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Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Serafina's pet, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. My kh/wife has told me she plans to have a guy take me, months ago i shared with her my fantasis on sissy and pegging. Never thought she would share me with a guy. Maybe she's just keeping me guessing.
  2. Or maybe not. Maybe she thinks you'd enjoy having a cock deep in your ass.
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  3. Mine threatened the same thing while pegging me. Later, we discussed it and decided that it would not be a good idea to involve a third person sexually in our relationship, so it was decided against. I think that was smart. (and am happy about that!)
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  4. Quite so. Reality doesn't always conform to fantasy.
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  5. Thing is when i told her about this fantasy, she has NO desire peg me. I have given her 100% control and am at her mercy!
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  6. My wife said the same thing. Then we talked about the same thing and decided to wait till later in our relationship. Probably gonna be much later but hey we have the rest of our lives!
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  7. Being locked and made to wear sissy underwear we progressed to pegging. A few weeks ago my wife said during a pegging session "one day I will fix it so that is a real cock in your ass". Since then she has been teaching me to deep throat with her strap on in anticipation of the event.
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  8. Your wife is training you well. Having a real cock throbbing in your ass will be a lovely treat. I can testify to that.
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  9. I agree and I cannot wait it feel a warm cock in my ass
  10. If he's big enough (and if he isn't, why bother?), he'll push up against your prostate and you'll have an unbelievable sissygasm.
  11. Well im still not 100% certian my lady would ever have a real cock even neer me. She does not want to do the sissy stuff. But she has agreed to a latex catsuit with corset and ballet boots. Her words i see this as being extremely uncomfortable and not feminized
  12. I’m not saying there aren’t women out there that would like to see man on man action, I would imagine the percentage of women that would get turned on by seeing THEIR man with another man is very small.

    If we ever did the cuck thing I could see her wanting me to join or participate in some way, but I can’t see her wanting it to be a him on me only. Especially if it’s something I didn’t want to do. I could see her pushing my limits, oral or clean up maybe, something small. Not letting some guy have sex with me, I doubt the thought has ever crossed her mind.
  13. my Wife/Mistress have talked about this quite a bit. A threesome is something we both want to try. She wants so have sex with another man while i remain locked, and also wants to see me get fucked by a man. She enjoys pegging me, and loves that i get so much pleasure out of it too.
  14. I was just reading your blogs, so happy for you both...she reminds me of my kh, took to it like a duck to water before I realized it.
  15. Her idea is to have me locked and to prep him to take her while I watch, then to have him take me as a reward for prepping him for her.
  16. That's the best of both worlds, darling. As a former cocksucking bottom, I can testify.
  17. I guess that would depend whether a mistress still thought of her cuckold sissy as a real man. My mistress has made me suck her lovers for years and recently started offering my ass if they wish. It has only been a few months since I was first taken, but she still loves watching me get fucked by a real man as my chastity case jingles. Part of me having no desire for bisexual activity yet making me following her orders drives her crazy.
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  18. Most of my girlfriends loved watching me suck cock and take a messy facial.