First time in the fort

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews' started by steph17, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Just got the fort chastity device on Friday morning and it was locked on before noon and was left on over night and when I awoke on Saturday at 4am I was thinking this thing is to tight on my balls,So I got to checking the rings in the box to move up one size and discoverd that instead of starting with the middle size ring I had mistakenly used 2nd smallest ring so as I have been left with the key until I get the size and comfort right I changed to the middle size and refitted it. I have now worn the device over night on Saturday night and was was woken on Sunday at 4am with an erection other than that I have no real discomfort so it will not be long until I hand the key to my kh/wife for safe keeping. As it (the fort) is being used along with the PA cable it does seem quite secure. So it should not be to long until my KH has control of my cock. If any other issuse arise I will post them.
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