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Discussion in 'Full Belts' started by glenfidditch12, Jan 31, 2021.

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    I've recently received my Fancy Steel belt and here's a partial review. (You'll see why it's partial soon)

    Ordering and Communication

    I ordered the belt via email because I wanted a mix-and-match design. They are initially very quick to answer questions, but somehow forgot to send out the invoice so I could pay for the order. The invoice wasn't sent until I emailed them again a couple days later.

    The designed I ordered was a regular male belt with the chastity cup.

    The communication during the ordering process was very minimum. I was asked to provide three measurements: waist/hip, front to penis base, and front to back, the usual stuff.

    Only a long time after I've placed my order, did I notice that the chastity cup I ordered comes in two sizes. This information is buried in the item description and not very noticeable. I was not asked which size I wanted during the ordering process, and I still have no idea which size I've received.

    Manufacturing Delays

    At the time of ordering I was informed that the waiting time was about 3 months, which was what I expected and fully understood. (There's a pandemic going on and people are horny)

    I placed the order in May 2020, and didn't actually receive the belt until January 2021. I emailed them multiple times after the expected shipping date has passed, and received multiple promises of shipping the belt that were never kept. Once the owner even promised he will personally make sure the belt is shipped by a certain date and via express shipping, but it never actually happened.

    It felt like that my order was somehow forgotten and they've only realized after I've emailed them way after the order was placed and they went "oh shit".

    Overall there was basically no communication whatsoever. If they were more proactive about communication, I wouldn't mind the delay as much. It takes almost 8 months for me to receive my order it's just frustrating.

    Packaging and Contents

    The belt is shipped via Australian Post airmail and arrives in a standard postal cardboard box. Inside the box, there's the belt itself in a cloth bag, a thank you card, and a mini hex wrench for adjusting the belt. There were no instructions whatsoever regarding how to do the adjustments or just general care instructions. Of course you can figure that out yourself but it just doesn't feel like something you've paid more than a thousand dollars for.

    Construction of the Belt

    The belt felt rushed. You can sort of tell that it was made in a hurry. The rubber lining was cut unevenly, and you can see what appears to be leftover glue or backing material for the rubber. The chastity cup have some very rough welding spots and streaks of dirty marks from perhaps the tools. And the polishing job was very rough. It's all disappointing to see.

    Weld spot:

    Rubber lining:


    The Fit

    Here comes why this review is partial, because the belt doesn't fit. The belt part, if measured from the outside, has a total circumference of only 2cm more than the hip measurement I provided during ordering. If you factor in the thickness of the rubber lining and the bending of the belt in its locked position, the actual effective circumference of the belt is less than my hip measurement. And this is when the adjustable belt is at its widest configuration.

    I simply cannot put the belt on. It's simply too small.

    Who on earth would make a belt like that? Who would make a belt that at its widest is exactly the person's hip measurement plus 2 cm? Not to mention the belt is adjustable and people tend to gain weight than losing weight?

    This is the part that baffles me and saddens me the most. If you look at their website and tweets, they seem to be making great chastity devices: great looks, great attention to detail et cetera. But when you receive their product it gives off the impression that they have no experience making chastity belts whatsoever?

    I honestly don't know if I'm more sad or more disappointed. If you've had positive experiences with them, please let me know in the comments. I really believe in them and want to know what went wrong. But perhaps next time I see someone recommending Chinese clones I wouldn't be so eager to tell them that they should support the original manufacturer instead.
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    Thank you for the review! I purchased the my-steel and was considering these belts as a second/backup belt when I need a change. I’ll keep looking.
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    I've not posted a review here yet of Fancy Steel but my belt and accessories were of embarrassing quality. They even forgot to weld one of the pieces... that bad. I've since ordered multiple Chinese clones of their belts that were of significantly higher quality. I have no sympathy for this manufacturer. Their belts look fantastic but are not for serious wear. They are fashion accessories for kink parties and nothing more.

    One nice thing I can say about Fancy Steel is the waist portion of the belt is more comfortable than even my Behind Barz. It's the one thing they did a killer job on functionally.
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