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First Time Cuckold

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by GripOfChaos, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. We had our third date yesterday with her, now no longer potential, lover with whom she now cuckolded me the first time. First, we meet him in a restaurant for a meal and a drink to calm the nerves. Then we went to a swinger club nearby where I had reserved a separee. Since her lover had never been to the club, we were given the tour so he would also get to know the premises. Before we moved to the Separee, we were drinking a cocktail in the main room. There were already first approaches between my mistress and her lover. Their hands wandered over the body of the other and stroked between the legs. After we had finished our drinks we ordered another round of cocktails and went to the Separee to have a little more privacy and so I could also film what happened. As soon as they reached the room, their hands and mouths were on the other. His hand wandered under her skirt and she massaged him through his pants. It didn’t take a minute before her panties were pulled down and his fingers disappeared into her. Her moans were surly heard through the entire place as he fingered her, showering her neck with kisses, and unpacked her breasts to lick her nipples and nibble them.

    She has certainly come 3 times while he spoiled her with her hands and licked her pussy. Her hand disappeared in his pants and pulled his cock slowly tugging on it. The upper part with a wonderful bulging Head stood out from his underpants. After her next orgasm, she sat down on his lap and moved her pelvis and her wet pussy over his cock, still packed into his underpants. After a few minutes, she said “The rest we shall save for later” and rose from his lap. We ordered another drink and then disappeared into a closable room.

    The room had a bed with double mattress, white varnishes and clean towels prepared. Disinfectants, paper towels and a fan were also available. On the ceiling and side walls were mirrors. My mistress immediately threw herself on the bed and pulled out of her top. We men also undressed down to our undershorts. I grabbed the camcorder and he fell on the half-naked form of my mistress. They immediately were going at each other like horny teens. Kissing, grasping, everything was loaded with insane sexual energy. Soon his underpants and her skirt disappeared. She was soaking wet and his cock throbbing hard in her hand. They kissed and spoiled themselves with their hands until my mistress said "condom now”. After a short break to put on the condom I was allowed to see the how another cock, which was a lot bigger than mine, penetrated her for the first time and made her moan loud. After a few slow strokes her lover fucked her like a machine, she moaned continuously getting louder and louder as he pounded her fast. She certainly had 5 orgasms purely through his cock and his hands kneading her breasts. I filmed her from all sorts of positions until he came with loud moans. She rolled off him with a satisfied look on her face. I immediately put the camcorder aside and rushed between her legs to get my mouth on her pussy. While I licked her to 2 more orgasms and fingered her, her lover got rid of the filled condom and put a new one over his still hard cock (we were both surprised that he could go immediately again). He kissed her and licked her breasts while I still satisfied her orally. For the second round, he urged her into the missionary position and fucked her so hard to the next orgasms. They changed into the Doggy position and cowgirl before my mistress could no longer go as she was to exhausted. All three of us laid down on the bed, both of them fucked and gratified, me still hard and horny locked in the chastity cage. She had a satisfied grin on her face and her lover looked satisfied. I kissed my mistress and we stayed a little in the wind of the fan before we clothed and took another drink. Her lover ordered 2 taxis and she got a farewell kiss before we drove home.

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  2. Great! I read your story while removing my cage for my belt... I just wanted to edge, but I had to quickly put my belt on as it was too much for me to bare unlocked!
    Great pic!
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