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First night locked up all night.

Discussion in 'Cuckolding' started by Little dicky, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. My beautiful wife has for the first time insisted that I remain locked for the night all night!. I went to work this morning with my wife's saying " I want you locked up in work today and remain locked throughout the night " ringing in my ears when I left for work this morning!. Probably because I wanTed sex last night and I was awful. She could barely feel me and I lasted 3 minutes!. My punishment 1 full day and night of chastity
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  2. Shouldn't have cum before she was satisfied.....you really got to get with the program. It's all about the women.....its about their pleasure not yours. One night won't be too bad, why not take this opportunity to give her multiple orgasms....with your mouth.
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  3. Good Luck. This is one of the first Big Steps. After making it through your First Night it get easier. I use to wake up during the night because of nocturnal erections. Now I do t even notice that the cage is their. It's like your wedding ring after awhile it's part of you.
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