Foray with my wife

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    There are two chapters by the author posted on reddit. Author is u/wishfulslave

    First foray with my wife

    As they say, it never turns out quite the way you imagined.

    I can't remember when I first caught the chastity bug. I'd been intrigued by femdom fantasies since puberty, but the allure of chastity, the ultimate power play, had developed later. It dominated my fantasies for years. Eventually, when the wife and family were on a trip, I ordered a device. Nothing special, just something exciting to try. It was fun to play with, but I could never figure out how to tell my wife about this interest. And the whole point is to give over control.....

    Eventually something had to break. I mustered all the courage I could, and told my wife I wanted to talk about our sex life. In a sense it was addressing an elephant in the room--since having kids, the spark was mostly gone. Sex had become an uncommon random occurrence and neither of us were very happy with the state of affairs, but it was something we put up with. I couldn't bear it anymore.

    I told her that I wanted more--that I felt like sex could be creative, fun, and exciting if we made it an activity rather than just hope for it to happen. Planning for a little private time together could give us the chance to get mentally warmed up and get all distractions taken care of. And the best part was that we could then have some time to explore some fantasies or kinks together.

    I had her until the last part. "Kinks, Fantasies?" she asked. "I am not into all that, I just like regular, normal stuff." she declared. It was hard to tell if she was being honest with me, or even with herself. My brain was riddled with kinky fantasies, how could she not have any?

    I gave up and said we'd talk about it later. Of course I was completely deflated--I'd come so close but now I was sure she would think my fantasy was disgusting.

    Months passed. Everything changed when we got the hot tub.

    It was a gift for her, and we enjoyed being in the hot tub on winter nights under the stars. We even had a few intimate encounters, mostly with her getting off from a pulsating jet while I played with her wonderful nipples. In my head I was serving her and helping her get pleasure without regard to my needs, but if she felt any of the same dynamic, she never indicated it to me.

    I decided the intimate setting of the hot tub, with us floating naked, alone, in the dark was a good time to try the sex conversation again. But this time I had a different approach. After a few glasses of red wine one night, I suggested we play truth or dare. Of course she initially dismissed it as dumb, but eventually I convinced her.

    "You go first," I said. "Truth or dare?" she asked. "Dare" "I dare you to go roll in the snow" she said. Predictable, of course. I got out, climbed down the stairs and contemplated the snow, steam rising from my wet skin. "Go on," she said. She was getting into it. Standing naked before her, with her telling me to do something that was going to be a delicious mix of humiliating and slightly painful, I quickly became erect. "Do it!" she commanded.

    I dropped and rolled in the snow, her laughing at me the whole time. I quickly got up and made for the hot tub, eager to warm back up. She giggled as I got in. "OK," I said, "Your turn."
    "Truth," she declared. "OK, tell me a sexual fantasy you have." I clumsily went right for the goal. "Ughh," she said. "I told you, I am not really into fantasy stuff."

    I was frustrated and a little disappointed by this answer. "There must be something that you think about that turns you on, right?" I pleaded. "Not really like that," she replied. "I mean, I like the idea of getting flowers and some nice romantic music." This was not going how I wanted it to. She could sense my frustration and thankfully she gave me an opening.
    "Truth or dare?" she asked me. "Truth" I said. "OK, what is a fantasy or kink that you want to try out?" she asked.

    This was it, the moment of truth. I had to admit it, but I was so nervous.

    "Uhh..." was all I could get out. "Come on, spit it out" she said.
    "I'm embarrassed," I said. "I'm worried that you will think it's weird." "Try me." "OK, I fantasize about wearing a chastity device that you have the key to. Like maybe over a weekend you would demand that I serve you and please you and then if I do a good job you'd let me out." There I'd said it out loud. Finally. After years of wanting to tell her.

    She was dead silent. Then she said, "that's sick, I don't want to do that."

    We sat in the hot tub in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I got out and sulked off to bed. She went to sleep later without a word to me about my weird kinky fetish.

    Later that week I got a curious text from her. "Been thinking about the other night. Do you have one of those things?"

    I wasn't sure if she would be upset that I had one that she didn't know about, but I was too eager to worry about that now. "Yes" I texted back.

    "Friday night, we are going on a date. Wear it."

    I couldn't believe what I had just read. I looked at it again. Yup, she had just told me to wear a chastity device!

    Friday came and I was showered, shaved, well-dressed, and locked tight, ready to go. My wife came downstairs looking fashionable and alluring. Her generous cleavage drew my attention immediately, but her confidence and smile were what really got my juices flowing.

    We had an elegant dinner with two bottles of wine. While waiting for the ride home, she pulled me into a side alley. "I want to see it," she said, ever so slightly slurring her words.

