad didn’t believe in “parental controls” on the internet. I did a lot of web surfing in the next few years, and boy, were my eyes opened… wide! I guess it’s genetic, because I got REALLY turned on by Femdom and chastity belts too.

    We lived in this arrangement for the next three years. Mom and Dad did whatever it is they did once per week, and I tried not to think about it. However, I WAS feeling a growing need in myself. It was February, and my 18th Birthday was coming up. Mom and Dad had been asking me what I wanted. Over the previous few years, my grades had skyrocketed. Who knew I would get SO interested in Engineering and Computers, especially. I loved math and science. I even did OK at the other crap – you know, English, Social Studies, and stuff. Lol. They were really pleased and were promising me a “big” gift, but were letting me decide. I’m sure they were thinking I’d want what any guy would want. They thought I’d ask for a car, or maybe a super great stereo or something. By this time, though, I had a part time job. I had good bike, and my iPod. I didn’t want anything like that. I told them I would let them know on my Birthday, and not before. I have no idea what they thought of that, but they agreed. I asked that we celebrate my birthday alone, with just the three of us. So on the day, Dad fixed my favorite Birthday meal, and we sat together at the dining room table. Mom even let me have a glass of wine. We ate dinner, and I blew out the 18 candles on my birthday cake. Mom said with a grin “OK, this has been KILLING me! You have to tell us now! What did you wish for? “ I was blushing furiously, I’m sure. “I know this is freakin’ weird,” I said, “but I know we can all keep a secret.” Mom and Dad looked puzzled. “I want a chastity belt, like Dad’s.”
    Mom set down her wine glass, and must have stared at me for a full minute. Dad initially laughed, then saw that Mom was so serious and he stopped. Finally, after an uncomfortable eternity, she burst out laughing as hard as I’ve ever seen her laugh. When she finally caught her breath, I was feeling really mortified! “Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it!” She covered her mouth but just couldn’t stop giggling. She wiped a tear from her eye. “Of course, Darling. You can have one. But as you said a few years ago, ‘I don’t want to know!’ You’re Father can help you get it fitted and ordered. “ She got up from the table and kissed me on the forehead. “I’m sorry if we’ve really perverted you!” She left the room, chuckling. “I thought you were going to ask for a new computer!”

    Two months later, I received a top of the line stainless steel chastity belt. Dad and I had a few awkward moments as he insisted on helping me fit it, and bend it. I mean, I hadn’t been naked in front of my parents since I was like five! In a way, I guess it was good, though. I mean, there was no risk of me having a raging boner while I was trying to put it on. I was SO embarrassed! Lol. Over the next few weeks, Dad insisted on checking the fit, and making little bends and twists. He made sure that I looked for chaffing and redness. In just days, we had the fit just right. I was really surprised. I guess he was an expert, because everything I had read on the web led me to believe it would take me weeks or months to get used to it. Instead, I was sleeping in it overnight within days.

    True to Mom’s word, once it was fitted comfortably, they didn’t want to know about it. They didn’t ask, I didn’t offer. I had the keys, of course, and just put it on and off as I desired. By March, I was pretty much wearing it full time, except on school days when I had gym. I just LOVED wearing it. If course, I’d come home just about every night and wank off. It was SUCH a hot and erotic thing!

    Graduation was in June. I was the only one who knew that I was wearing a chastity belt under my gown at commencement. Right after graduation, I began trying to go longer and longer stretches in my belt without masturbating. By early August, I had gone two full weeks. It was going great. Dad had also given me tips on cleaning the belt without removing it. They worked like a charm, and I was having no issues on that front either. So far as I could tell, I could wear it nearly indefinitely.

    Now, as embarrassing as it is for a guy to admit, I was still a virgin. I had dated a few girls in High School but we never did much more than a little groping and kissing. By my senior year, I was such a geek that I was in the computer lab all the time, goofing around, or studying for my college entrance exams. Then, of course, after my 18th Birthday, I was so busy playing with my Chastity belt that the thought of “normal” dating didn’t interest me. By this time, I had found FetLife, and had also looked up the kinky “TNG” group at the college I was going to attend. I knew that “Vanilla” dating wasn’t for me. I wanted a girlfriend who would know I was in a chastity device. I wanted a FemDom relationship. I wanted to be controlled.

    So, that’s what led me to screw up the courage on my first day at College. As we sat at the table in the Restaurant, I set the keys to my chastity belt on the table in front of my Mother. “I want you to hold these for me.” Both Mom and Dad looked stunned. “I can wear the belt for weeks at a time without removing it. I’ve tested it. Mom, I want you to keep those keys until I bring home a girlfriend, and she asks you for them.”
    Dad couldn’t talk me out of it, though he tried for over 20 minutes. Mom finally agreed. She took the keys, and put them in her purse. Mom always made the decisions in the family, and her word was always final. “You won’t see these again until I put them in the hands of your next keyholder, or unless there’s a medical emergency.” I smiled and thanked her. “Don’t thank me, Honey. I don’t think you understand how hard this is going to be for you.”

    They were gone from sight now, on their way home. Those words echoed in my head, as I walked back up to my dorm room to begin my Freshman year.

    The End (or perhaps the beginning)
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  2. nice story please continue
  3. Very nice story, please continue
  4. Part 2

    My first few days at college were the most nerve wracking in my life. Aside from all the jitters that I’m sure anyone feels when they are away from home for the first time, I of course had to deal with the whole “I’m trapped in a chastity belt” issue! Of course, the first problem was dealing with my roommate.

    Tom and I met for the first time as we were moving in together. His parents, and mine, were helping haul our stuff into the room. We had a chuckle together as we finished and noticed two girls across the hall arguing. They had brought in SO much stuff, they were already bickering about where to put it all. Tom and I seemed to bring around the same amount of stuff, and it fit reasonably well into our room. After some conversation, Tom sent his cube refrigerator back with his parents. I had a slightly bigger one, and it seemed to make sense just to share it.

    The first night in the dorm, they had an orientation meeting in the lounge, and we got to meet the other people from the floor. For the first time all day, my cock began to swell in its prison, as I got to see some of the girls living up the hall. Oh god! Honestly! Almost all of the girls on our floor are HOT! Now, that may just be the testosterone talking. I’m 18, in a chastity belt, and hadn’t cum for two weeks. Still, I was practically drooling. I got more than a little horny fantasizing about them, as the introductions went around the room, and the resident advisor talked through all of the procedures and things. About the only two girls that didn’t interest me were the two girls, still arguing, who live in the room across from Tom and I. Halley and Jessica were clearly not enjoying their first day at college!

