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Discussion in 'Chastity device reviews' started by robert, Apr 11, 2010.

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    This review is for a Ms Lori #2B non-pierced device. I first want to state that I have never worn a chastity device before so this was a new experience. This #2B device was made special for me as I did not want a piercing but my wife wanted a secure device. The #2B device was modified to work together with a Locked In Steel CBX000 belt. The CBX000 belt has a connection bar that normally joins a CB3000 device through its pins to the belt. Ms Lori has a fantastic team that was able attach an intact CBX0000 connection bar to the #2B device by adding a special set of tabs to her device. The belt connection bar is secured to the #2B device with 2 of her locks and thus the bar could be removed at the key holders discretion if desired to wear the 2B device by itself. The wearer cannot remove the bar from the device by himself however as it is locked on. With the belt on, the wearer has no access to the back of the #2B ring. This allows for a fully secure device without the need for a piercing.

    I have worn the 2B device and belt for 3 weeks straight with no problems. It is very comfortable and was from the start. A major point is that of accurate measuring of the connecting bar when ordering the CBX000 belt from Locked In Steel. Ms Loris simply needed the final connecting bar to make the retrofit and produced the modified device in about 3 weeks from receiving the connecting bar. The modified #2B is top quality.

    I want to say that Ms Lori was very cooperative on working with us and did so at all times in a very professional, efficient manner. She was always very responsive to questions and requests. Her device is top notch and very secure. The workmanship is really excellent. In summary;
    1.I obtained a device from Ms Lori in a very reasonable time-short lead time.
    2.The device was made of high quality materials and good quality work.
    3.She and her customer service were very responsive and extremely professional.
    4.The modifications kept the device very secure.
    5.The device was comfortable right from the start.
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