    I looked around briefly to see if the coast was clear, then I quickly unzipped my fly and pulled down my pants and boxers enough so that she could see. "Oooh," she said in surprise. "It looks tight."

    "It is," I said. "Tight enough that I can't get out without unlocking it."

    "Give me the key" she said as she held out her hand. She was leaning slightly towards one side, with her hip curving out and her cleavage slightly more revealing than at dinner somehow. With trembling hand, I gave it to her. She quickly popped it in her pocket and said, "Uber's here!" and ran to the waiting car. I had no choice but to follow.

    We got home to an empty house, the kids all away for the evening. "Pour me a glass of wine and meet me in the hot tub," she said nonchalantly as she put on her robe and went outside. I eagerly raced to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine. Then I hurried to the hallway, ready to go outside to join her. I briefly contemplated what I was about to do--present myself naked and locked up to my wife, now keyholder, for the first time. I was excited, nervous, and as horny as I ever have been.

    I popped into the tub quickly, still a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. She waved me over to her and we started kissing. She was more into it than normal, and I sensed she was trying to get me aroused. It was working.

    "Why does this turn you on so much?" She asked. "I like the idea of being locked up and focusing on your pleasure first." I replied. "And I like the idea that the longer you keep me locked up, the hornier I will be, and the hornier I am the more I will be willing to do whatever you wish." "Interesting, like what kinds of things that I wish?" She asked. She flicked the chastity cage with a finger. "Well like giving you oral sex. Or a massage. Or doing something embarrassing or kinky for you."

    "Hmmmm..." she replied. "OK, I'll take some oral sex then." She lifted up one of her feet to the side of the hot tub, revealing her glorious bush. I quickly moved in, positioning myself low in the water between her legs. She put both her knees over my shoulders and lay back with her head on the corner pillow and her arms draped over the sides of the tub. I supported her with my hands and went to work with my tongue. In a short while she was moaning, and then she bucked and squirmed and then sighed, dropping her knees from my shoulders and settling into the corner seat. "That was nice," she said. "It's my pleasure to serve you." I answered. Little did I know that this was a phrase she took to heart.

    She got out of the hot tub and got in bed, leaving me to close up the tub and turn off the lights and lock the doors. By the time I got upstairs, she appeared to be asleep, so I gently got under the covers and eventually fell asleep as my penis struggled to escape its prison.

    In the morning I awoke bright and early, desperate to pee. After sitting down to pee, and taking a lot long than usual to complete the task due to the chastity cage, I returned to the bedroom.

    My wife was awake, sitting up with her legs spread apart unabashedly. "Would you like to lick my pussy?" she asked.

    "Yes please," I said. "I'd like nothing more." She motioned for me to move in. I eagerly lapped at her divine pussy, feeling my tight cage, with a mix of desperate desire and excitement going through my head. Once again, she climaxed spectacularly.

    "Why don't you go make us some breakfast," she suggested. "Well I was hoping that maybe you could unlock this for some fun at some point." I ventured. "Oh," she said. "I was sure that you said that nothing would make you happier than licking my pussy, and that it was you pleasure to serve me."

    "Well, yes, that's true!" I pleaded. "That's what I like about the chastity device, I get to serve you and focus on your pleasure. It's just that I was hoping at some point that you would release me so I could get a turn."

    "Sure," she said, bringing my hopes up quickly. "But I'm quite satisfied from that little number you just did on me with your tongue, so let's wait for later when I am in the mood again."

    I was starting to get impatient with the cage, and couldn't stop thinking about when I might be released. I didn't ask her, but she must have sensed my desire and frustration throughout the day. She wanted to work on the garden and I was quick to volunteer to help her haul heavy bags of dirt, dig holes, and whatever else she needed.

    After working in the garden all day it was time to clean up for dinner. She went first and was in the bedroom mostly dressed when I got out of the shower. She was wearing a skirt, tall leather boots, and a tight fitting sweater that accentuated her powerful bust. I was overcome with passion. I dropped my towel and dropped to my knees in front of her.

    "You are so beautiful and I am so turned on by you right now. Do you think that maybe you could please, please let me out of this cage?"

    She sat down in the chair next to the bed, immediately in front of me on my knees. Her legs parted slightly and I noticed that she wasn't wearing panties under her skirt.

    "I have a question for you," she said. "But I want you to understand something first. I've been thinking that since the point of this chastity cage is for you to focus on my pleasure, if that part is working, you should be fine. I mean, why would I need your little dick out of the cage if you're pleasing me with your tongue? And why would you need to be out of the cage if you are making me happy with it on--you said that was the most important thing for you."

