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finally serious, got a CB 6000s

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Ginanhanes, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. All,

    Finally got serious about chastity: now wearing a CB 6000s. Been wanting one for a long time.
    I find staying chaste enhances my feminine energy dramatically. Experimented with rings and spacers and so far so good. Tonight will be interesting wearing it. Happy! Oh that snick of the lock. Also wearing a small plug and thigh high nylons.

    Any advice for a new wearer is welcome please.
  2. I also am a new wearer. Put mine on last night. I am amazed how comfortable it is. I hope you enjoy your first day as much as I have.
  3. Turtle,
    Thanks for good wishes! I switched spacer pins out, and now it is wonderfully comfortable. I just LOVE looking down there, and seeing my sissy slitty all encased, and the lock through sheer panties. It is divine so far. One of my dreams: get my wife on board with chastity, and let her take me on the ride as she chooses. No more masturbation.
  4. Best to discuss things with your wife. If you go "da da, looked at my locked clitty", she might run a mile (she might run a mile just on you calling your penis a clitty).
  5. I agree. Too many guys show up with a hunk of weird looking plastic on their penieses and expect their wives to get onboard with it. I did it by getting my wife into teasing and denial on the honor system. Even then she thought I no longer found her attractive and did not want to have sex with her. I told her that I just wanted to see how strong my orgasm would be if we skipped it the next time we had sex. Mentioned Tantric sex and how it is supposed to make your orgasms much better. So we tried that and my wife found that she enjoyed sex being only for her pleasure for the first time. When she asked me to wait 3 weeks for my orgasm I told her I could not do that on the honor system but I know how I could. I showed her the CB6000 online and she told me to get it if I wanted to. She was part of the buying process. I was into S&M for a few decades and never showed up for sex with a whip in my hand. I had to ease the girls into it taking baby steps.

    You should know that it takes weeks to be comfortable wearing it 24/7. What is comfortable you is more than likely a ring that is larger than you need. Your testicles might fall out. As unintuitive as it sounds, a tighter ring is more comfortable over time. When it is too loose it will rub you raw sooner or later because it can move up and down. The ring that keeps it in place ends up being the most comfortable for long term wear. If you rush into wearing it 24/7 from day one like most of us do, you are going to end up with burning chafing which will force you to take it off and wait a few days until the pain goes away. If you do the same, the same will happen and your CB6000 will end up where 90% of the others do, sitting collecting dust in a drawer. Wear it a few hours a day and keep on increasing the time. If it starts to hurt, back of the time you wear it until your skin adjust and then try again.

    Enjoy your CB6000 but I will warn you now, if you wear it 24/7, it does not hold up well. Rings will break and the cage will split. You will find that those who are serious about chastity, wear custom made chastity devices. They prove to be most comfortable and durable for serious use. If you intend to just be locked up for short periods of time with a break in-between, the CB6000 will serve you well. Most of us started with the CB. It is a good starter device because it is so adjustable. You will learn what ring size is best for you and how big the gap should be. I broke two rings and my cage split after just a few months of wearing it 24/7. Good choice for a first device. Most do not stick with chastity so no sense in dropping a few hundred dollars until you know if you are going to do it every day.
  6. good luck and enjoy .
    like the look of it in a cb6000s as well
  7. Advice much appreciated! First night locked went ok. Going to wear today for a few hours, then off. Makes sense: let the body adjust.
    As far as my wife, slow and lots of discussion. We need something to get our sex life going again--pretty slow these days.
    Blessings to all.
  8. Agree with above. It takes a while to get used to it. I've been doing it for 5 weeks or so, and I'm almost at the point of going 24/7. I can do 24 or maybe 36 hours, before taking it off to clean/"Breathe"/etc. I leave it off for a few hours and then put it back on. (and of course had the key back over to my wife!)
  9. At about 24 hours, wore the chastity under pantyhose and male drab to church this morning. Love the feeling. No real issues so far, but I will give it a rest for a few days. Small steps.

    Love the feeling of just "not feeling" my penis. I think thigh highs would be better than pantyhose though to reduce irritation?
  10. Been in my CB6K since Oct 2016, off for cleaning every 2-3 days. Was first self conscious about wearing it to work, shopping etc... But my wife said you want this then do it. I devote my time to her all the time. She loves to tease me and I get such a turn on giving her orgasm after orgasm. At first she would unlock me and let me go, she has since learned that my attention is hers and hers alone.
  11. Good luck and I hope you have fun. I started in 2001! I remember the intense excitement and obsession that came with it. The only advice I can think of is don't try to wear it fulltime if it's giving you raw skin at the back of your scrotum, take it off and let the skin heal, eventually the skin gets used to it and you can wear it all the time. Also if you are anything like me don't over obsess and irritate your partner by pressuring and talking incessantly about it. If you haven't talked to him/her about it, just be patient and when you have brought it up and are wearing it, show your KH what it means to you by being as obedient, respectful and hard working as you can.
  12. Been wearing it off and on. I can say I do love the feeling of being locked (that snick is divine), not feeling my penis, and inability to orgasm. Experimented with a medium size vibrator: nope, not happening. It is all good, and it is fun being in chastity. Thanks for comments!
  13. I got mine yesterday :)

    used to have a cheap 14cm cage but sadly all my forskin makes it difficult to wear the new cb6000s :(
  14. Loving the CB 6000s so far, smallest ring and spacer is perfect. Plan on wearing for about 6 days straight next week.
  15. How you getting away with wearing it with your wife not knowing ? You sleep in different beds ?....!!!!