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Formula for increasing obedience

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Dogchasecats, Nov 1, 2017.


Do you think this will work

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  1. One thing which supposedly makes sexual adherence better is prolonged penetration.
    If he remains inside her after orgasm for a while, he will become more bonded to her.

    I forget the reasoning behind it, you'd have to google, and get lucky, but since we're talking chastity and then release? Why not.
    Introduce him to chastity, make sex a regular once-a-week intimacy, and keep him inside you when you're intimate. I'd suggest pursuing Tantric sex as the reasoning behind it, as she can cum as many times as she wants, but he is supposed to abstain from orgasm. Then, if he comes or not, you're increasing the duration, and the energies will merge (I'm going new-agey here, but it seems appropriate as a description.)

    Also, as a romantic & intimate thing - one of the best experiences with a past girlfriend, I sat down, she sat on my lap facing me, and we inserted me inside her, and then just moved enough to keep us both "interested". I think it lasted about an hour, sharing breath, energy, love... It was awesome...

  2. I'm definitely in the "submissive TENDENCIES" but wants to be manipulated" crowd. So I get it. I think a lot of guys are wishing that their wives would withhold orgasms from them, tease them, and start demanding foot rubs and being bossy. Any form of psychological manipulation to me is super hot. (so you can see its something I want for me, not because I am "submissive" per se)
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  3. Am I really that different from other subs? I honestly don’t think I am. In fact, I have many shortcomings. I am 100% man when it comes to housework, I am lousy at paying bills on time, etc. These mundane things are where I thrive in a FLR b/c I compliment my partner & She me. I’m the artist/silversmith who is also a nerd; I really (&stereotypically) need strong leadership to thrive & I revel in it.

    But I don’t feel like I’m unusual at all, although, truth be told, I hear that a lot from various ladies. This always has puzzled me. If a man isn’t submissive...why would he put up with all this? No one has to work this hard to get laid in 2017. All I can really say is that I have always felt called to be of service since I was a young man- it’s only the last 5 yrs or so I realized that I’m a complete sexual submissive. (I was an MP in the Army for 8 years; being aggressive & alpha is easy & I have the scars on my fists to prove it; but my favorite part of the job was always interacting w/dependents & helping other soldiers out, rather than being a hardass looking for ways to jack them up.)

    In any event...to whatever degree you need to change your husband’s patterns, may I suggest “Control Theory” by Charles Glasser? I spent 11years in my previous career working in psychiatric hospitals & residential treatment facilities & I have never encountered a better book that explains why people behave the way they do & how to motivate them to behave more appropriately*. It’s short, easy to read & implement, & I can’t recommend it enough.

    I have used it to change hundreds of lives in my previous career & I actually use its principles today as a parent AND to keep myself in line.


    For various values of “appropriate” of course! ;)
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  4. In the movie she says something when Corbin tries to kiss her, when Corbin asks the priest to translate it turns out it means “never without permission”
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  5. Nothing makes me feel more bonded than being inside her for a long time and then ensuring that she has an orgasm and I don't. But there is definitely something to the Tantra / Karezza about actually penetrating without male completion (semen retention) that creates feelings of pure love and desire. Simply abstaining or being teased is not the same for me. JMO.
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