first night outafter 30 days

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Becomingkinky, Aug 2, 2008.

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    MY KH released me last night for the sole purpose of her pleasure, after some oral stimulation she guided her dildo in. After a short while I was pulled out my KH sensed I was getting close to orgasm. More oral to keep her near orgasm and then once again she guided her dildo in.

    This time it remained untill she had orgamsed, she kept her dildo in for a short while afterwards and then removed it.

    All time time I was unlocked I was never allowed to touch her dildo.

    She cleaned her dildo shaved it and replaced it back into its cage. With no orgasm I spent the night still aroused, with my erection trying to grow.

    One new rule my KH has made, I'm no longer to wear male underwear, from today she has thrown it all away. From now on I have to wear her knickers, as she knows this turns me on.
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    Congrats. I know that when I wear panties (or knickers as you call them) I'm much more submissive than normal. I've only had the pleasure once of having a Domme who made me wear then every day. Hopefully, I'll be like you and get that pleasure again sometime soon.
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