    Tom is a shameless flirt, apparently, and much more forward than me. Suddenly, he, and two girls from the room one door down were going for a midnight ice cream at the dining hall, and I was expected to come along! Sara and Kristen were giggly and sweet. It became immediately obvious that Tom was hitting on Sara, in a big way, and Sara was loving every minute of it. I was actually a little embarrassed at how Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off Sara’s big boobs. Kristen rolled her eyes at me, and we commiserated as the “tag along couple”. Soon we were joking and walking arm in arm talking about “Young love” as we teased Tom and Sara, who were completely oblivious to our jibes. “I remember when we were like that,” Kristen joked. “Yes, it seems like only yesterday.” I replied sweetly. We got to back to the dorm laughing, and I left Kristen at her door, thanking her for “Another wonderful evening together. We really must do this more often.” She responded with “But William, dear, if we keep seeing each other every day like this, people will begin to talk!” We were both chuckling when suddenly she swept me into a hug to say goodnight. I froze, as I was terrified she would feel my chastity belt. Kristen sensed my awkwardness and suddenly let go. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m just a kind of huggy person.” I sputtered, feeling badly, “It’s OK. I just..” I was at a loss for words. Suddenly she looked so sad. “It’s OK, “ She interrupted. “Good night, then.” She fled into her room, leaving me feeling like a total ass.

    I went back to the room, feeling like an idiot. Kristen was pretty, sweet, and I absolutely loved her sense of humor. I was hoping I could patch things up with her tomorrow. That would have to wait, though. It was now after 1am, and I been up since 5am the previous day. I was exhausted. I grabbed my toothbrush and went down to the communal bathroom to brush my teeth. I passed the lounge, and saw Tom and Sara giving each other tonsil inspections with their tongues. Jeez! They guy has been here less than 24 hours! I brushed my teeth and went back to the room. I wanted to change into some sweatpants to sleep. Tom was out of the room, so I quickly changed, so he wouldn’t see my chastity belt.

    A few minutes later, Tom returned to the room. I was laying in bed, reading about the campus data network, and how to hook up my computer. He was all smiles. “You blew it with Kristen, huh?” He joked. “Hey, we’re going to have to work out some deal, hanging coat hangers on the door knob or something. Sara’s one hot piece of ass! We’re gonna need some privacy before too long!” As he was talking, he was completely uninhibited about getting changed. He stripped, and put on a loose fitting pair of boxers. I sensed, already, that I was going to have more issues than I expected about hiding my chastity belt.

    For the first few days, I was pretty successful. I would wear a robe to the bathroom, and change in the shower stall. Most evenings, Tom was out hitting on one girl or another (he didn’t seem to be at all concerned about exclusivity with Sara). I was able to change in the room, quickly. That is, until one day he walked in, just as my underwear were down around my ankles.

    “What the fuck is THAT?!?” he barked, as he stood in the doorway. I yanked my underwear back up, but of course, the damage was done. What followed was probably the SECOND most awkward conversation of my life (the first being when I walked in on my Dad in similar circumstances). I tried to explain “Submissive” and chastity play to Tom. He just thought it meant “gay”. “No WONDER you froze on Kristen,” he finally concluded. “Man, too bad you don’t like girls. Her tits aren’t huge, but she’d still be a nice piece of ass to bag!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. I spent the next 20 minutes assuring him I wasn’t gay. He wouldn’t let it go. “Dude, it’s OK. More girls for me!” I couldn’t manage to make him understand it, but he agreed to be discrete. We finished the conversation with him asking when I was going to get my sex change. He was wondering if he’d have to get a new roommate, and get his parents to bring his refrigerator back. I think he was only half joking. I just pulled my covers over my head and said “Good NIGHT!” Sheesh!

    For the next few days I endured some good natured ribbing from Tom, but it was OK. He understood I’m not gay, but it was his way of making light of the situation. For the most part, he just couldn’t “get” that I would voluntarily give up masturbation. He was changing his shirt as he was ribbing me, a few days later. “Heck, I can understand if girls don’t turn you on, Bill, but jeez, I’m quite a stud. I’m surprised you don’t want to wank off non-stop with a roomie like me! “ He posed, making muscles at me. “Then again, maybe I should be grateful! I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to discover you got lonely and needed some of this!” He smacked his ass. He was incorrigible!

    I had been away from home for a week, and the first three days of classes were done. I was hornier than I’ve ever been. I hadn’t masturbated for two weeks before coming to school because I felt I needed to be really horny in order to screw up the courage to leave the chastity belt keys with my parents. As a consequence, it had been three weeks since my last orgasm – a personal record, but I knew I was barely started. When I called home, Dad kept grilling me about hygiene, and asking if everything felt OK. Mom just asked “So, what progress have you had finding a keyholder?” I knew she would be good to her word, and hold the keys until I brought home a girl to ask for them. “Well, there’s a Next Generation of Kink munch tomorrow. I’m going to go.” I responded. I didn’t see much point in trying normal dating with a chastity belt. I figured I might as well start looking for love amongst the kinky folk at college. I just hoped there would be some girls there! Lol. The TNG mail list for my school was on yahoogroups, and it looked like there were about 90% guys. Ugh! I hung up the phone with my parents, as they wished me luck. I thanked them, and hung up. I personally thought my chances were dismal, but I had no choice but to go. I couldn’t wear this chastity belt forever! I lay down to go to sleep a short while later. I was restless all night, with a raging boner trying to burst the tube in my chastity belt. I dreamt of Kristen, and our easy pleasant evening getting ice cream a few days before. I knew she was out of my league, and way too innocent looking to be into a pervert like me. Still a guy could dream.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw her sitting at the munch the next day!

    End Part 2.
  5. Don't stop now, you got me hooked. Very nice writing style.
  6. very nice i am looking forward to the next chapter...
  7. I like the premise, although the thought of one's mother being his keyholder kind of turns me off. I think an older step sister might work better. Of course, it's not my story, so keep up the good work.
  8. Yes, that part is a bit creepy, I admit. A step-sister would have been genius, but I didn't think of it at the time! lol.

