felicity comes out. (part 1)

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    It was a warm summers morning and returning from the shops with Mistress breakfast items, Felicity could see her neighbours starting to leave to make their way to work.

    Wearing her stunning 5 inch patent black locking stilletos, seamed hold up stockings, pink operatic style latex gloves with matching collar and her lovely pink floral summer dress she exited the car.

    Sean, her gay neighbour and his fiance Paul were getting into the car as Felicity came out to to go inside.

    "Hi Felicity" called Sean, "You are looking drop dead gorgeous this morning sweetie, we wil see you later on when we pop in for dinner." he said smiling as they both entered the car.

    Felicity made her way inside to begin making Mistress breakfast and get wakened, fed and ready for work.

    As Felicity entered the house she instantly went and began to prepare Mistress breakfast. Making her something light she decided on one of Mistress favourites and made some scrambled egg on toast and a nice hot cup of coffee.

    Felicity proceeded upstairs and entered Mistress bedroom and gave her the customery kiss on the forehead and both wrists, before gently pulling down the covers, kneeling and kissing both feet.

    Mistress Shannon began to stir from her sleep as Felicity finished kissing her feet.

    "ah felicity time for me to waken. now do as you know you should sweetie." Mistress said

    Felicity instantly stood and gave Mistress a nice curtsey and followed the same procedure. Kissing the forehead, both wrists and the feet again.

    "Your breakfast Mistress."

    Felicity gave another curtsey and passed the breakfast and went to the bedroom door, gave another small curtsey and left the room.

    Felicity went to the bathroom and started up the shower, checking the temperature was ok for Mistress to enter, left the water running and went to the dressing room to select appropriate attire for Mistress workday ahead.

    She returned to Mistress Shannon's room knocked on the door and entered giving a small curtsey.

    "The shower is ready for You Mistress and You days clothing is waiting in the dressing room for You Mistress." she gave another small curtsey and waited on Mistress to finish breakfast and her coffee.

    Once Mistress finised with the items Felicity took them and gave another small curtsey and left to begin her chores downstairs.

    After finishing tidying the kitchen and doing the dishes, Felicity had filled the washing machine as Mistress apeared in the kitchen doorway.

    She gave a small curtsey "You are looking stunning Mistress, i am sure Your meeting will go well today Ma'am." she gave another small curtsey and put powder and conditioner into the machine and started it up.

    Mistess Shannon approached Felicity as she finished starting the washing machine.

    "come here my little darling." She ordered Felicity to the Dining table.

    As Felicity came over and curtsied, Mistress ordered her to her knees. In an instant she was down at Mistress knees.

    Mistress attached two chains to Felicity's collar and locked them onto her wrists, just enough for Felicity to have her hands at waist level, before attaching a length of chain about 10 inches wide between both wrists. She then attached another 10 inch chain between the locks on Felicity's heels.

    "now Felicity you know i do trust you honey but i have to be certain you cannot run away and you must be kept like this when Mistress is out of the house on business." She said in her usual authorative tone. She then lifted Felicity's dress and pulled down her panties. taking a large butt plug and inserting it deep into Felicity and watching as the cheek tightly squeezed against the neck of the plug holding it tightly in place.

    "now rise Felicity, i have to leave for work." Mistress Shannon finished.

    "yes Mistress Shannon. i understand Mistress." Felicity said instantly.

    Felicity rose and gave Mistress the best curtsey she could in her prediciment.

    "Good girl Felicity. I shall return around 4 this afternoon do your chores and dont give me any excuses for increasing this months punishment schedule."

    with that Mistress Shannon turned and made her way out of the front door and turned to look at Felicity following behind.

    Felicity gave one final curtsey before Mistress Shannon closed the door.

    Felicity heard the door lock from the outside and turned to return to her daily duties around the house. She felt the plug deep inside of her and with the lengths of chain Mistress had used she realised it was in for the day and she could not remove it and put it back in just before Mistress returned.

    She let out a sigh and began to think back on how all this had happened to her in only a matter of 6 months........

    to be continued.......
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    i for one am iterested in hearing more.

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    Felicity makes her way back into the kitchen thinking about how she managed to come to this situation.......... her mind begins to wander.......

    October 30th.............

    Johns phone begins to beep as he is on his way to work.... he parks the car and begins to read the text as he is entering the office.

    'All right mate, halloween party at my house tomorrow night. both you and Shannon are invited, but you have to dress up to get in! so probably wont see you then so catch up with you another time. Nicola was so looking forward to seeing Shannon too so we will have to get a night out together again soon.'

