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Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by Mascara^Snake, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. I know that some members here must be wondering about my recent absence.

    Especially those of you whom I've been advising or helping lately.

    I thought I had better write some sort of explanation. Also to explain why I have been upset with the “moderating” team.

    Last year. Shortly before the new Administrator banned me from this site. He noticed that I had an active link to an Amazon wish list posted under my avatar which appeared next to my postings.

    He quizzed me about it. I told him that the reason for me having such a wish list and posting it somewhere obvious was to allow members of the site to freely express their gratitude to me through gifting. If they chose to. If they felt a need to thank me for helping, advising them or sometimes even just listening to their woes.

    It enabled them to express gratitude. It's not everyones way but some people really like it.

    So, there was my wishlist with a few small items on it in case anyone wished to gift me.

    Jens, the new Administrator wasn't very pleased with this idea. After all he was the owner of the site. Surely people should be more grateful to him. He should be gifted for his efforts, rewarded.

    So he did something that was quite mean spirited.

    He had agreed with me that gifting was a valid form of expression and that I had enabled that expression through my list. So it was difficult for him to do away with it altogether. In stead, he decided to hide it away in an obscure place and to disable its active hyperlink status.

    He knew that I would never draw any members attention to it, nor would I ever suggest that anyone gift me or prompt them to seek its location.

    So from then on, gifting as a form of expression was over. Extinguished.


    Shortly after that he banned me (because I could not be manipulated into doing something he wanted that was entirely unrelated)

    When I finally returned here in June, after my ban was lifted I reinstated the wish list hyperlink to its original more prominent position below my Avatar.

    Since Jens the new Administrator had lost interest in the site and didn't visit anymore, I thought it would be just fine.


    Then about 2 weeks ago one of the staff here had his attention drawn to it and complained to the other staff. Some of whom are quite jealous of me and bear a historical animosity. Those staff members went about constant and persistent monitoring of my profile in order to repeatedly remove that link.

    Spending many hours of their time on what was actually a fruitless occupation, the disablement of a form of expression. A task which neither benefited them selves not the forum in anyway.

    One of the more persistent and aggressive members of staff even has a link to their Amazon page in the form of a hyperlink as a signature. The selling of a book. Purely a commercial exploit.

    So, I hope that helps to explain my absence from the forum and the storm in a tea cup on my profile page. I'm really upset.

    I expect this thread will be locked or deleted quite soon as my last one was.

    Since after all this too is a form of expression.
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  2. How sad that a good site should sink to such petty lows
  3. Why can't People just Get Along. Rules and Power struggles seem to have to be apart of everything.
  4. Mainly due to fear, greed, insecurity and envy.
  5. Mistress Jules

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    Dear Amanda

    I am sorry to hear you are upset with the moderating team. I would like to thank you for publicly posting your explanation for the recent activity on your profile.

    Whilst we do ask members not to directly insult or abuse other members or our Administrator, I have decided to let your message stand in its entirety to ensure fairness.

    The Administrator of this site did indeed agree that gifting was a valid form of expression after what I understand was his initial reluctance of the possibility of members being exploited. He even went so far as to change the member profile to give a specific area for a wishlist URL. This area comes with instructions as follows –

    (this field is for promoting the URL(s) to your Wish List(s) Separate URLs in paragraphs)


    1. Please notice that Wish Lists with items more expensive than approx. 50£/80$ cannot be listed here on CM)
    2. Please also be aware that your Wish List URL can ONLY be published right here. No where else on CM.
    3. You cannot promote your Wish List in status updates and posts.Has to be in one-on-one PM's or Chat.
    Repeated Violation of any of these rules will be met with exclusion of membership.

    NB: Also notice that any member engaged in professional findom and exploitation anywhere on the internet will be met with exclusion of membership of CM.

    There are very few rules on this site and it was felt that the ones we have should be kept. There is a specific place for the URL for a wishlist and the moderators requested that you keep to that ruling.

    Unfortunately, you felt that was not a rule you were able to comply with and you persisted in publishing the URL for your wishlist in many different areas. Moderators removed it when possible to comply with the rule set by the Administrator.

    As I am the only moderator with a signature which links to a book I authored on Amazon, I will presume I am the one described as “persistent and aggressive”. At present there are no rulings against having links to products on a signature. Whether that product is a book or a chastity device.

    It would be appreciated if you would refrain from making personal insults to any members of the forum in future. If you persist, any insults will be removed and/or the post deleted.

    Once again, thank you for your public explanation of why you feel a rule of this site does not apply to you.

    I shall as you presumed lock this thread as it would demean the site to allow it to go any further.

    M. Jules
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