    Workin' on part3. :)
  9. Actually, the Mom part of the story is very plausable. What parent doesn't live in fear of being "caught" by one of thier childre. Or how many have been caught? I could see that part happen. I can also see the interest being piqued. If it's good enough for the old man, why not, and being raised in a female led envioment, it would be natural for the teen to want that as well. In short, the story works the way it is. A little extra kinky, but it works.
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  10. Ya, I think I was intrigued by the notion that kink would run in a family. Also by the notion that the son would voluntarily give his keys to a parent, making for the really awkward and non-arousing vibe that would ensue. On both ends, they're kinda going "laa laa laa, I'm not thinking about it!", but they both know they share a common interest. The idea that the person who knows your MOST intimate secrets is also the person you would NEVER talk about it with. :p
  11. Part 3

    I was 20 minutes late, scared shitless, and I had just gotten to the munch. I hadn’t realized how far a walk off campus this restaurant would be. I found the “Party Room” in the back, just as described. A large stuffed bear, wearing a leather collar, was on the table. The munch organizers apparently reserve this room every month so that we have privacy from the rest of the restaurant. I saw a few people sitting around the table, chatting. I was feeling really awkward, as I joined in late. There were seven people already there, five guys and two girls. Most of them glanced up as I entered the room. As the last girl finished what she was saying to the guy across from her, she turned her head and I saw... It was Kristen!

    The smile fell from her face as she recognized me, and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Everyone got quiet as we stared at one another. I was a half a heartbeat from running from the room. I was totally embarrassed to find someone I knew here! What would she think?!? Finally, she drew a breath and put a stern look on her face. “Well, get OVER here! I’ve been waiting for you for almost half an hour already!” Of anything she might have said, that was the last thing I expected. She was starting up our “Old married couple” schtick again. I chuckled and said “Yes, Ma’am.” A smile immediately came to her face and she stood up. “… and if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a THOUSAND times, don’t call me Ma’am! You make me feel like an old lady! ‘Goddess’ will do, or ‘Miss’ in more vanilla company.” I stood there, trying to get my head around the fact that she was suddenly pretending to be my Mistress or Goddess or whatever. “Oh, and William, you WILL be punished for that…. Everyone, this is my beloved William. William, this is everyone!” I stood there slack-jawed trying to process what was going on. Goddess? Beloved? People were staring at me.

    “H..hello” I stammered, and waved. “B..bill, you can call me Bill.” Beloved? What was that all about? I thought she was still mad about me not giving her a hug the other night. Kristen sat again, and patted the chair beside her. “William, do sit down. I was just about to order.” I looked at Kristen befuddled, as I was sitting down. Order? Then I noticed that the waitress was walking in just behind me. Oh right.. Restaurant. Jeez, I was a nervous wreck! The guy sitting on the other side of me stuck out his hand “I’m Josh”, he said, distracting me. Josh peeked over my shoulder to confirm the waitress occupied with Kristen, and continued “Senior, Bio major, Top, not with anyone at the moment.” I heard Kristen speaking on the other side of me. I turned to see the waitress beginning to offer me a menu “... and William will have a coke, and an order of chicken fingers with honey-mustard sauce.” The waitress tucked the menu back under her arm, and wrote down “my” order. This was all happening WAY too fast. The waitress began to take everyone else’s order. I looked at Kristen, as she smiled, pushed her chair back, slipped off her left shoe, and placed her foot in my lap. “Do be a dear, and massage my foot,” she said, “a Lady should definitely wear heels, but they’re not so practical for walking all the way out here, off campus!” She wiggled her toes.

    I looked down at her foot, which was quite lovely. She couldn’t know that I have a bit of a foot fetish. I breath grew ragged. Her nails were polished bright red. My cock grew hard in its tube, as I began to rub her foot. Kristen smiled across the table at one of the other guys “He gives SUCH good foot rubs… and he knows JUST how to work the stress out of my shoulders, too.” She smiled at me adoringly, as I blinked. What the hell was going on?!?. The waitress completed taking orders, and stepped out of the room. Josh cleared his throat and began to speak. “Well, it’s twenty after. I figure if any more people turn out, they can catch up. Welcome to the munch Kristen, Bill and Sam. The rest of us are upperclassmen, and know each other from last year. I’m Josh, the TNG organizer. I’m a Senior in Bio, and a Top. The girl I was topping graduated last year, so I’m on the prowl!” He raised an eyebrow, and made a goofy sexy look that made the girls chuckle. “For starters, why don’t you guys introduce yourselves and tell us what you’re into. It sounds like Bill and Kristen are old friends. Bill, why don’t you go first.” Kristen interjected, “Oh yes, William, do tell them all about yourself. And don’t forget to tell them how we met last week!“ she smiled at the others, “It’s such a funny story!”

    I was totally lost. If her leg hadn’t been sprawled across my lap, I may still have gotten up and run from the restaurant. I was a nervous wreck, as it was, thinking about coming and outing myself as a submissive to a bunch of strangers. Now, suddenly Kristen is making up some kind of story like we’re a couple, and apparently I’m her sub or something! I was embarrassed, confused, and having a major brain freeze. “Uh.. Well…. Uh. I’m Bill…. “ Josh was sensing my discomfort. “If you don’t want to…” he began. “No!” exclaimed Kristen, “William is fine. He’s really not as dumb as he is sounding right now!” she grinned. “Thanks a lot!” I thought. I drew a deep breath. “Ya, it’s OK. I… I’m just a little nervous. I’m ahhh, I’m a submissive,” I was sure I was blushing beet red! “I uhh.. I just never said that out loud before…. I’ve been nervous all day.” I drew a deep breath. Someone interrupted. “Oh, we’re all subs but Josh and Kristen… don’t worry about it!” said the guy across the table. I later learned his name was Ken. “So, what kind of stuff are you into?” prodded Josh. “Yes, tell them everything!” added Kristen. Her smile was intoxicating. She leaned back in her chair, relaxing with her foot in my lap, but she was watching me intently.

    “Ahh, well, ahh. Like I said, I’m a submissive….. “ I went on to tell them how, for as long as I could remember, I admired how my father had always doted on my mother, and that Mom always made the decisions in our family. It just seemed so natural, and I always admired what a wonderful and happy relationship they had. I learned accidentally that they were a FemDom couple, and ever since that discovery, I just felt that was the way that relationships should be. I drew a deep breath, and forged ahead. “Uuh.. When I was 15, I discovered uhh.. about Chastity belts. I got REALLY intrigued.” I couldn’t bring myself to look at anyone, especially Kristen, but I heard her take a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly, she thrust her foot (which I was still absently massaging) into my crotch. I almost leapt out of my chair as she ran her toes up and down the shield of my chastity belt. I tried my best to act like nothing was happening, and was grateful that the table mostly obscured what she was doing. “William, DO tell them all about the chastity belt!”, Kristen said. Again she looked conspiratorially at the others, “I was SO shocked to find out about it last week!” She turned to me, and her eyes bored a hole into my soul.