    It was from his friend Will. He had been friends with him since school and had been invited to his halloween parties before but never gone. He thought about the fact that they had not been out together since an engagement party over a year ago.

    John decided to email Shannon at work and let her know about the party and what the text had said.

    about 10 minutes later he had a reply from Shannon. 'I'd love to go but we know that you dont like to dress up so I'm guessing we wont be going and we always pull out even if you say we are going to go. I am sure something willcome up with your work so we dont have to go anyway so I wont raise my hopes.'

    John felt terrible at the thought of the amount of times he had let Shannon down by working late to finish stuff off and never really letting his hair down at times like this and dressing up and having a laugh with friends or at himself.

    He hit the reply button. 'If you really want to go then i am sure that I can get myself a costume and make the effort this time. I am sorry for all the disappointments before but if you really want to go then we will go.'

    Two minutes later his phone rang.......

    "Hello IT consultancy, John speaking how may I help you" he said.

    "Well you could help me out by going and getting costumes for both of us when you get your lunch today, sweetie." came te reply.

    "Shannon honey, if you really want to go then I will go an look for costumes at lunch. I will go if you really want to but..." he was saying

    "No buts John you have agreed, I really want to go and see our friends and have a fun night out. we will enjoy it honest. please say we will definitely go." Shannon cut in.

    "yes we will definitely go honey and I will look for costumes at lunchtime. I'd better get back to my work honey. I'll speak to you tonight when I get home. Love you." John said

    "ok sweetie I will speak to you later on. dont work too hard now." and with a kiss sound Shannon put the phone down.

    Lunchtime came and John decided to walk into town and check out the fancy dress shop and see what he could find. Walking around the store he realised that most of the costumes had gone and that he wasnt going to get anything. He check a few more little shops to see what they had but decided that they were all rubbish and not worth the extortionate prices they wanted because of the date.

    John went back to work and knew he was going to disappoint Shannon again because of this and was slightly worried as he made his way home that night.

    He went into the house and Shannon was sitting smiling away at him, with dinner already on the table.

    They sat and ate the meal and began talking.

    "Shannon honey" he said and began to explain the story of the costume shop and the other costumes he could see around town and the prices and quality of them all.

    "Nothing at all John come on surely one or two must have been ok. So I am guessing you may as well end a tex and say we are not coming then." Shannon said disappointedly.

    "No honey honest their was nothing. I want to go I do not want to let you down again." John said

    "can we not go tomorrow and try and get something then? We must be able to get something. I finish at 1 on a Friday please can we go and look again?"

    "I am due hours back on flexi time honey I can ony ask tomorrow morning if I can finish at 1 too." John said to Shannon

    The rest of the evening was just normal chatter and watching tv.

    31st October.........

    That morning John went into work and explained the situation to his boss and the showed him the amount of flexi time he had available. His boss agreed and praised him on his hard work and agreed that 1 pm would be ok for John to finish that day.

    John emailed Shannon and let her know that he was finishing at 1 pm and that he would meet her in the town centre and agreed on the town hall to meet up.

    John got on with his work for the rest of the morning and finished up at 1 and made his way to the town hall to meet with Shannon.

    Making their way around the costume shop again Shannon began to realise that John had been correct and the costumes left were rubbish and they checked a few others and upon seeing them Shannon realised that John was again correct about the price and quality of the items available.

    They went to a local pub for lunch and a few drinks and spoke about what they were going to do. They had both come to the conclusion that they could not get costumes from any shops in the town and that they were going to struggle to make the party.

    John decide to say that as he had got the time off if Shannon could come up with any ideas he would go along with them.

    They sat and John had a few more beers after Shannon agrred that she would drive home having only had a small glass of wine.

    After finishing the 3rd pint of beer John was speaking and suggested they get a carry out meal and drink for the night. Shannon was not too happy with this but was resigned to the fact they were going nowhere.

    "John I have an idea..." Shannon said

    "yes honey what is it?"

    "Why dont we go into the charity shops and see what we can find. we might find something good that we could use." Shannon was looking pleased with herself for thinking of the idea.

    "Ok honey but I cant see us finding much." John said finishing off his beer.

    They left the pub and made their way to a charity chop jus a few doors down.

    As they entered the two old ladies working behind the counter began to speak with Shannon as John took a seat.

