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Finaly a new strict keyholder

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by lasseug, May 15, 2017.

  1. Since friday I´m now in chastity with a lovely but strict keyholder. She is a little bit older than me and used to order. The first thing she did was to change the lock and keep all the keys, I don´t need a safety key she said, and thats true. She has also spanked me, and hard, several times during the weekend and it´s more to come. Maintenace spankings two times a week and punishment spankings when necesarry. Excactly the woman I wanted and have been looking for, hope it will stay for a long time.

    And I´m so happy!!!!
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  2. Congrats to you both! I personally feel a sealed tamper proof safety key is a must though, one never knows when a real emergency will arise.
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  3. Hope you have a long and safe journey.
  4. Well, safe it will be, for my dick thats it!
  5. My safety key is a bolt cutter. Simple and impossible to hide
  6. Congrats on finding what you've been looking for! You are a fortunate sub and i'm envious. Enjoy the journey!
  7. Thank you. Tomorrow we are going to buy me underwear and it wont be a mens store, After that a visit to a pornstore. Madame wants a new strap-on and some other toys including a new wip and some cuffs. I´m told to sleep in a nightgown from now on and somteimes with a plug, not a big one just so I feel it and knows who is in charge.
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  8. And underwear it was! 10 pairs of panties in different colors and big enough to keep my cage in place, 10 pairs of stockings, black and white, two garters black and white, five bras, two skirts and five blouses, thin so my bra will be visible. After that a new strap-on for my kh, a little bigger than I´m used to, some cuffs, a gag and two new plugs one with lock (quit expensive) and back to my place. Clothes of and a really hard spanking for me, tears and crying from me but I deserved it. Corner time with the new locked plug and it was big so just 30 minutes. And then long oral sex for her, she got at least five orgasms and she just loved to get licked in her ass. The next time I must lick her after she has been to the toilet, no problem I´m used to it but with her it will be the first time.

    I´m a happy chastityslave again!
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  9. My wife has threatened that last activity but never gone through with it!
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  10. It´s not as bad as you think. If she use the paper before it´s just like licking during sex. But if she don´t use paper then it´s more kinky and needs some training. I´m have had that training but you may call it hard dominans, to clean you keyholder/Madame/Master after toilet!
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  11. Having been a fetishist for 47 years, I would never let a woman who thinks I do not need an emergency key be my Key Holder. No experienced KH would do that if she had any concern about your wellbeing. I have had to use my emergency key a few times to relieve pain or before an emergency operation. Whenever I hear anyone say no emergency key, red flags go up since that is not safe and sane play as practiced by people who are into fetish play in real life. She can simply put a key in a small envelope, seal it and sign it so that if it was opened she would know it. Why would she not want to make sure you are safe? Something smells fishy.

    Having had to use an emergency key for a real emergency where time was of the essence, I would never accept a key holder as you described. It took two operations as a young man to learn that we do not even know what emergency can arise in the blink of an eye. Since then, I play safe and sane and have a way to stop whatever we are doing in an instant. If you are desperate enough to put your well being in the hands of someone who wants to be a KH in a fantasy kind of way, it is your life to do as you wish. Having had a few Mistresses in my life, I know that they were all concerned about my safety and would have it no other way. Stuff like this is very hard to believe since it is more in the realm of fantasy play and not something that an experienced Domme would do. If your KH cannot see the danger, she is not someone you want to entrust your penis to.

    Your life, your choice and I wish you good luck because you will need it. I know what it is like to be desperate for a real live woman to dominate me to the point that I let her do something that ended up needing surgery to fix. I am older and wiser now and have had two surgeries to remind me of the dangers of not playing safe and sane. Due to my previous experiences of being harmed by things I never even thought of before, I keep my fetish play grounded in the real world and only entrust my safety to someone who is as concerned about it as I am. Hope it works out for you.
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  12. I totaly get your point and I will have a talk with her. Thank you Vinny for wise words.
  13. So I guess that you are not locked up when you go out. A bolt cutter is hard to carry in your pocket. :) A way out is a way out no matter what is used. A key is just so much easier and safer. Emergency keys are not hidden. They would not be emergency keys if that were the case, since you cannot rely on 24/7 access to your KH to ask them where the key is. There are many ways to secure an emergency key that will show your KH that it has not been accessed. If you only have a part time KH, a photo can show that the emergency key has not been used. A bolt cutter, an emergency key, both do the same thing but one is portable. :)
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  14. I have a emergency key now, and it´s safe and can not be cheated with, no way. If I open and use i it, well my ass will look like roastbeef after so no cheating.
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  15. BF has a lot of different tools in his car and at his job and in his truck that he can use to get out if he has to. This is why there's no emergency key.

    BF has been working in the office at his job alot, lately, which has allowed me to impose longer chastity periods and keep the cage on. One time, though, he did suddenly have to go in the field to cover something, so he cut off the lock. He called me as soon as he could to tell me about it. I went and bought some extra locks before I went home, in case this happens again, so now I have emergency locks. If he's working in the office, he can wear a cage. If he's working in the field or the shop, he can't. He's pretty smart, so they've been using him more in the office for a while, now. I like it, too, because I when I lock him up, now he's really locked up.

    So he really does have an emergency "key", it's just not a key as you'd usually think of it. He can get out if he has to. Like the one above said, I'll know if he's gotten out.
  16. My wife is my key holder, and like I mentioned, i have small bolt cutter in my truck. No need for emergency key.
  17. I once was in a situation where I didn't have an emergency key. My key holder was an hour and a half away. The CB was rubbing me raw so I had to cut the lock. We act like it's a big deal, but the reality is a few seconds with a Drexel and the lock was history.

    It sucks having to cut a lock. But the reality is when you're in a situation where you're causing harm, a few dollar lock can be replaced. Permenant damage, infection, or such just isn't worth it.

    So yea bold cutters, cut off saws, etc can serve as that emergency key.
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  18. Looks as though you are at the start of something that may endure. Good luck with that.

    And plastic cages with tiny locks... an emergency is not really essential but it can provide peace of mind for some knowing one is available if necessary ...we're all different in that respect.