    “Ahh, well, I.. ahh.. got it for my 18th Birthday. I wore it on and off for months. It, ahh, it feels really good. I built up to where I can wear it all the time, now…” I took a deep breath. My hands were shaking, as I still absently rubbed Kristen’s foot. I blurted it out as fast as I could. “I…. umm… the keys…. They’re at home, now…. My parent’s, I mean. I don’t have them with me. They’re three hours away.”

    “No way!” exclaimed Ken. “Jeezus, I wank off a few times a day! How ….” He trailed off, obviously stunned. I dared to glance at Kristen. Her eyes were big as saucers. She surreptitiously pressed her foot against my crotch shield, again, as if to really confirm there was something under there. I felt a flush of hormones blast through my body. Devon asked “Is it one of those plastic CB-thingies. I hear they’re easy to cheat out of! “No,” I told her, “It’s a full metal belt – a ‘Chassteel Ultimate’. I can’t cheat. BELIEVE me, I’ve tried! “Chassteel?” said Devon, “Holy crap. Aren’t those like the Rolls Royce of chastity belts?” I nodded. “Wow, that’s commitment!” commented Josh, chuckling. “Yes,” Kristen added, nodding her head, and glancing knowingly at the others. “You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much it turned me on when I found out!” We made eye contact. Jesus. My heart was racing, and my cock felt like it was going to explode in my tube.

    “So, how the hell does a freshman move into the dorms, and have a Domme who knows all about your chastity belt within a week?!?”, Josh asked, incredulously. “Oh, tell them!” chided Kristen,“ She smiled at Devon, “This is the best!”. Oh great! I thought I was coming to a munch, not improv theater! Besides, if she didn’t stop wiggling her toes soon, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

    “Well, err, we met on the first night in the dorm. We, uhh, we went out for ice cream with our roommates.” Kristen smiled, and nodded at me. “We, uhh, we came back, and uhh… Tom! Ya, uh my roommate Tom had this bottle of vodka.” Kristen interjected, “Oh, that Tom!” Kristen looked back at me, with a “Go on” gesture with her hand. “Err, well, we … err, I got really drunk. I was, uh, well so umm, drunk.” “Oh, he sure was,” added Kristen, with a look in her eyes that said “get on with it!” “So, uhh, we start getting silly, and next thing I know, Tom starts trying to make out with Sara”, “My roommate,” Kristen said, helping. “Ya, Kristen’s roommate. So, uh, well eventually Sara and Tom went over to the girl’s room and I was with Kristen… and I was uhh..” “Drunk?”, helped Josh with a chuckle. Kristen jumped in “Oh he sure was. Let’s just say that he can’t hold his liquor. I won’t ever let him drink like THAT again.”

    Kristen seemed to like how the story was going. She continued it. “So, while William is quite a gentleman most of the time, I think he lost a few too many inhibitions that night. Before I knew it, he tried to kiss me, and his hands were all over me! I went to push him away, when I felt this hard metal band on his waist. Well, that sure as heck got me curious!” Ken was shocked. “You mean to tell me you tried to hit on Kristen, and forgot about your chastity belt?!?” “Well, ya, I was uuh, well, really… “
    “Drunk?”, chimed in half the table.
    “Ya, drunk. That night was a blur to me. It’s a miracle I remember any of it. It’s almost as if they didn’t happen at all.” Kristen tried to kick my crotch under the table, but simply stubbed her toe. I saw her wince. I chuckled, as she gave me a dirty look. “ANYWAY,” Kristen said, diverting attention, “it suffices to say that right then and there I got a good look at his chastity belt, and by morning he was BEGGING me to take him on as my sub.” She sat back smugly in her chair. She glared down at her foot, meaningfully. I took it up, and started rubbing again.

    “Ahh,” Josh said, “Good segue. So, what are YOU into, Kristen?” I sat back, greatly relieved that the pressure was off me for a while. Kristen went on to tell her story. I was enthralled, smitten, intimidated and a little frightened. She was into some edgy stuff that I had never imagined. My mind was reeling as introductions continued around the table. Ken, Devon, Sam (the other freshman), Josh and the rest all gave a little background. I wasn’t paying much attention, as my mind kept going over everything Kristen said, again and again. Josh was the only other Top. Devon was the only other girl, but she was a gay sub, much to the disappointment of the rest of the sub guys at the munch.

    Our food eventually arrived, and people made small talk. Finally, Kristen announced “William, pay for our food, and let’s go. I’ll meet you at the door. I need to powder my nose.” With that, pulled her heels back on, said goodbye to the others, and strode from the room. I was stunned that she stuck me with the check without asking, but at the same time, I had been trying to figure out what we were going to do about it, since she had made up this story that made it sound like we were a couple. I was grateful I had enough money to cover food for both of us, and a nice tip for the waitress. I gave it to Josh, who was divvying up the check, and headed for the door.

    She stood by the door waiting. As I approached, she gestured for me to open the door, and we stepped out into the parking lot. We stepped away, and she exclaimed “Thank you SO much for going along with that!” Her body language showed tremendous relief. Once again, I was feeling off guard. What exactly WAS our status? “I was there for almost a half an hour before you got there. Those sub boys were SUCH losers! I was trying to think of a good way to make my excuses and get out of there. They were practically slobbering, trying to get their hooks into me!”

    So that was it. She was just making all this up to avoid having to deal with the subs, who apparently didn’t interest her. She didn’t feel anything… there wasn’t anything between us. My face must have shown how devastated I was feeling in that moment. Suddenly Kristen said “HEY!” I looked at her. She glared at me sternly. She stepped close to me, and dug her right thumb into the top of my jeans, and hooked her hand around my chastity belt. She pulled upward, yanking my crotch toward her belly. At the same time, she reached behind my head, grabbed my hair and yanked my face to hers. She was an inch taller than me, with those heels on. She pulled my lips to her face and kissed me deeply. The strength left my knees and I almost collapsed. My heart was racing, and the world began to spin. My mouth was electrified by sensations of her tongue, still echoing in my nerve endings.

    “They’re losers, but you’re not!” she said, in a breathy tone, “I WANT you, William!”

    My mind was overloaded, my pulse was pounding, my knees were weak, and my cock was straining in its tube. This young, beautiful, mystifying girl wanted me. She was an experienced Domme and the kinks she related earlier frankly frightened me. I hung meekly in her arms looking into her intense gaze. I spoke the only two words that would form in my head.

    “Yes, Goddess.”