    'What can we help you both with today?' one of the old ladies said as John was sitting down.

    Shannon began to explain what had happened and that they were stuck for costumes for a party that night.

    'I'm sorry dear but we dont have costumes just clothing and items that could be used for dressing up. You would have to think of ideas and see if you could make something from them.' the old lady said

    Shannon said "anything would do. dont you have any ideas? we both need something."

    'oh we dont get many male clothes here dear. they seem to only throw them out and not send them to the charity shops.' the old woman finished

    John decided to say "Well we might as well get going we wont get anything in here then if I cant get nothing."

    "But honey you said to me earlier that you would do anything for me as I had been let down too many times." Shannon pointed out to John

    "yes but come off it honey a female! me I will be the laughing stock of everyone and...." John continued

    "and what John? its halloween, its a party and its supposed to be fun. please sweetie do it for me just this time." she said looking tearful.

    "well.........." John began

    Shannons face changed instantly "excellent you will do it honey."

    John just shrugged his shoulders and nodded. The beer beggining to let his inabitions leave him slightly and wanting to please his wife.

    Shannon turned and began to speak with the two old ladies and all of them laughing from time to time.

    One of the old ladies was making her way into the back store and turn to John. 'what size of shoe are you sweetie?'

    "emm a nine." he replied

    the old lady went into the back shop as Shannon and the other old lady looked through some of the clothing that was around.

    The old lady picked up a measuring tape and came over to John and measured his chest and waist size. 'thank you dear that will make it easier to choose'.

    John just nodded not really knowing what was going on as Shano and th old lady picked up items and looked at them.

    next sound was Shannon "great idea. that is what we will do."

    "Whats that honey? whats a great idea?" John shouted over to them.

    "we will go as twins. Sheela here suggested it as they have two matching dresses and they hould fit us both perfectly." she called back

    Holy shit John thought to himself this is what I am going to have to do to keep her happy.

    the old woman form the back came out with a pair of heels in a size 9. 'the only ones I have i'm affraid. try them on honey and see if they fit.' she said handing them to John.

    'is beige ok Sheela? its the only 9 we have' she called out

    'no Betty we need pink preferably. but only one pair as the young lady has her own pair at home.' she called back

    She kneeled down in front of John 'come on honey try them on we need to see if they fit.'

    John removed his shoe and tried to place his foot into the heel in front of him.

    'come on honey socks off. womn dont wear socked with heels.' Betty said to him.

    He took off his sock and put it into the heel and Betty began to do up the strap on it. 'looks too big sweetie. I think you may be an 8. put both on and lets find out when you walk in them.'

    Betty put the other shoe onto John and helped him up and helped him take a few steps in them before letting him go and try himself.

    He stumbled a few times before getting used to the heels.

    'yes too big honey an 8 will fit perfectly. your a little wobbly too and they are only 3 inch heels you will have to practice before you break your neck.' She laughed as she went back into the back shop.

    The call came from the back Sheela, I have a pink heel that will fit her perfectly.. sorry him I mean.' Betty came out the back shop with a box laughing. 'sorry dear I did mean him' she said over to John.

    Betty gave the box to Sheela and they began packaging stuff as John finished redoing his shoes.

    John came over to the counter "so is that us then honey?"

    "yes sweetie I think we have almost everything. we just need to pop to the supermarket to pick up some final things then we can get home." Shannon said almost delighted at the thought of the party.

    'Enjoy your party girls.' the old ladies said as they left the shop.

    John just laughed as they left.

    Shannon drove the car to the supermarket and parked near to the door.

    "I'll just be 5 or 10 minutes sweetie you wait here on me as I know what I need." Shannon said.

    "but I want to pick up drink and cigarettes too honey."

    Shannon said back to John "I can pick them up. you wait here you will only slow me down. you can have a cigarette and I'll get what i need and be back by the time you finish."

    Shannon darted into the shop and John got out of the car and light a cigarette, leaning over the top of the car.

    He wtched as people got out of their cars already dressed for halloween and going in for drink for parties.

    He had a slight snigger to himself as he watched them pass by, thinking what the hell he was going to finish up looking like tonight.

    After maybe 10 to 15 minutes Shannon came out of the store with 4 or 5 bags of stuff and got back into the car.

    "Did you remember drink and cigarettes?" was Johns first question.

    "got them honey." Shannon said

    "what else did you need?" Jon continued

    "got everything I needed for tonight sweetie, dont you worry yourself we will look stunning together." Shannon saidwith a slight giggle.

