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Experiences only women have

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by innocent.in.574, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. I enjoy extended periods of feminization that go beyond the sexual thrill and allow me feel like I'm no longer a man. I love to feel the inconveniences and discomfort women deal with all the time and accept it as part of life.

    One example is wearing high heels all day and having sore feet and tired legs at the end of the day. Another is having my skirt tucked into the back of my pantyhose after using the restroom. I want to experience the discomfort, pain, humiliation and obligations that women endure. How would I simulate a monthly menstrual cycle, cramps and all?

    What are some other ideas for things that women generally dislike but endure because its just part of being a woman. I want to feel like a woman in more ways than my attire.

    Your ideas, suggestions and comments are appreciated.

    Thank you.
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  2. Increased frequency for needing to urinate.
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  3. Going out in public with out her make-up on.
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  4. Almost my entire fetish world consists of having to suffer as women do. Fortunately my wife knows, understands and appreciiates my longing to do penance in that realm.
    While we do use chastity play as short term foreplay, she likes piv sex and won't deny herself.
    Traditionally women have spent a lot of time and endured discomfort for beauty. Tight girdles, sitting under the dryer and many other practices keep me respectful and horny.
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  5. I've learned why there are so many sexually frustrated women out there. Most men I've had sex with so far didn't last long enough to milk my prostate and they didn't really care either. They just want to get off as fast as they can and then leave. It can be very frustrating sometimes and I never realized this or even thought about it, before I started having sex with men.
  6. The sexually frustrated aspect is something I'd like to experience. Spending a very long time locked in chastity and submitting to sex with other men frequently. My only chance of getting off would be through anal penetration. Very frustrating indeed.

    I inadvertently had a womanly experience the other day. I was able to spend an entire day dressed up in heels, pantyhose and an above the knee dress. When I undressed at about 11pm I noticed I had a run in my pantyhose going up the back of my left leg. My wife said she first noticed it before lunch. I actually felt embarrassed and blushed.
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  7. well i'm not sure how the abdominal cramps can be caused, a quick google search was pretty fruitless, but I would expect that you could wear a tampon in your ass for a few days every month. pick a day on the calendar and just wear a tampon on those days every month ;) you'll soon get bored!
  8. Abdominal cramps. Try a simple glycerine suppository. You will have cramps then you gotta go potty. I don't know how it would be if you were prevented from going #2.
    Also you could put a heating pad under your girdle and stay tethered to the nearest wall plug.
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  9. Instead of a heating pad, being tethered to an outlet, look in the camping section of K-mart, Walmart, etc.
    Find the hand warmers - there are extra-large chemical heaters, it's like a cold compress, only hot.

    Can be held in place with panty girdles. ;-)

  10. Pee sitting down a dozen times a day. Shave your armpits and legs. Et cetera, et cetera.
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  11. Be careful about tampax insertion for prolonged periods of time as they will dry out the anus and cause problems. I have found that having a plug inserted in me during Her time of the month serves to be a constant reminder to me of what She must endure. Funny thing is that even after She went through menopause, I am still required to emulate that aspect of femininity!
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  12. just a thought, but doesn't having a run in your stockings, wearing uncomfortable shoes and trying to mimic cramps, trivialize being female? Especially the difficult aspects?

    What about making 75% of your deserved wage, treated with disrespect if nice or a bitch if tough? Working a full time job and trying to raise a family? Passed over for promotion because you took maternity leave, hit by an abusive spouse or forcibly assaulted?

    I'm sorry but getting a run in your stockings and wearing some heels isn't enduring the hardships of womanhood any more than constant erections and shaving your face tell the tale of being a man.

    Sorry to rant, I'm sure you have the utmost respect for women, I just don't think this will give you the answers you are looking for.
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  13. I'm just browsing, but it seems both sides of the arguement are not even related... All innocent.in.574 seems to be doing is they'd like to have the minimal trivial things. Those can be imitated... I feel like you are going to the extreme end when myself, a woman, born and raised feel I haven't had any disadvantages... Maybe it's because I was lucky to live in a smaller town where sometimes bad shit happens to girls.( And boys too, life's life) But usually you have more men to cover your ass and if you're willing to work, then there isn't any problem... I know I've lived a sheltered life and I know bad shit happens to women... But bad shit happens to men too... I'm sure it happens way more in the big cities, the pay difference and such, But like I said I have lived a fairly sheltered life so I'm speaking from perspective
  14. I feel like trivial things are the main course of life. If I eat eggs I get cramps like I'm on my period. Egg intolerance feels almost the same!
  15. Or hey...get some lipstick on your teeth, toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe, and just not be able to get your hair just right...now your ready to listen to "I am woman" and your set!:p:D
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  16. L-u-c-y (Partner)