    End Part 3.
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  16. Thank you for the kind comments, everyone. Part 4 is in progress, and a good portion of part 5 is in my head. :)

    Interestingly, Kristen took quite a different direction beginning in Part 4. I've never had a character spontaneously go somewhere I wasn't planning in advance. Just a few weeks ago, I was reading an author's blog who said she had to write the story to see where it was going. This is the first time that's happened to me. lol

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  18. Mike, An excellent story. I look forward to the next part.
  19. By popular demand... Enjoy :)

    Part 4

    “Your Mother is your KEYHOLDER?!?” Kristen barked, amazed. She giggled and covered her mouth. She hadn’t meant to speak so loudly. Fortunately, no one was nearby was we were walking back to campus. She paused and took off her pumps. They were killing her feet. She walked barefoot, slowly, as we held hands. It was a wonderful, warm night, and the stars were out I confess I couldn’t help but keep sneaking peeks at her feet!

    “Well, it’s not as perverted as it sounds… uh.. well, it’s pretty perverted, but not THAT perverted!” I went on to explain the conditions under which my Mother was holding my keys. Kristen soaked it in with wide eyes. “So, you’re really THAT committed to being a sub… a chastity belt wearing sub?” I lowered my head and nodded. She squeezed my hand, as I raised my gaze. “I’m guessing you’re not that… experienced?” I could feel my ears redden. “No,” I said softly, “I’m not... not at all!” She nodded, taking my meaning. Oddly, it was Kristen’s turn to look uncertain. She got quiet, just as we got back to my room. Tom was out somewhere, so I invited her in. Her silence was making me feel really nervous, as we went and sat at the end of my bed. “You’re so sweet, and I know that you THINK you want me to be your keyholder” she began, “but I don’t know if it’s fair.” My heart was pounding again, as a dozen emotions swirled within me. It sounded like she was letting me down. If I had a hundred pages to write it, here, I couldn’t express the misery I felt in that moment.. “I shouldn’t.” She said firmly. I was devastated. “Kristen, I… “

    “Bill,” she interrupted, “You’re so sweet…. So romantic. You think D/s is all about service, and romance.. Opening doors and buying flowers. Tell me, do you fantasize about pain? About being treated harshly... I mean, being MISERABLE?” I looked at her, uncertainly. She had said, at the munch, that she was a sadist, but I guess I didn’t really believe it. “C’mon,” I said, “It can’t be all that bad.” I half assumed she made it up to scare off the other guys who were hitting on her.

    “Listen, Bill,” she said, “You’re still a virgin. You’ve barely dated. Me, I’ve been a slut since I was 12. I screwed just about every boy I knew, growing up.” It felt like a blow to my belly. I just couldn’t see her that way. At the same time, I was jealous and angry at all those boys. She continued, “It wasn’t until I was 16 that I had my first orgasm. I didn’t even know what I was missing. Do you know how that happened?” I shook my head, still trying to square the image of this sweet, beautiful girl with what she claimed to be. “I was hooking up with this college guy. He had a spanking fetish. He asked me to spank him with this hair brush. I didn’t really know what I was doing, with him over my knee. But, the harder I hit him, the more he loved it… and then he stopped loving it. His ass was red, and starting to get welts… I… I was transfixed. Every squirm. Every yelp. I got hotter and hotter. I kept hitting, harder and harder. He was yelling ‘Yellow, yellow’ and then ‘Red, Red’. I didn’t even know that those were safewords. He was bawling like a baby, and trying to crawl away. He had turned so meek Like a little baby.. I lost control. I threw him on the floor with my knee in his back, and held his hair. I smacked him so hard that I broke the brush and hurt my wrist. He screamed, and at that moment, without even touching myself, I had the first REAL orgasm of my life! I fell on my side, clutching my crotch through my panties, and just … just . lost it.”

    I looked at Kristen. Her face was flushed, just from recalling the story. Her eyes were a little glazed. She shook her head, as if to clear cobwebs. “The guy crawled away, screaming at me for being a ‘Fucking Sadist’ and took off. I had to Google it – ‘Sadist’. I didn’t even know what a Sadist was. But the more I read, the more it connected, and the more things stirred in me that I had never felt. “ She looked at me, then. “Bill, I haven’t had a normal date since I was 16. I just can’t. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t have those feelings again, unless I was being really cruel... Finally, I gave up trying. “ She sat up straight, and looked at me. “Bill, I’m a sadist… and a pretty bad one. You want romance. I want to give pain. You want love. I want animal lust. You want to give pleasure. I want to TAKE pleasure, for all those boys who never gave me any BACK because I was too young and stupid to realize they were USING me!“ She shook her head, and finally said “I’m not right for you.” She got up, and began to leave the room.

    I felt so horrible. Not for me, and my lost chances of getting out of my chastity belt. I felt horrible for her. She had been used by boys her whole life, and didn’t even know what true feelings and relationships were about. Here I was, feeling like just another “user”, trying to get something from her. I was as bad as them!

    I jumped up after her, and caught her as she got to my door. “Kristen, wait,” I said. She paused with one hand on the handle. I went to her and turned her to face me. “You’ve never had a boy who wanted YOU to be happy before. They all just wanted to get their rocks off, right?” She nodded. “Well, that’s not really a risk with me, is it?” She snorted, “Oh, I’m not so sure… you’d do anything to get me to be your keyholder, just so you can get out of that belt!” It was my turn to chuckle. “Well, OK, I won’t deny that, but listen. Even if you agreed to be my keyholder, you couldn’t get the keys until you met my Mother, right?” She nodded. I drew a deep breath. “Well ,then let’s not rush it. Let me… let me please you.. there would be no pressure for… you to … you know..” “Reciprocate,” she finished. I nodded.

    Kristen looked me in the eyes, until I had to avert them. “You are SO totally not what I expected to find.. I went to the munch hoping to find some subby pervert. I thought I’d end up hooking up with some guy like… like your roommate Tom or something.. you know, some slut who’d do anything to get laid.” I laughed momentarily, until she put her hand behind my head, and pulled me to her lips for the second time tonight. We kissed. Once again, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Kristen reached up, and began to unbutton her blouse. I put my hand over hers, and said “wait a minute…” I grabbed a coat hanger, opened the door, and hung it on the outside. I closed and locked the door. Kristen looked at me quizzically. “Do not disturb.” I said. She laughed a sweet laugh, took my hand, and led me into the room.

    We stood beside the bed. “Music” she said. I fumbled for my iPod, removing it from the dock and speakers. She took it from my hand, and looked through my collection. “Ooh, jazz. I love jazz….. oh, perfect”. She put the iPod back in the dock, and Kenny G’s “Duotones” album began playing. She took my hands, and led them to the buttons of her blouse. “You do it,” she whispered. My hands were shaking so badly, I could barely work the buttons. I undid them one by one. After a few buttons, her cleavage was exposed, and I saw the edges of her white lacey bra. My cock strained in the tube between my legs. As I got lower, toward her belly button, I could see her tanned, flat belly, with just a dusting of peach fuzz hair on it. I reached the bottom, and pulled the shirt up from her pants. I was too embarrassed to go farther.