    John didnt reply to this as he knew he would only start complaining.

    After reaching home and taking the bags inside. John went to the back door to have a cigarette and Shannon came up from behind him. passing a can around his waist..

    "I love you John thank you for doing this with me tonight. i'm off for a quick shower." Shannon disappeared quickly upstairs.

    John came back in and sat on the sofa and put the tv on.

    "John hurry up and finish your can honey, you need a shave and a shower." came the call from above.

    "just finishing my can, I'll be up in a minute sweetie." he hollered back

    John finished his can and made his way upstairs and into the bathroom. He ran the taps and filled the sink to have a shave. When he was almost done Shannon came into the toilet.

    "you not in your shower yet honey?" she said

    "just going in now honey." he said back cheerfully as he wiped his face of the remaining foam.

    John got into the shower and rinsed himself all over before picking up some shampoo and putting it in his hair and on his body.

    "Dont worry about the body sweetie, I have some stuff for that." Shannon said to him.

    John began to rinse off his hair and body whenthe water was turned off on him.

    Shannon got into the shower with John.

    "oh been a while since we did this gorgeous." John began.

    "oh yes sure has.." Shannon replied getting on her knees "now let me put this spray on foam on your body."

    Shannon aplied the foam all over John's body from neck right down to his toes.

    "we have to leave that on for 10 to 15 minutes honey." Shannon said to him

    "but... what the hell... what is it?" John began to say.

    Shannon took a cloth and began to wipe John's cock off taking his mind from the foam. As she played with his cock and ball Johns mind began to wander... he looked down and seen Shannons lips at the head of his cock and begans to thrust his hips towards her.

    Shannon took him in her mouth bringing him close to orgasm before pulling back and turning on the shower. She stood behind john an using one hand to wipe awayth foam with a cloth she finished him off with her other hand.

    As he came to orgasm, he went to wipe the excess cum and noticed all his body hair had gone.

    "what the fuck........ what the hell have you done to me Shannon.." he shouted.

    she started to cry instantly "you agreed.... we would go as twins in identicle outfits and looks." he said through her sobs.

    She ran from the bathroom crying and slammed the room door as she went in.

    John felt terrible, but looking at his smooth skin was getting to him. He steppedfrom the showe and began to dry himself off and the feel of his smooth skin gave him another instant hard on. He couldnt believe the feeling of his skin against the fluffy towel.

    He stood outside the bedroom door.

    "Shannon i'm sorry for my reaction honey. please forgive me. All my hair has gone what did you expect from me." he said tenderly at the door

    "just go away, it doesnt matter.... forget it." she souted back out through more sobbing.

    Holy shit John thought to himself.

    "Honey I wll do anything you want for tonight. please forgive me. If you wish for me to dress like a lady and be your twin sister then we will do it. please please forgive me." she said with his face against the door.

    He heard movement in the room and Shannon came to the door wiping away tears from her eyes.

    "you will do everything I ask of you tonight? and its a promise?" she said standing at the door.

    "yes honey i promise, anything you wish." he said givingher a cuddle.

    Shannon clapped her hand "oh thank you honey you are wonderful. I love you. please sit on the bed and we can begin to get dressed."

    "one thing honey, I know women take time to get ready can I have a can as you get me ready?" John said

    "of course you can honey, I'll get myself one too." She said rushing down the stairs.

    John went and sat on the edge of the bed and waited for over 20 minutes on Shannon returning so he looked at himself in the mirror and how large he looked with no hair on his body. He was impressed and began to play with himself as he was waiting on Shannon returning.

    Shannon came back in as John was begining to stoke faster and faster.

    "hhhmmmmmmm like what you see honey" Shannon said giving him a kiss on the shoulder and pressing against him.

    She placed her hand around him and began to play with his balls as he was bringin himself to almost cumming again.

    "Stop John, stop now." Shannon said taking his hand from his bulging cock.

    "honey i'm ready to cum please honey please let me cum." John begged

    Shannon went down to the front of John and began to suck him off. expertly bringing him off in a few seconds.

    She instantly stood and began to kiss John with his cum still covering her mouth and making him taste himself.

    "ah honey...." John said pulling away.

    "dont worry honey the beer will take the taste away." Shannon said with a giggle taking a sip of her wine.

    "now clean yourself off and we can get you ready." She said handing him a cloth to clean himself.

    John wiped himself and opened his beer to take a drink and get rid of the taste of his own cum. He went and sat on the bed and waited on Shannon to begin.

