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    BIID Impotent and physically disabled
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    I would like to introduce myself here, because I am new to the forum. I live the chastity with my wife for some years. We lead this life together and have arrived that we lead a “never inside” relationship. This has two main reasons. One is that she wants it that way and furthermore could not really win much from the penetrating sex. It comes only by external stimulation to orgasm. I was always a little persevering lover and a quick cumshot. Furthermore, I have a very special BIID Body Integrity Identity Disorder predisposition. My wish goes beyond simple chastity. I want to be completely impotent and disabled. In addition there is the restriction in the continence as well as the mobility. My wife want also see me in this role. Over the years, we have found a common way to achieve all that for both. In our relationship “FLR” plays a role in many areas. Furthermore, a little bdsm. but this is subordinate. In our house we have two additional rooms to store our special clothes. My wife determines what I have to wear under everyday clothes. She also decides if I just need to wear diapers or use a catheter with a leg bag. The chastity belt is always from the manufacturer My-steel and adapted to me.

    I love my wife . She makes me very hot. When I see her like that I get very excited. It was our intention and so wanted that I become impotent. We have picked out the necessary medicines and now I am voluntarily disabled in sexuality. It shows me my handicapped role even more, because I'm in the head completely horny and between the legs my penis completely limp. My wife enjoys it when I'm suffering. But she also enjoys watching it when I struggle to satisfy her with our sex toys. I feel very disabled and that's what I want as a BIID. After a time of sex play, I run out with a kind of no orgasm. there is only some watery liquid left. It is not like a orgasam befor start to take medicine. I can only penetrate my wife with a strap on penis prosthesis or have to to use dildo and toys. I am only the holder for an artificial penis and the toy of my wife. Through my chastity belt my wife determines my complete sexlessness. It is a circle without end, because I no longer cum as before. It remains real that I am no longer a real male.

    To explain what has led to this extreme chastity here are a few terms. If that's too much, it can be overlooked. I have BIID . I belong to the group Abasiophilia, Pretender and wannabee. My wife belong to the group Abasiophilia and is a devotee.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Abasiophilia is a psychosexual attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those who use orthopaedic appliances such as leg-braces, spinal braces or wheelchairs

    The Pretender - The pretender is so attracted to the state of disability that they feel driven to act out the disabled lifestyle in some way, if only occasionally. They may make or buy the accoutrements of physical disability - crutches, leg-braces, a wheelchair - and act out their fantasy of being disabled. Often this is a hidden activity done in the secrecy of the home. The more daring and self-accepting pretender may venture into public places

    The Wannabe - For the wannabe the occasional pretence of disability is not enough. They feel the overwhelming need to be disabled. For them, life is unfulfilled and incomplete unless they becomes a full member of the disabled community as a physically disabled person. The leg-braces are the outward symbol of an inner struggle with self-identity that isn't won until the disabled state is achieved.

    The devotee takes an almost obsessive interest in looking at disabled people. Although many are too ashamed of their feelings to actively stalk disabled people they may do so in a clandestine manner which is not obvious to the object of their gaze or to the public at large

    BIID - Body Integrity Identity Disorder is a psychological disorder in which an otherwise healthy individual feels that they are meant to be disabled.Sufferers of BIID are uncomfortable with a part of their body, such as a limb, and feel confident that removing or disabling this part of their body will relieve their discomfort. They may pretend that they are disabled both in public and in private. Sufferers experience the above symptoms as being strange and unnatural. They may try to injure themselves.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    In the reality of our life that means I'm sitting in a wheelchair as a handicapped man. That for years absolutely voluntary. I am absolutely impotent by the voluntary use of the medicines Androcure and Edronax. Furthermore, I've been wearing a permanent catheter for more than five years. As a result, my bladder volume has become very small and I can not keep urine in me. I am now really completely incontinent and need daily between 5 and 7 diapers.

    So that I can not even play on my flaccid, soft, wet and impotent penis, I still have to wear the chastity belt. It's a clear statement from my wife. It determines when I will be thoroughly washed twice a week. Furthermore it is you who does this washing. I myself must not touch my genitals anymore. I've become something like a no-sex being. But there are still all feelings and excitement. In very few moments a year I am massaged with my hands and eyes closed. But nothing happens there anymore. No stiffness and only a very small orgasm. This is barely perceptible in the head and body. Only a little bit of watery liquid runs out. For precaution for diseases on the prostate I am massaged every six weeks with an anal dildo. There is no orgasm at all. There is only some extra fluid from the incontinent penis.

    The preference of my wife belongs to the strong vibrators. I have no other task than to provide the toys for you. She determines if she is doing it alone or if I can watch her doing it.

    Most of all it embarrasses me and my submissive weak role when she undresses in the morning or evening and I admire her body in classic underwear.

    I can stroke and touch the smooth and solid material. I'm going crazy with excitement and even feel that I'm not just locked up. I'm just completely chaste. It's okay I feel the way I wanted to be. I am as she would like me to be.

    Feel free and ask us what you want.

    Best wishes

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    Thank you for sharing. What an incredible life you are leading. I see from your photos that you are full time with your braces and incontinence. How much of your time do you spend in your chair? Have you made any progress toward complete numbness?
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