    I was spinning. She had just said I had a little dick. And she was starting to sound like she liked the control she had over me. And she didn't seem like she was going to unlock me.

    "So," she started. She parted her legs a bit more and pulled her skirt up slightly. I could smell her pussy now, and see that it was gleaming with wetness. "Would you like to lick my pussy?" She asked.

    I knew that doing so was the same as saying "please don't unlock me," that much she had just made clear. But was there another way out of this situation? I couldn't very well say "no thanks". Plus, I really, really, really wanted to lick her pussy. What was wrong with me?

    "I'd like nothing more in the whole world." I answered. And I did very much enjoy eating her pussy. She ground into my face, grabbing my hair and grunting as she pressed me deeper into her crotch. When she came, she said "good job, I like having you locked up for me." She briefly showed me the key and winked as she tucked it back away on a necklace under her sweater.

    Over the next few days, the following scene played out multiple times. My wife would flirt with me, even occasionally touching or prodding my poor locked penis. Then she would summon me to our bedroom or the basement or even the bathroom. She had taken to wearing skirts, and she'd lift it up and ask, "want to lick my pussy?" I always said yes and eagerly went to work, finishing with a dripping wet face. She would dismiss me each time with a curt little, "thank you" or just a tap on my cage.

    It had been 5 days since that first fateful date night. I'd never been locked up that long before, only maybe 24 hours when I'd played by myself in secret. I was eager for release and also so turned on by every aspect of my wife that I could hardly stop touching her.

    As we were getting into bed, I asked her, "Would you like me to lick your pussy, sweetie?"
    "Nah," she answered. "I'm getting a little bored of having my pussy licked. I'd like you to take me from behind. Here, it's your lucky day." she said as she tossed me the key to the chastity device. I was in shock, but certainly not about to miss this opportunity. I quickly undid the lock and removed the device. I was instantly erect. "Oooh your little dick looks so excited to be free!" she exclaimed. Apparently now that was its name. She got on the bed on all fours and said, "Come take me from behind." I moved behind her, and guided my pulsating cock into her. The warmth, the wetness, the freedom, it was all too much and I exploded almost instantly. I maybe got two pumps in. "Oh my God," she exclaimed. "Did you just cum? That fast?"

    "Yes, I am sorry" I offered. I was relieved but also ashamed. It had felt so good to climax, but it sure was over in a hurry and now that fleeting moment of ecstacy was quickly turning into embarrassment and regret as my wife flipped over in bed beneath me. "Put that thing back on." she said, looking at me with a mixture of disappointment and disgust. She waited while I reassembled the cage and turned the lock, placing the key in her outstretched hand. "Well now we know that you aren't capable of giving me pleasure with that little thing, don't we? You didn't even last 10 seconds!" She spread her legs apart and pointed to her now creampied pussy. "You're just going to have to lick it again."

    I hesitated. I had never done this before, although I had fantasized about it many times. But this was the real thing, and in my post orgasm state, the idea of licking my wife's pussy when it was covered in my jizz was difficult to embrace. She pulled the key out and swung it in front of my face. "If you ever want to get out again, I suggest you do what you keep telling me you want to do, put my pleasure above yours."

    I crawled up the bed and got close enough to be able to lick her pussy. I could smell my cum mixing with her natural juices, but I started licking her clit first, avoiding the copious amounts of my cum, saved up for 5 days, leaking from her pussy. She grabbed my head and guided my mouth down to her leaking vagina--"Suck it out, slave" she said.

    I was instantly turned on again. Between being called a "slave" and being forced to lick my spunk from her juicy pussy I was in heaven. I licked eagerly, even as she flipped me on my back and straddled my face with her legs on either side. She pushed all my cum out of her and was smearing it all over my face as she gyrated around with most of her weight pinning my head to the mattress. She came with a thunderous roar and slumped back to the bed.

    "Well," she concluded, "I don't think I am going to unlock you anytime soon to let you try to stick your little dicklet in me, that's for sure."

    I wasn't sure what that meant for my future orgasms, but it didn't sound good.

    (to be continued)

    Second Foray with my Wife

    I was locked back up, and after my poor performance my wife was not going to be unlocking my "dicklet" again for her pleasure. At least not for thrusting into her eager..... best not to think about it I guess.

    After my two pump chump night, my wife became completely asexual for several days. She didn't acknowledge what had happened or the fact that I was locked in a chastity device for which she held the only keys. As usual I would make dinner and clean up. She would go upstairs to bed without a word. When I came upstairs to bed she was always asleep, or at least pretending to be. At first I was too embarrassed to say anything, waiting for her to address the elephant in the room. After two days I switched from being embarrassed to bewildered. Was she ever going to unlock me again? Was she even going to tease me? Would I even be allowed to lick her pussy anymore?

