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Evotion Wearable advice

Discussion in 'The Mall (Devices)' started by JamesAll10, May 12, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    We will be ordering an evotion wearable device in the next week. I was looking to see if anyone had any tips or tricks about ordering in terms of what you did right or would have changed. Going the custom plastic route as I travel a good bit for work.

  2. Can't really help. But placed my order yesterday.

    I am pretty experienced with ordering custom Chastity but still took carfull measurmets per Evotion's site. I don't know yet if I got them right?

    I would suggest you take your measurements over the course of a few days or more. I used digital calipers, maybe overkill. But I would suggest a short metric ruler between 100 to 150mm at the least. I take several measures sitting as that seems to be when I'm the shortest.
  3. I'm like you and will do the over kill measurement with a digital caliper, better to be safe! They are updating their website with some options I want in the next couple of days so will wait until next week. Before everyone asks what, the main option is a metal pa pin. He sent photos and it looks perfect.
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  4. The one knock ill give Evotions is that the measurements process is a little more complex. He needs various measurements that he later combines to create the full length of the cage.

    Best advice I can give, as usual, is to err on the side of too short, and measure carefully. The thing about emotions is that you can replace various pieces at a relatively inexpensive price, and because it's all customizable you can achieve a revision of length in several different ways. For instance, I didn't want to buy a whole new cage, so I had him add the few mm i needed by making a new base ring with an extended attachment point.

    Just go for it, and be reasonable in your expectations. I you get it dead on perfect the first time then you'd be the exception to the rule. Assume you'll need to learn from the device that arrives in the mail and order a replacement piece or two.

    Check out my thread on the Evotions8. Its got lots of info.

    Good luck!
  5. @JamesAll10@JamesAll10

    Well crap. I just order yesterday. Hmm. I'll send him a message and ask if I can include? message me with some of his changes if you don't want to put them here.
  6. @JamesAll10@JamesAll10 Evotions has a metal PA pin now?! We tried fabricating out own from one of out old bases without success.
  7. @JamesAll10@JamesAll10 Can you send a pic of the metal PA pin Evotions device? I don't see it on the website.
  8. @Thatgirl@Thatgirl

    Andy sent me an e-mail and the pictures look awesome. He told me to sign up for the newsletter and will be on their site very soon. And since I just ordered yesterday he's going to add it to my order there will be enough charge though. I would send ND an email because I don't know if he wants those out in the public yet.

  9. Sorry for the bad spelling above. I was trying on my phone at a red light. Lol

  10. Ugh. Ain't that just the way it goes? Had it had a SS prong I could have started wearing it months ago. It took quite a while for my PA to toughen to the point that the printed nylon prong no longer causes any discomfort.

    We've got in the neighborhood of $1,000.00 into my evotions when you add the original cost to the cost of 3 or 4 different rings, just as many base pieces to go along with my various PA stretches and changing up the shape of the prong, plus the padlock strap, the snap strap (plus a bunch of snaps), and most recently the integrated lock strap. I'm happy with the nylon prong now, so I wont be rushing to order a replacement base just for that. We did however modify my base to remove some material from the sides, which cured the edema issues in was having.

    We ALMOST threw in the towel on the evotions a few times but I'm SO glad we didn't. It is now the ONLY device that I can wear long term without my vericocele acting up painfully. Now that the edema has been solved too, we FINALLY have a 100% secure cage that can be worn for as long as SHE wants me in it.

    We just reached this point after making the modification a few weeks ago. And I'm very glad we did, or I'd be so much more angry that Titaniumchastiti is a theiving P.O.S.
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  11. Although he did tell me he'd custom print me a base with the sides pared down the way I modified mine, so I suppose if I do do that I'd probably have hom use a metal prong... Although, @Thatgirl@Thatgirl says she likes that this device cab be worn through the airport - one of my biggest fears! Having to explain it in the back room, where I ALWAYS get pulled aside to anyhow. Crazy embarsssing just the thought of it
  12. I've not been stopped in the airport when I have just my ring in. But I don't travel much.

    I'm wondering what evotion pin is made of. Because he is gold or iridium plating them? So they may not be ss. And yes @TitaniumChastiTi@TitaniumChastiTi is a piece of shit...
  13. @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet was pulled aside BOTH times during our round trip up north! I had mercy on him and didn't make him wear his cage, but the PA always caused the alarms to go off, lol!
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  14. I've traveled with my 6 gauge CBR ring in and had no issues at all. I assume the pin will be less metal than the ring.... I hope!

    I didn't want to post pictures on here as I assume if he wanted to share he would have. I can tell you it's as simple as it being a metal pin is all.
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  16. Price is outrageous for a 3D print at close to 500. A Lori device in metal is close to that. Oh well, just placed my order!
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  17. I've traveled with a PA and never got flagged. I think I've gone through both the full body scanner and metal detector. I've been to England and to Indonesia.

    Now, my jewelry is a 7/8" 4G curved bar bell. If he is wearing a ring that has more metal. I would just say "genital jewelry". They gotta see enough of that.