Frenulum piercing advice with new printed cages (Evotion)

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by tallandrespectful, Jun 22, 2019.

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    OK. I really want to get a frenulum piercing with one of the Evotion devices like the Bijou because I fly frequently. I know a Prince Albert piercing is the standard but my wife is not there yet. I looked into a frenulum piercing years ago and came to the conclusion that the devices at the time were too heavy or not well-enough designed to support frenulum-only anchored devices. I've heard the Evotion Bijou is ultra-lite weight, and there are handful of chastity mansion members who have one with frenulum piercings. How is this setup working?

    Any advice on exact location of the piercing? Gage piercing? Sizing advice? Have you had edema or other skin issues wearing this device long-term? How do night erections feel? Had any issues with this setup at airports? Since the head is exposed on the Bijou are orgasms pleasurable? Anyone with both the Orion and Bijou have a favorite? Other devices that work with this piercing?
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