    With her shirt hanging open, Kristen reached down, and grabbed my T-shirt at my waist, and began pulling it upward. I lifted my arms, and let her pull it over my head. She ran her hands across my chest, and fingers went to my nipples. I gasped as I looked down to see her pinch my nipples between her index fingers and thumbs. My eyes transfixed by the nail polish, which matched the polish on her toes. Her nails were not long, but just long enough to scratch, as she placed all her fingers against my chest, and gently scratched down toward my belly. My body was shaking and I whimpered. I had to reach out and support myself on the wall. My chastity belt waistband was visible, poking above my jeans at the hips. Her fingers traced their way around, exploring. I realized I had closed my eyes. A moment later, I gasped, and caught my breath. I had forgotten to breathe.

    Kristen reached up, smiling, and slid her hands down my arms, drawing my hands to her shoulders. She placed them there, and shrugged, gesturing for me to remove her shirt. I took it at the upper sleeves, and began to open it, and slide it down her arms. As I slid it down, I had to bend lower. That put my face near her breasts, just as the shirt parted exposing her bra fully to me. I don’t know anything about bra sizes, but I’d guess she was a large B or a small C. Whatever it was, she was perfect. Her nipples were getting hard against the sheer fabric, and I could see the pink outline of her areolas. As I moved lower, Kristen leaned forward, pressing my face between her breasts. I took in the smell of her, as I pulled the shirt from her arms. A sound between a growl and a whimper slipped out of me.

    She snatched the shirt from my hand, and threw it on the floor. She was more urgent now, and I could hear her breathing speeding up. She grabbed my hands, and mashed them into her breasts. Holding them there, she kissed me again. My knees buckled, as she pushed me over into the bed. I was on my back as she fell down above me. Her hands were supporting her on either side of my head. “Take it off,” she gasped, in a husky voice. I reached up and fumbled. I had no idea how to take a girl’s bra off. I started trying to undo the strap at her shoulder, then looked and wondered if there was a clasp between her breasts. She looked at me wide-eyed for a minute, then couldn’t suppress a brief chuckle. I dropped my hands, ashamed, and looked away. “Oh, William,” she said, suddenly saddened that she had embarrassed me. She drew me up, so that we were kneeling on the bed, facing one another. “I’m sorry, honey,” she said, “let me teach you. Let me teach you.... everything.” She took my hands and drew them around behind, and showed me to the clasp.

    As the bra fell from her perfect breasts, the world became a blur. I don’t even remember what happened next. Eventually, we were naked… well, as naked as I could get. She taught me to please her. I worshiped her breasts, and eventually, she led me between her legs. I had no idea what to expect. I’d seen lots of porn, but nothing could prepare me for the real thing. Like most of the girls (I guess) these days, she was shaved bare. She had a piercing I had never seen before and a piece of jewelry where I guessed her clit should be. She called it a “VCH”. I had to look it up online, later, to understand that it was a clit hood piercing. The jewelry had a ruby colored gem stone, matching her finger and toe nails, right above the place I eventually confirmed her clit could be found. She taught me to please her, then, with my mouth, tongue and with my hands. She corrected me many times, but always gently and kindly. Soon, as I soaked in the taste of her and followed her instructions, she began to thrash and moan. I was in ecstasy as she grabbed bunches of the bed sheets and writhed beneath me. Finally, she let go, grabbed my hair as she mashed my face into her vagina moaning “William!” Moments later, she was lost to the world as she flailed beneath me, with her legs wrapped around me, and her heels thumping into my back. I had never felt so wonderful in my life. I had brought a girl to orgasm. I felt… well… like a Man for the first time.

    She pulled my hair, yanking my head from her crotch, and looked at me. I imagine my look was as glazed as hers. She caught her breath, and surprised look crossed her face. She looked down and asked “What’s that?” We looked down, to see a long string of pre-cum dribbling from my chastity belt onto her leg. She laughed and said “Oh, poor baby” It was her turn now. She rolled me onto my back, and began to kiss and suck on my nipples. I had never felt such a sensation before! It felt like my nipples were hard-wired to my crotch. She bit my nipple and I yelped, but at the same time, my hormones raced like never before. My cock throbbed in my tube, but I couldn’t do anything about it. She licked, tickled and tormented me. She got rougher, biting, pinching and grabbing. Pre-cum dribbled out onto my sheets in a puddle. She laughed, and wiped some onto her fingers, then thrust them into my mouth. I was initially repulsed, but I was so turned on that soon I was suckling on her fingers like a new born baby. She kept touching, feeling, exploring my body. My body was going wild. I was flailing and thrusting my hips wildly, with no effect. She straddled me from above, grinding her pussy into the flat shield of my chastity belt. Her tits dangled above me. I couldn’t help but take hold, and guide one nipple to my mouth. She climaxed again, riding me. I could feel a mixture of her juices, and my pre-cum dribbling down my thigh.

    Finally, she collapsed on top of me, panting. I was gasping for air and my heart was pounding. My whole body was quivering. I probably looked like a fish tossed on the deck of a boat. I couldn’t control my body as it spasmed. She rolled beside me, and stroked my hair. She leaned down and kissed me, deeply. I couldn’t believe she did that! My mouth was full of her pussy juice. Still, the realization turned me on even more. I whimpered as my hips involuntarily thrust again. “Oh, poor baby,” she cooed. She cuddled beside me, and stroked my hair until gradually my body calmed. It felt like a dream, and I heard her breathing softly near my ear. We fell asleep, cuddling.

    I awoke with a start a few minutes later. I heard a shout outside my door “Oh, jeesus! Don’t TELL me you’re in there with some GUY!” It was Tom. He must have discovered the coat hanger signal on the door. I began to laugh, as Kristen looked at me befuddled. “He thinks I’m gay because I wear this,” I whispered, gesturing to my chastity belt. She giggled quietly. From outside, “Well, OK, I’m leaving for another hour, but dammit, get him out of there! Gross, dude!” Kristen giggled evilly, and jumped out of bed and ran for the door. “Stop!” I yelled at Kristen. Tom heard me, and thought I had shouted out to him. He yelled a reply, “Dude, I am NOT doing some kind of gay 3-way with ….” Kristen opened the door, wide.

