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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Guest 3743, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Hi there

    I thought I'd share my first experiences of being locked up. I'm self-locked at the moment but plan on gettting bolder and braver and handing my keys over to the right person in a couple of weeks.

    1) Fitting my device
    I've bought a Dominix Deluxe metal device. I chose it because I wanted something that looks a little medievel and this one is a metal cage. I was really pleased with the quality and weight when it arrived.

    Fitting it took a bit of time. I'm used to cock rings so found it easy enough to slip the hoop over my balls. The tricky bit was gettting my cock into the cage as I was quite aroused and it took a while to get myself under control and flaccid enough to fit. Once in though and with a bit of adjustment it was a very good fit.

    I really enjoyed the weight of it - not too heavy but enought weight to remind me that it's there. I was also very pleased with the look.

    What surprised me is that although I could get a little aroused in it my penis simply would not get hard. I thought I'd be bursting through the cage!

    2) First sexual experience
    With my manhood locked away I was left to bum play which is nothing new for me, but quite an experience without a functioning penis. I wasn't able to get off totally though which was hugely frustrating, but also quite a thrill really.

    3) Sex in chastity
    I'd managed to keep my device on overnight with no problems. On day 2 I took it off in the shower, but put it straight back on afterwards - it was so hard not to relieve myself, but I managed it!

    I'd arrange to meet a dom guy I'd met a couple of times before but hadn't told him I was in chastity and I left my key at home!

    I stripped for him and he was really pleased to see me in chastity - it clearly turned him on massively - and that turned me on! He gave my device a really good inspection and tried to pull me out of it - a bit painful, but nothing terrible and it wasn't moving!

    On to the sex - well as a sub it really added another dimension in that I felt really powerless and totally there to pleasure my partner. We had sex (me bottom of course) and I was really excited but totally flaccid the whole time. I felt totally used, which for me is a good thing! There was a bit of cum leakage on my part, but no more than a dribble.

    The really cool thing was how it all felt so unfinished for me. My partner was totally relieved but I felt totally ready to continue - very hot for me!
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    welcome, and good luck with your explorations of chastity
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