    L-u-c-y (Partner) Chief Goddess
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    Oct 20, 2015
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    You could try making a female profile on a fetish (or dating) site and then reading through the 1000's of vile messages you will receive. That will give you a taste of the discomfort women deal with all the time :)
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  17. depending on your height, when out shopping next, you could ask another guy to get something down off the top shelf or something like that?
  18. I never imagined I'd be purchasing kotex pads for myself. Now I just put them down on the counter at the drugstore with my other purchases.
    I have also discovered the wide variety of pads depending on the panties or thongs I'm wearing. I can't imagine not wearing something in my panties when I'm locked up.
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  19. A female friend of mine wanted me to experience the feeling of menstrual cramps, so she gave me a large enema and then plugged me with a tampon. I got cramps for about an hour. After that I couldn't hold it any longer and had to go! I enjoyed the experience.
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  20. Mistress Jules

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    Oct 27, 2013
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    I am not particularly enthused about feminisation or cross dressing but as CM is such an inclusive site I normally don’t bother.

    This thread however annoys and angers me to such a level that I am barely able to be civil in my reply.

    That it has become a fetish to play at suffering as a female, I find completely objectionable. When wearing high heels until you have sore feet and aching legs is a kink I am appalled. You at least can do it once for fun, many females have to do this every working day with no break.

    The wearing of sanitary products is not a choice, it is a necessity to be accepted in our society. You think this is being feminine? When you bleed so much that you stain your skirt, that is menstruation, not having some nice dry pad in your underwear. As for cramps, it would be great to have the choice unfortunately females don’t have that option. So once a month we feel like our insides are being torn out by a blunt instrument.

    As the OP has not been seen in a while I think enough has been said for now.
  21. Until this bf, most of the bfs I had used to get their jollies and leave me unsatisfied. When he's in chastity, he gives me mine and he's left unsatisfied. He said he used to be like that until he was in his 3rd year of college when a woman his age had a little patience with him and taught him to make sure the woman was happy, too. He said now he knows how those women felt.

    I like retro lingerie, so when I make him dress, it's always garter belts and slips or petticoats. No pantyhose or just leaving out the slips. He's required to wear pettipants under the few feminine pairs of pants I've gotten for him, if I tell him to put on pants. He always wears a camisole under a blouse, or, if he's in a blouse and skirt, a full slip or camisole and half slip, depending on what I tell him. He wears full makeup and perfume. He has to prepare before he even gets dressed, even if he's getting dressed for discipline, by getting in the tub and using oils and layering the fragrances, It takes him at least an hour to get dressed, often two. He says he understands why it takes us gals so long to get ready, now.

    I have a couple of pairs of very heavy silicone breast forms I make him wear. I tighten his bra straps a little extra so the bra straps can pull on him from the weight of the forms. I tell him he's supposed to know he's wearing a bra.

    Heels, of course. Usually he wears 4 or 5". He's gotten used to them, although he admits he feels some relief when he takes them off before he falls asleep (yes, if we're going to have sex, he wears them in the bed. He takes them off when it's time to go to sleep) I use 6" heels for discipline only, although this morning, he thought he'd be cute and wear the pink 6" heels when he made me a snack and brought it to the bed. He put on the red lingerie and the pink maid dress and 6" pink heels. I guess he figured out I'd looked at the computer history for when I was away and saw he'd been looking at pornography, so maybe he was trying to get out of a spanking or at least get it put off. I played along for a while, since it was fun seeing him suffer in the heels until finally I called him over to the computer in that soft voice I use when I'm about to ask him about misbehavior. After reviewing 2 day's worth, I gave him the opportunity to confess to anything else, which he did, so I told him there'd be no chastity, just a spanking. I sent him to the corner and made him stand there for about half and hour, disciplined him, then sent him back to stand in the corner for about an hour. He got a break when I sent him upstairs to fix his makeup, but he has to sit at the vanity when he does that, which means he has to sit on a very sore bottom.

    Now he's still in the 6" heels and is"attending" to me while he's in that cute pink maid dress. In fact, I'm thinking of calling my best friend, or, if she can't come, another lady friend who's seen him like this and see if she'd like to come over and enjoy some sissy maid service.
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