    Shannon went over and knelt in front of John leaning into one of the bags at the side of the bed. She took out a pair of new white stockings with pink diamonte sparkles and began to roll them down her arm before perfectly sliding them up John's legs and into the perfect position.

    She then returned to the bag and took out a pink and white suspender belt and attached it round Johns waist before fixing the 8 straps into place on the stockings.

    "how do they feel honey? dont they feel gorgeous on freshly smooth skin." She said looking up at John.

    "they do feel good I have to admit honey." John replied.

    "I knew you'd love the feeling of the stockings."

    She went back into the bag and took out a pink bra with white lace trimming. She fitted it over Johns arms and fixed the straps at the back nicely into place.

    "can you put your can down honey and stand holding the top of the door please. I need you to stretch for this." Shannon said in a loving voice.

    John put the can down and made his way to the door and put his hands on the top of the door. "like this honey?" he said.

    "thats excellent sweetie can you take a deep breath for me each time I tell you please." she replied.

    She places something around his waist and he could feel it tightening around his waist.

    "deep breath out honey" Shannon said

    John done as she had said and felt the thing geteven tighter around him.

    "and again honey"

    he again took a deep breath and the thing got even tighter. he then felt ribbon brush against his ass.

    "thats it tied in place honey. as tight as I want it." Shannon said.

    "oh.... slightly hard.. to breath..." John said.

    "dont worry you will get used to it sweetie. just one more thing to finish this off."

    John felt the ribbon move from his ass and the item get slightly tighter and then a click.

    "Thats you honey you can let go of the door." Shannon said rather delighted at what she was looking at.

    John let go and turned. he went to pick up his can and realised he could not bend down for it. He bent his knees so as he could go down with a straight back to pick it up.

    Shannon clapped her hands at seeing this. "ah wonderful sweetie, you have learned the first thing about being dressed like a proper girl."

    John blushed and turned and seen himself in the mirror. The sight was unbelievable a perfectly feminine body with his head and a cock. He turned to the side slightly and seen a small padlock at the back of the waist clencher.

    "why is it locked honey?" he said.

    "well you might hae tried to take it off honey and I have to keep mine on all night so I wanted to make sure you didnt have the temptation of removing yours." she said.

    Shannon removed her housecoat and revealed to John tha she was wearing the exact same outfit as him already.

    John began to get an instant erection as he was looking at her in the mirror and him in the same outfit.

    "now that is the next thing we have to get sorted out sweetie. that thing growning between your legs. I dont want you tenting your dress and giving yourself away." she said looking at him in the mirror.

    "please stand with your legs apart John. wont be a moment." she said moving back across the room.

    Within an instant she had returned to his side and was holding some sort of plastic looking device.

    "this is a chastity device John and will stop you having an erection tonight. dont worry I will remove the waist clencher and chastity device tomorrow morning." she handed him a small ring.

    "place this over your cock and balls so it is tightly sitting behind them."

    John began to slide the ring over his cock and struggled to slide his balls through such a small opening. He eventually struggled to get the ring into place.

    Shannon came over and place the hands at both sides of the ring and tugged at the sides. She was happy that it would have no chance of coming off. She picked up a very very small tube and pushed John's cock into it. it must have only been a maximum of 1 1/2 inches in length. pushing it against the ring she attached a small padlock through both and stepped back.

    "ah excellent and my first time doing that too." she said standing back to look at the finished results.

    "what the fuck is this thing Shannon?" John asked almost curiously.

    "its a chastity device I told you. it will stop you getting an erection and keep you looking and acting womanly. oh you will have to sit to pee also." Shannon said laying back on the bed.

    She went into a bag and picked out an enormous looking dildo and began to play with herself.

    her voice was getting horny and John was standing watching.

    "what are you doing honey. I want you, not toys." John said jelously.

    "mmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..... I'm testing your device sweeeeeeeetieeee........" she began to orgasm and was watching John as he was inbetween pleasure and pain.

    "its hurting honey, take it off. i want to have you now. please." John pleased.

    "ah its working fine then. its holding strong and keeping your mind off erections." she said wiping herself off with the cloth.

    "Here you go honey" Shannon said taking new pink panties that matched his bra and giving them to him.

    "put them on and we are ready to get our make up done. you might want to finish your can before I do your make up."

    Shannon took identical panties and pulled them on and watched as John pulled his up.

    to be continued..............
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