    Tom stood on the other side of the threshold. His mouth literally fell open, as Kristen stood completely naked, and still glistening with sweat from our love making. His eyes hungrily devoured her from top to bottom. Still holding the door, she said “He’s not gay. He’s the best lover I’ve ever had. Oh, and too bad about the three-way. It would have been fun!” She slammed the door in his face, and locked the dead-bolt before Tom could respond. She came back to bed giggling, and wrapped herself around me.

    “Dude!!!!!!” I heard him scream from the hallway.

    End Part 4.
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  24. Part 5

    “That wasn’t bad, for a first time.” Kristen sighed. She was still curled, naked, around me as we lay in my dorm room bed. I roused from my reverie to smile at her. “Thank you”, I said. She raised herself onto one elbow. My eyes were drawn to the curve of her breasts. Her nipples were less red then they were earlier. I guess they got darker when she was aroused. “Thank you, what?” she demanded. “What?” I asked, confused. She slid her hand across my chest and pinched my left nipple. This time, she did it HARD. “Oww,” I flinched and pulled away. “Yes, what?” she repeated. Oh, right. “Yes, Goddess” I replied.

    She cupped her hand in my chin, and raised my head, diverting my gaze from her breasts. I looked her in the eye as she began. “You want me to be your keyholder, your Domme, right?” I nodded, stupidly. I would do anything for this girl. She twirled her fingers around my nipple. My cock once again began to stir in its tube. “Tonight was wonderful, but you know it won’t always be this easy... I still crave… I’m still a sadist.” I took her hand. “Don’t you think you’ll need that less, if, you know, I can please you in other ways? Like tonight.” She squeezed my hand and said “That won’t be enough. If you want to go down this road with me, you’re going to have to endure things only a masochist would enjoy. “ She paused, and looked away from me. She continued. “I’m sorry. I just can’t stop being what I am.”

    Now, other than loving my chastity belt, which I suppose is one form of masochism, I don’t think I’m a masochist in any other way. Still, it’s what she wanted… what she needed. I may not be a masochist, but I damn well know I’m submissive. I wanted to please her. “Let’s try.” I said, “You taught me a lot tonight, and you went slowly. Do you think…. Think you could go slowly with the other things?” She looked up and sighed. A smile came to her face. “For anyone else, I’d say ‘no’. Why can’t I refuse you?” She shook her head while she laughed, softly. I hugged her close. She hugged me back, and then said “There are going to be some ground rules, then, William, if you’re to be my sub.” She went on to give me her expectations.

    We chatted on for another 10 minutes or so. It was getting late, and we each had classes in the morning. She got dressed, and I walked her to my door. I noticed my cock was sore in my tube. I chalked it up to being incredibly turned on for the last few hours with no relief. With one last chaste kiss, I said “Good night, Goddess.” She smiled, and went down the hall to her room. I took the hanger off my door handle, and put it back in the closet. Tom could come in when he got back. I was lost in thought. My mind kept running over something she said a few minutes before: “The way you feel about me now… it may not last… you may hate me before you ever feel this way again.” I really didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

    The mild ache continued in my groin. I decided to relax for a while and hope it would go away. I lay back down in bed, and closed my eyes, replaying the events of the evening over and over in my mind. I didn’t want to forget a moment of it. Before too long, Tom came back to the room. “Phew-eee, smells like sex in here!” he exclaimed, theatrically waving his hands in front of his nose. Oops, I guess I hadn’t noticed. I had clumped up the sheets so I wasn’t lying in a wet spot, but I hadn’t changed them yet. “Sorry,” I said, still relaxing in bed.

    “So, dude! I thought you said you didn’t have the keys to that thing.” Whoops. I guess I was still a little too relaxed. I didn’t occur to me that I was laying on top of the sheets wearing ONLY my chastity belt. I decided maybe I should get up and put some clothes on. “I don’t,” I replied. Tom stopped dead in his tracks, and stared at me. “You had Kristen naked in here, the room reeks of sex, and you’re telling me you didn’t….. didn’t get off?” “Nope.” I replied, as I began to swing my legs out of bed. “Holy shit, dude, you’re going to have a world class case of blue ba…” At that instant, I was beginning to stand. Suddenly, it felt like I had been kicked in the balls… HARD. The slight pressure of my CB against my testicles was EXCRUCIATING. “Uggh,” I groaned, doubling over. I fell back down in bed, hard. “Oof!” that hurt, too. My hands tried futilely to cup my crotch. I could barely breathe, as I lay on my side, incapacitated.

    “As I was saying,” Tom said, opening the dorm fridge, “You’re going to have a world class case of blue balls!” I was doubled over on the bed, gasping for air. Was that what this was? Holy crap, it felt like someone kicked me in the crotch, and the pain just wouldn’t let up! Tom grabbed a plastic bag, and some ice from the fridge. He put it in the bag, and tossed it to me. “Hold that over your boys,” he began, “if you can get anywhere near them with that contraption on. Even if you can’t, I suppose steel’s a good conductor of heat.. or cold.” I held the bag of ice in my hand and looked at him quizzically. “Trust me,” he said, “I once dated a Catholic cheerleader for a month, trying to get into her panties. She never did give it up. I had to learn some home remedies!”

    I held the ice pack to my crotch, and sure enough, after a few minutes the pain started to subside. Tom opened the window to our room, and let some of the cool evening air in. Once I felt mobile, I pulled on some shorts, stripped my bed, and put the sheets into a garbage bag and tied it shut, tossing it in my laundry pile. I put fresh sheets on the bed. Tom sprayed some deodorant around the room. “There,” he said. “Much better. Now it just smells like armpit, again.” That Tom - He’s a class act.

    Before long, we turned in for the night. Lying in our respective beds, Tom was chattering away. The boy really never stops talking. “So, Kristen’s a ‘Grade A’ piece of ass, you got there, Bill”. I sighed theatrically, letting Tom know I remained unimpressed with his general attitudes about women. He continued. “Now, sure, her tits could be bigger, like Sara’s, but damn, she’s buff!” Sara is Kristen’s room mate. Tom and she have been dating since the first night in the dorms, but I doubted they were having sex yet. Tom would be talking about it non-stop if they had. “Ya, Sara’s got some nice knockers on her, and isn’t ashamed to let me at ‘em. Kinda stingy with the rest, though. Hell, I may be icing my balls soon, if she keeps this up. It’s been over a week! What does she want? A wedding ring?!? … I still can’t believe you got a piece before me!” I chuckled, and he just kept talking. “Jeesus, don’t tell anyone. I might have to turn in my Man Card… getting outdone by a gay guy locked in a chastity belt.” “Good NIGHT, Tom”, I said laughing. I rolled over. He was quiet for a few minutes, then “Do you think Kristen was serious about that three-way? I mean, I figured she was joking… but if you really can’t give her what she needs….” “GOOD NIGHT, TOM!” I pulled the pillow over my head.

