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Four months today

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Sissy maid doris, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Today is my four month anniversary of lock up. I honestly thought Mistress J would weaken and let me out but she has only become stronger. I've been told that there is absolutely no chance of release until my 60th birthday in just over 9 years time and after four months in I totally believe her resolve. It's quite scary but I just take one day at a time. My life has changed massively in seven months, mostly for the better but I have been surprised at the change in my wife. Our latest purchase has been a cage which I have spent a couple of long nights in, so just be careful what you wish for
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  2. @Sissy maid doris@Sissy maid doris please has your Mistress milked you or have you not been had nothing for all the 4 month.
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  3. If your KH is taking good care of you as @jemima@jemima implies, I am sure you are going to enjoy your new place in life. Congrats on the 4 months. It sounds like just the beginning, but Miss have the ability to change their mind and do sometimes, at any time, usually when you least expect it. :rolleyes:
  4. I take it one day at a time. I have been locked up over 4 years but, I do get teased once or twice a month and have been getting orgams periodically. However, over the 4 years I have gotten less and less orgasms and we are now on an orgasm every 6 months schedule. I think that is where it will stay moving forward, perhaps more frequently or maybe even once a year. We try things to make chastity fresh each year so if something ceases to make it fun for both of us, we get rid of it and find something else. She is not my Mistress nor am I her sub. We are both playing a sex game with rewards if I am a good chastity boy. However, those rewards are within my grasp and not on the moon. :)

    You did not say if you will get orgasms or even sex to tease you. Nine years of no orgasm is rare in real life because it effectively removes any control that the reward of an orgasm has over you. It is like kids wanting a big xmas gift. They only behave when xmas is near. If you are talking a more realistic and achievable goal of 9 years of lock up, that is not difficult. I will remain locked up until medically not able to be so. I have no problem being locked up. I am very used to it and actually prefer it to not being locked. It is as easy as wearing my wedding band and you will get used to it too. No orgams for 9 year sounds arousing and exciting, but will not be so after 6 months or a year. As a fellow BDSM player, I know that no one can legally dominate us without our consent, so I never pretend that I am forced into anything. If my Mistress does something to me it is because I allow her to. Otherwise it would be a criminal assault, even sexual assault by the Mistress. Plus I could physically overpower any of my Mistresses if I wanted to, so no one has ever done something against my will. :)

    Enjoy chastity. I do. I love being locked up and kept aroused for months at a time. Having the occasional orgasm reminds me of what I will be missing for the next period of denial. If I did not have an orgasm to look forward to in the near future, my wife would lose the only control she has over me. Have fun.
  5. I get milked once or twice a month depending on my behaviour, but I am not allowed out of my jailbird to orgasm fully. Mistress milks me to keep my prostate healthy. I know that there are lots of fantasists on here but this is honestly my life now. I have posted pics of my tattoo on here and other than that it's quite difficult to prove that one is genuine. Since becoming a cuckold in December my life has changed beyond recognition. I have attached a pic of my collar and dog tag that Mistress bough for me with my cuckolding date on. Being caged is a truly humbling experience and Mistress has said that she wants to use it a lot more in my training, with overnight stays outside during the summer. The longest I've been in is 12 hours but that will be extended to 48 and possibly longer when we can put the cage outside

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  6. my wife / KH was reluctant when I brought the idea of chastity at first. but once it arrived and I started locking she quickly saw the change. I asked her how long she thought I should be caged. I threw out a few hypothetical like a month, 2 months etc. she sternly said a year... ugh yikes. but I will oblige Take it from geezer you have to be let out completely from time to time. she can set the schedule and supervise. i'm out less than an hour a day. We made a contract and are sticking with it. I'm never allowed to leave the house without locking up. even to the gas station for 5 minutes.

    anyway, as time will go on you or any other normal man would want to not have normal PIV orgasms etc. give this some thought
  7. Cool post, thanks for sharing. How would you say that your life has changed, and what are the changes in your wife? What parts surprised you most?

  8. Congrats. I've only managed one month and that was intense, so I admire anyone that can do more than that. I look forward to hearing about to your road to a year or more. Good luck and please keep us posted on your journey.
  9. My wife had let me dress as a maid every month or so to do the house work and would put me in chastity for a night or 2, we had fun with it but I knew she was just keeping me happy and I was grateful to have such an understanding partner. That totally changed when she met a guy at work who started showing her attention. Once I became a cuckold she could clearly see the power she had over me. I now sleep in the spare room, if we stay in a hotel I sleep on the floor. She has had four lovers since December and is advertising on Craigslist for more. I now do all the hours work dressed every week, including washing and ironing, my wife hasn't done any since February. I get caned every Saturday and sleep at least one night a week in my dog cage, but more than anything else it's her attitude towards me that has blown me away. I'm honestly treated like a slave/ house maid and my opinion no longer count for much she has told me that she wants to destroy what I once was and has plans for my future. I beg at her feet for reassurance that she will keep me on, she always assures me she will but only if I comply with her commands
  10. oooh. :(

    i was put in a dog cage for a bit and it don't half make your legs ache a lot.