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Extra-small cages and why are they hard to find?

Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews and discussions' started by petlucy, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. I see posts all the time where the person has a cb6000s, Holy Trainer "small," Bon4MSmall, Birdlock mini, or another expensive ($100+) "small" device and it's too big. A lot of us shrink up in the small cages and even though they are small, we only fill half of them or get kinda stuck near the top (which is super annoying).

    I know there are a few other options, including custom devices (MM, Lori, etc), and a few cheap Chinese devices, but not enough! I'd have found the perfect cage years ago if one of the "big" brands just sold a super small cage. Gimme a cb6000XS or a holy trainer "small as fuck" or something.

    Isn't the idea of "extra small" chastity even appealing to some on a fetish level? The added humiliation, punishment, etc. The sissy and cuckold communities sure wouldn't mind an extra small device. CB6000xs in pink; instant success.

    So I just wanted to complain about this somewhere and hopefully share this frustration with others. Please post any other small devices you can recommend for us shrinkers and micro-penis folks.

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  2. Er I suppose catering for an ever shrinking market share is the problem !

    All joking aside would you start with the most popular size then work either size of that till you get few if any sales.
    I would think the Chinese stainless would be good . Quite OK quality and very good prices.
    Xx Wendy
  3. Hard to believe someone is really selling a stainless device for that price. I've read reviews of other Chinese devices that were supposedly stainless but weren't. But at that price I just bought one.
  4. It appears that my purchase (mentioned in the previous post) has now made this link dead. The seller apparently lists his items one at a time.
  5. Hey!

    I think another issue is volume....

    Bulk device makers simply don't appear to have the capacity to make anything to order. They manufacture in bulk and I guess they make their best 'guesstimate' at what an 'average' size is to try and cater for as wide a market as possible....

    If you were only making tiny devices, you would be cornering yourself in a small marketplace.... So these producers have to appeal to as many people as possible....

    They also emanate an aura of professionalism and 'pick me-I'm a good starting device.' I think they inspire confidence in buyers because of that AND because they're NOT too small!!! I don't think there are tooooo many guys out there starting chastity who would be thinking "I need the smallest cage I can buy..." The male ego probably doesn't go that way initially! In MY opinion that is!!!!

    So these bulk producers position themselves right into that niche... Not TOO big and not TOO small... And not TOO threatening either!! Churn 'em out quick and cheap(ish!!)

    And you can have it NOW as opposed to waiting for a custom device to be made.... Which is expensive... right? So if you mess THAT up you've blown a LOT of money.... Big risk....

    So why not spend a lot less and it won't 'really' matter if it doesn't work out.... At least you haven't spent mega$$$$ and got it wrong.... Less risk.... Right?!!

    And this marketing policy seems to work!!!

    The CB-xxxx range has been going for YEARS!!! Despite competition!

    And I do agree with an approach like this.... test the waters so-to-speak...!!! It's just that there are better alternatives (I think!)

    With the absolute kindest regards.

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  6. Even though I'm new to 24/7 chastity, my wife and I have played with it in the past. I agree with this statement and admit that I started with a Curve which was enormous for my needs. I'm currently using a Bon4M Small but it could easily be shortened by 3/4 inch which is why I jst ordered the one identified in this thread. After one comes to grips with the fact that his manhood isn't compromised by admitting his penis is rather small (when flaccid) it's easy to accept the fact that smaller is better and more comfortable with regard to chastity cages.
  7. Why they are taking so long to sus that solid Base rings are better don't know. .Be cheaper to make and nicer to wear and they could afford to send out couple of different sizes probably for less money.

    Xx Wendy
  8. Update: I wore my new device for 4 days before I discovered a major flaw. There is too much slop between the base ring and the cage. It allows the cage to move about, and as such my bits were able to get past the ring. :( I'm trying to think of a way to make the modifications to make it useable. At this point it looks like that $$ is gone. Pity as I really liked the short cage
  9. Oooh Ooohh! Pick me!!!!

    I have a fix!!!

    This is what I did with mine cos I had EXACTLY the same issue......

    I filed down one side of the round head of the locking pin until the flat edge would sit in top of the bar that connects the cage to the base ring.

    But.... This still leaves a load of 'slack' in the pin... right?!

    So... I got a bush... much like a spacer in the CBxxxx range... I cut it to size so that one end of the sleeve sat against the locking post and the other went right up to the shank of the padlock....

    Was like this: http://www.smallparts.com.au/store/...unflanged/bushesplasticiglidurgunflanged/a/1/

    Voila!!! All fixed!!!

    No movement laterally from the pin AND the edge of the pin that had been filed straight held the cage in place bu putting pressure on it to hold it down.... I also bent that bar on the cage a bit downwards, to close the gap between cage and base ring... I reckon this helped a bit too!!

    When I did mine I replaced the entire locking pin because the shank of the lock I wanted to use was simply too big for the original pin... I bought a 3/8th inch diameter clevis pin and a length of 3/8th inch internal diameter plastic bush.... Plastic was easier to cut with a hack saw!!!

    That should do ya!

    Hope this helps!

    With the absolute kindest regards.

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  10. I knew there was a fix and it made it better than new !

    Xx Wendy
  11. well im glad that my one is ok cos i don't really understand any of what that man did. he must be lots better at doing little fiddly things than me. when i trys to do them sort of things it all goes wrong. :(

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