    Tom and I were both awakened, hours later, by an urgent knocking at the door. I groggily looked at my clock. It was 5:45AM. What the hell?!? “William!” I heard, whispered loudly from outside. Tom groaned, “It’s the old ball and chain. Will you open the door before she wakes me up?!?” It was his turn to pull a pillow over his head, as he rolled over. I got out of my bed, and opened the door. I was just wearing a pair of gym shorts, pulled high enough to cover the waistband of my chastity belt. Kristen stood outside. She was dressed in workout clothes. I was guessing that was a gym bag slung over her shoulder. She had a rather grumpy look on her face. “I was on the way to the gym, but they don’t open till 6,” she began. She came in, pulling the door shut behind her. She walked right in, and stood beside my bed, ignoring Tom. I was rubbing my eyes, trying to get the cobwebs cleared. “So, I decided to do a little web research, while I was waiting. Did you say you’re wearing a Chassteel Ultimate?” I nodded, blearily. “Why?” I asked. She began to look downright angry. “Well, don’t you HAVE something for me?”, she said. She held out her hand impatiently.

    Oh crap. I was stunned to alertness. “Umm, uhh, I uhh… I didn’t think…. Well, I wasn’t sure you’d want it.” She held out her palm, insistently. “Hand it over. NOW!” “Uh, ya… oh kay.” I started toward my dresser. “What was that?!?” she barked. Shit. “Yes. Yes, Goddess.” I replied. She gave me a look that could wilt flowers. I reached into my dresser and pulled out the remote control.

    You see, the Chassteel Ultimate is THE top of the line chastity belt. It was a very expensive Birthday gift, but then again, my parents thought they were going to spend money on a car or computer, so it was in their budget. It’s designed for long term wear, with ports that can be used for cleaning, and attachments to flush water through it. It’s so perfectly fitted that it doesn’t even have foam padding on the waistband. It’s so smooth and contoured that padding is unnecessary. Their website claims that they have customer who has worn it for 4 years without removal. Mine has been on for almost 5 weeks now, and everything feels fine. I just had some itching as my pubic hair grew back, during the first week (I hadn’t really thought that issue through). However, the Ultimate is not just a chastity belt. Their website refers to it as a “Male Management System”. It comes with a remote control that can activate some of the additional features on the belt. I’ve used the remote for the “Reward” setting. It can send a gentle trickle of electricity through the penis and ball, that’s quite pleasurable. Since I’ve been at College for a few weeks, without access to the keys, the ‘reward’ setting is really the only pleasure I can get. I’ve used it pretty often, just to try and feel SOMETHING. The remote also has settings for punishments. It can deliver a pretty solid jolt to your privates. I’ve only had the courage to test that at the lowest settings. It has lots of other features too, that I couldn’t even imagine using.

    Kristen snatched the remote from my hand, angrily. “I read all about this,” she snarled. Jeez, she was really angry. “I can’t BELIEVE you would keep this from ME, your Domme!” “I’m sorry,” I sputtered, “I just… didn’t think of it.” She glared at me. “What’s the highest punishment setting you’ve ever used?” she demanded. “Uh..well, I’ve tried one and two…” At this point, Tom was lying in bed on one elbow, watching intently. “And three?”, Kristen asked, sternly, “Well, I tried it once, it was ..” I saw her twist the knob to three on the remote. I was totally transfixed by her fingers on the buttons. My heart was racing. The bright red nail polish caught the light as she twisted the knob to ‘4’. “This is for not giving me the remote last night,” she said. I gasped. She turned the knob again, to ‘5’, “and THIS is for playing dumb this morning.” The world began to move in slow motion. I saw her thumb slide over the button. My fetish for her beautiful painted nails still pervading my thoughts, even as I began to say “N…” The world went black.

    I was lying on my cheek on the carpet, with my ass in the air. I didn’t recall falling. My hands were involuntarily clutched over my groin. The pain was indescribable. It felt like my middle had been torn out from ribs to knees. I held my mouth wide, but I couldn’t draw a breath. Finally, with a loud gasp, I could draw air. I lay there panting for a moment. Finally, I turned my head as I got up on my hands and knees. My eyes were drawn to Kristen’s painted toenails, in her flip-flops. I sat back on my heels, as I looked up her body toward her face. She stood, smiling peacefully over me. “What do you say, now, boy?” “Huh?” I asked.

    Pain! I was on my face again. I heard Tom yelling “Jesus!” as I gasped for air. Kristen, ignoring Tom, said “I’d prefer not to do this a third time. I’ll be clear. Thank your Goddess.” It took me a moment to catch my breath. “T-thank you, Goddess” I said. As I got to my knees again, I noticed tears were running down my cheek from the pain.

    Tom was still yelling something. As I sat back on my heels again, I was finally able to focus on his words. “..didn have to do that! What the fuck are you doing to the poor guy?!?” Kristen looked at Tom, still in his bed 10 feet across the room. She shouted “You want some?!?” as she thrust the hand with the remote toward him. Involuntarily, Tom yelped and his hands went to his crotch. Kristen laughed, as Tom realized he’d be duped. “Jeez, Kristen!” he said, shakily.

    Kristen looked down at me. I was still on all-fours. “Get up, William” She said, gently. I started to my feet, stealing another peek at her painted toes. Jeez, what kind of perv am I?!? I got to my feet, dizzy, as she was tucking the remote into her gym bag. “I’ll be at the gym 'till about 7:30. I expect you showered, dressed and outside the locker room waiting for me. We’ll go to breakfast together. She kissed my cheek, and waited expectantly. My brain was still moving slowly. I couldn’t think. “Jeezus, Bill, say ‘Yes Goddess!’ so I don’t have to watch that again!” Kristen laughed, as I said thickly “Yes, Goddess.” I was still a little delirious. I felt drunk. Later on, I learned that this was an endorphin buzz.

    Kristen headed toward the door, but couldn’t resist thrusting her, now empty, hand at Tom growling “Hah!” He yelped, and his hands flew to his crotch again. She left the room, giggling. I flopped down in bed, light headed and groggy. I began to feel a pleasant tingle in my crotch. I conjectured that Kristen had hit the “Pleasure” button on the way down the hall.

    “Dude. I take back what I said last night. She’s ALL yours!” said Tom.

    End Part 5

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