    More and more I began to dwell on that last question--would I be allowed the pleasure of licking her pussy again? I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. I began to lust for it, even the thought of being allowed to smell it. Maybe only briefly. Maybe if I begged, she would let me have a little sniff of her glorious sex. I would be fine if she kept her panties on. Hell, even if she was wearing jeans I would want kneel down in front of her and have just one long sniff, if she would allow it.

    But could I even ask the question? It had been four days of the sexual silent treatment. Normally that wouldn't be that long for us not to be intimate, but given the previous week's escapades and my plastic penis prison, it felt like an eternity. I had to do something.

    That night, when she went upstairs to bed, I stopped doing the dishes and followed her upstairs. When I came into the bedroom she looked a bit annoyed and surprised. "What are you doing up here? You can't have finished up cleaning in the kitchen"

    "Uh, I came to see if there was anything you wanted....." What a dumb thing to say. But too late, I already blurted it out. I tried to redeem myself, "Like a glass of water or maybe a foot massage?" That was better, I thought to myself.

    "Hmmmmm," she said as she turned something over in her head. "Well, I suppose it's time we talk about the other night. I would like a nice glass of ice water and a foot massage as well. Go fetch the water and some lotion. Oh, and when you come back I want you naked and on your knees, slave."

    I raced downstairs for her water. I was thrilled that I was out of the penalty box, but also a bit scared because I had no idea where this game was going. Talking about the other night could be a long and painful process if she wanted to make it be. I found her favorite glass, made sure it was crystal clear, filled it with ice and water, wiped off the bottom with a towel, and raced back upstairs. I was going to bring her the water first, but then thought better of it. I ducked into the bathroom, stripped naked (except for my chastity device), grabbed the lotion, and approached the closed bedroom door.

    I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" She called playfully.

    "It's me," I answered back in a similarly playful manner.

    "Well!" she exclaimed. "I am sure you can identify yourself more specifically. It is quite rude to knock on a door, unannouced, and then not identify yourself. Tell me who you are. Actually, tell me who you are to me. Try again."

    Her extended silence finally clued me in, and I knocked again. "Who is it?" she called, slighly less playfully this time.

    "It's...." I started. The silence became awkward as I racked by brain thinking of what to say. Finally it occurred to me. "It's your chastity slave, my love."

    "Of course it is!" she said. "You may enter."

    I began to open the door and then remembered that I was supposed to be on my knees. I smoothly opened the door and sank to my knees in one motion. I shuffled my way to her and handed her the water. She took a sip, thanked me, and then stuck her feet out.

    "Massage time!" she said as she wiggled her toes at me. I knelt in front of her and worked on one foot and then the other. At some point while I was on the first foot, she started lightly tapping my cage with her other foot. It was enough to remind me that I was locked up, and that she could do with me what she wanted.

    "About the other night," she started.

    "I'm so sorry," I interrupted. "It's just that in this state, I am on a hair trigger basically all the time!"

    "Excuse me," she said. "I don't like being interrupted. Don't do that again. I know you are desperate to cum and so worked up with anticipation that you are putty in my hands. Frankly I like it that way. The other night we learned that you can't both be on constant edge, eager to please me, and be a competent stud who fucks me hard and long like I want."

    Woah. This was language I hadn't ever heard from her before. It was really turning me on.

    "So I came up with a solution. Go get that package from the kitchen counter." I gently placed her foot down and scurried to get the package. I had seen it before but not given it a second thought. I brought it back upstairs to her.

    "Open it," she commanded. I ripped it open and found three smaller boxes inside, two dildos (one a bit larger than my erect member and one a bit skinnier but quite long) and a strap-on harness.

    "See," she said. "You just put that on and then you can pump and pump until I am good and satisfied. And there's no icky mess in me and I don't have to worry about your tiny little stamina. Plus, it's bigger than yours. Put on the harness with the big dildo and come over here."

    She got on all fours and put her head down on the pillow, ass in the air. I positioned myself behind her and guided the dildo tip to her labia. "Fuck me, fuck me hard," she demanded.

    I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my fake cock. She moaned with pleasure. I began rhythmically pumping the strap-on into her, keeping a firm grip on her hips.

    "Mmmmm," she groaned. "Faster slave, give it to me good. That's it. Faster now. Faster.... faster..... faster...... Ooooohhhhh, uggghhh, YES!" she exclaimed as she climaxed.

