Fancy Steel slim fit sissy belt review

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews' started by SissyMaid4U, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Let me start with I already had a custom Behind Barz sissy belt and still stand by my review that you can find on here. But Im a perfectionist with a fairly disposable income. I wanted something more discrete with a flatter lock. Something that was easier to move in. Something that gave me an even more passable feminine front. In comes the Fancy Steel slim fit sissy belt. It is basically a steel cable thong with a cup on the front. Where the cable would touch skin there is pink plastic tubing. The cup and the thong lock in front with a normal pad lock. So it hit the marks I was looking for: Flat front and discrete Check, Secure Check, flexible Check, 24/7 possible Check, comfortable theory. I will go through each of those in my review. Bare in mind that I have only just received it and havent worn it for about an hour at the time of writing this review.

    It cost me about 800USD when all said and done. The larger toll in my opinion was the 21 week wait (dont believe their website times) for what I felt wasnt that much custom work. In comparison, my BB belt, that took significantly more work to make, took only 8 weeks. When I opened the package I was disappointed in the craftsmanship. Nothing is rough and everything is together. But again compared to the polished product that looked like it was worth the price tag from Behind Barz, it fell short.

    Feminine Flat Front/Discrete
    For someone who hasnt experienced a sissy belt, Im sure this would be a game changer. Compared to a ball trap device, the male genitalia disappears even behind tight fitting clothing such as yoga pants. For me, because Im a perfectionist, its a little too much bulge. Im looking for something just shy of tucking flat. This comes close but isnt quite there for me. The real disappointment comes from the locking mechanism. On the cup is a rod with a flat head. Think of a nail that was partially driven into something. The waist band ends have loops that go over the rod then the lock holds everything together. It could have worked, if they didnt make the rod twice as long as it needs to be. As it stands right now, it is more obvious than a half erect penis. I am fully planning on cutting it down to size and re-welding it. For $800 I shouldn't have to. As for being discrete, being more flexible, lighter, and thinner profile lends its self to fitting that bill.

    After I figured out how to adjust it, it is fairly secure. I would give it an 9/10. I knew it wouldnt be 100% but the belt is a deterrent anyways. In no way would I be able to cum as a man with this device locked on. Once properly fitted, I can get a finger in but there isnt anything to touch. Inside the cup is a metal tube that covers the shaft of the penis, preventing me from even touching it. I could easily cum with a vibrator which keeps it from the 10/10 security. The design of the BB belt has layers that significantly dampen any vibrations giving it a 10/10. Escape isnt a possibility unless I get bolt/cable cutters. There isnt anyway I can pull out either. Even if I managed to get it out of the tube, the cup is still covering everything.

    One of the issues I had with the BB belt is that it can be hard to move in. I wouldnt want to do an ab workout with it on for instance. This belt doesnt have that issue. I could do any workout I can think of (minus jujitsu) and be just as able bodied as I am without any device. Again the bulk of it is thick cable that goes through plastic tubing. BB is rigid flat steel.

    I opted to have a anal opening. Basically the two cables feed through steel tubing that creates an O for the opening. I have successfully gone both #1 and 2 and still feel as clean as I do in the BB belt. The tube inside the cup for the penis doesnt have a cap on it. This means nothing to have bacteria grow on and stink. Urine just flows out the bottom of the cup. Its relatively easy to wipe and clean. I will probably continue my routine of unlocking to clean once a week, but if necessary, I could go longer. The anal opening also gives the added benefit of giving access to my pussy. I will experiment with removing the opening and just pulling on the cables when I need to go, but I feel this might compromise security if I need to have it looser. Lastly due to its full belt nature, no night time pain.

    Even as I typed this, the anal opening is starting to wear on me. Im sure it takes getting used to. Im enjoying the fact that I can cross my legs like a woman while locked (something I could not do in the BB belt). Overall I would rate it higher than the BB belt in comfort.

    Overall its a good belt. Is it worth $800 and 21 week wait? probably not. I will more than likely end up continuing my long term sessions in the BB belt. Thats not to say this doesnt have its place. Once I cut the locking mechanism down to size, this will be my go to belt when me and my Wife go out dancing. For someone who hasnt experienced the benefits of a full belt, this is a great option that has its pros and cons. If it was $4-600 and shipped quicker, I would have a much stronger recommendation for this belt. I will post pictures eventually, but right now Im embarrassingly hairy. So please stand by for those and an update. In the mean time I will gladly field any questions.
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    can you post your photo?
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    I have to echo what she said, I had one of these belts and ended up selling it. After the long fight to get the belt, it just never felt right on me. They sent me the wrong cup and had to wait again. Once I had the correct cup it just felt like it would chafe me on the inner legs, I even lined it and that helped but not all the way. Overall, it was a waste of my money and I was at least able to recover about 60% of the value
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