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Ever see a KH in public?

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by sb_andycb, May 22, 2014.

  1. the integrated lock and key is what we use. I cut off the major portion of the key and just use the teeth part on the pendant i made. She wears it when im locked, and if im unlocked she leaves it at home. She gets a few questions but answers with pretty plain language of that its something i made for her. I found another antique heart shaped key that is a bit wider and shorter, am going to make another for the spare, that way she has some options.
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  2. Thank you, yes it is exciting. We love to publicly declare and celebrate the nature of our relationship. D/s is a beautiful thing. My love and devotion for my Goddess is so pure and absolute and Her care for me touches my heart
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  3. These days you have to be so carful what you say or ask because there are so many extreme people who will get up in your face about their social or political issues. So when my wife wears one of her pieces of jewelry that is shaped like a key it is for her reminder and not to send a message to others.

    However, it would make for a fascinating study to survey all the worlds chastity manufactures and get an idea of how many units are sold annually. I'll bet the locked male population is hundreds of millions of submissive guys.
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