    I was thrilled that I was able to give her such a wonderful orgasm, but also incredibly frustrated. The whole time I was thrusting into her with the harness, my locked dicklet was clinking around. It had been four or five days, I couldn't remember, since I had last felt the freedom of release and been allowed to cum.

    She was laying in the bed, very content and looking sleepy. I cuddled next to her and stroked her hair.

    "Was that good for you?" I ventured.

    "You might just make a good lover yet," she answered.

    "Would you like me to lick your pussy?" I asked.

    "Hmm. Maybe if you beg me," she replied.

    "May I please lick your pussy Goddess?" I asked. "Please, please, please may I lick your pussy. Even maybe just a little taste. Nothing would make me happier."

    "I don't think so," she said curtly. "Give me that harness though."

    I wasn't sure what she had in mind but obediently removed the dildo harness and gave it to her. I sat at the foot of the bed while she spread her legs, revealing her freshly fucked pussy to me. She took the dildo and slowly inserted it in her pussy. She slid it in and out gently a few times. Then she lifted her legs and slid the harness on herself.

    "You want a taste? Here's a taste of my pussy, right here. Suck this big cock to taste my pussy, slave." Overwhelmed with desire, I eagerly dove into her crotch and wrapped my lips around the dildo. I could taste her juices as she grabbed my head and controlled my pace on her cock.

    After a minute or two she pushed me away. "Good job, slave" she said. "Would you like a reward?"

    "Oh yes please Goddess," I responded. I wasn't sure what the reward would be, but I really hoped it was an orgasm for me. I knew better than to ask.

    "Well, since you did a good job pleasing me, I will give you a release. Put your hands behind your back, and your feet together for me."

    I did as she commanded and was quickly handcuffed and had my ankles tied together. She dragged me, hopping, to the wall. She made me get down on the floor, and then said, "I am about to introduce you to the only way you will be allowed to cum from now on. I want you to position your head on the floor, your back on this wall, and your legs over your head with your little dicklet pointed at your face."

    Once again, I did as she commanded, with some difficulty due to my bonds. She produced the key and unlocked the device from my cock. I was instantly erect. She put on a glove and a dollop of lotion and lightly grabbed my shaft. She started to slowly stroke it up and down. "After you ate your cum from my pussy the other night, I realized that I want you to eat ALL of your cum from now on. It was so hot to watch you gobble down your own jizz. Besides, slaves need to know their place."

    My body started to tremble, both from excitement and the fatigue of lying with my legs over my head. "Ohh, are you excited?" She asked. "Maybe you can cum in two pumps like last time?"

    All I could do was moan. "Your reward, if you haven't guessed already, slave, is to shoot your load directly into your mouth. Are you ready? I will give you ten warm up strokes, and then two long nice, tight-gripped strokes to cum. You must cum on that last stroke, when I say. Not a moment before or after. And I am going to aim directly for your mouth, which I want wide open for me. Now beg for your reward slave. Beg me to cum in your own mouth."

    I was so turned on I could hardly think. We were in new territory here and I loved it! "Please, Goddess, please may I cum in my mouth. I want to be your cum slut so badly."

    "Okay slave, here goes." She started stroking me slowly and deliberately, making sure to keep my dick pointed right at my face. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6," She was taking her time, using long, slow strokes. I was already struggling not to cum before she gave me permission.

    She stopped at 5. I let out a desperate cry. "Are you sure you want to eat your cum, slave?" She taunted.

    "Oh yes, please Goddess. Please let me cum in my mouth! I want to be a good cum slut for you Goddess."

    "Alright then slave." She kept stroking, more slowly now than before. "4...... 3........ 2.......... 1--now hold on slave. Remember, we are trying to repeat your two pump performance. Don't cum yet, not until I give you permission." She paused for 30 seconds, which felt like an eternity, and then started stroking again, but agonizingly slowly.

    "One.......... Two............ CUM! Cum now in your face, into your open mouth cum slut!

    I nearly blacked out from the excitement of my orgasm. I shot gobs and gobs of cum, which she expertly aimed into my wide open mouth. "That's it, swallow it all down cum slut," she said.

    "From now on that's the only way you'll be cumming, into your own mouth. It turned me on seeing you eat your load from my pussy last week, but since you obviously aren't going to be fucking me with your little dicklet there, we won't be repeating that one. But for sure from now on, whatever orgasms I permit you are going directly into your mouth, understand slave?"

    "Yes Goddess," I responded. She commanded me to lock my cock again, and then allowed me to sleep in bed next to her, although it felt a little different than usual. My mind was racing. I was deeper in her control, and I loved it.

    My last thought before I feel asleep was of the other dildo. "What does she intend to do with that one?" I wondered.
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    A great story! Thanks for posting!
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