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First Time Elmalocked

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by astrobrixx, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just got my first chastity device, a silicone CB6000s. I have it locked onto me with the smallest spacer in the bag, I'd been told its pretty easy to get out of but it surely does not seems like it to me right now. I have already been locked since a day. My personal best in chastity has only been 3 days, It may seem like a joke but I am a 22 year old guy who is used to masturbating 3 time a day. I hope to stop that entirely with help from the community.


    Please add or remove time from my lock duration using the link below. Any advice or suggestions are welcome too!
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  2. Welcome,

    and thanks for the link, but I' did not select any option, I believe chastity is best enjoyed with someone you truly love.

    But hey, don't let his remark bother you, I'm just a 53 y old romantic, lucky to be able to share my chastity with my wife.:)

    Good luck in your journey, give it time and afte a while you won't be able to go without chastity anymore, you'll feel awkwardly nude without the cage.. well in my case it is like that. ;)
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  3. I went roulette. Please click my links as well! They are on my profile page here and on Emlalock.com
  4. When I started this thing I really had no clue what this community is really capable of, I started the session with a manageable 4 days of chastity and within 3 hours of posting this I went up to my max set limit of 7 days with all the votes adding to my time and none of them subtracting time. You people really like secured cocks. So update on day 6, I'm far more hornier than I've ever been, my balls are probably twice the size as to when I started, anything and everything makes me try to have a boner and erections feel like my penis will probably tear through the cage or destroy itself trying to do so. Thanks people!
  5. I am having... Similar experiences. Only i can see that a few did sub. A very few! Last time i did the math i was on day 5 of 28... I dont want to try counting again, i may lose my nerve!
  6. I would like the risk of letting some of you locked guys influence my lock time but I'm afraid that Ms K/H wouldn't like you letting me out that soon.
  7. Let me assure you, a time reduction is almost never going to happen. We're surrounded by sadistic people.
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  8. I'm not sure just how much time can be added quickly by one person on Emlalock.com, but Ms K/H added another month for a whim. She told me with a smile that she did indeed remember that the 19th was my first month and considered releasing me for a day or so but decided "at least a month" more.
    That was my point. You friendly people would add a day or two each. She's likely to add a month or six. She did keep me locked and free of those nasty orgasms for a year once so far. I'm afraid she'll do it for more.
  9. lol