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Ever see a KH in public?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by sb_andycb, May 22, 2014.

  1. She told one of her friends. But as far as telling just because they asked idk she may kinda have mixed feelings about it but it is extremely exciting lol. But it is her call all the way around.
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  2. Love the thought of running across other like minded couples. And my girl showing off her key to others.
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  3. She told her friend when she first started. I think she was nervous and just wanted to share what was going on to see if it was weird or gauge her reaction. She didn't tell her about our sexual activity or my submissive tendencies and only told her I wear a lock "down there" so that would make her feel at ease when it comes to cheating(not the reason). Her friend said it was sweet. I believe they dropped it and since they hadn't talked for so long after, assumed it freaked her out. Turns out she must have forgotten all about it. They have seen and texted quite a bit since and it never came up.
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  4. It's a turn on for me.
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  5. My wife and I were at Walmart near Stone Mountain GA about 4 months ago and noticed a vehicle with the license plate KEYHLDR
  6. I always wear a key on a neck chain when Ian is locked. We live in a small village, and I know 3 other lady who wear one. Yes, I have asked, and yes, it's for the same reason. We now have 3 new couples as friends. Whenever I am ask about mid I tell the truth, and that sometimes leads to other new friends.

    Why be shy?

  7. My kh gets asked often because she wears hers when I am locked...a lot. She explains that it is something I made for her, the key to his heart. All very true.

    It did backfire a bit 2 days ago when a railroad buddy asked about it, asked if it was a railroad key, and wanted a closer look. Well it passes just fine at a glance but close inspection would reveal there is a small modern key teeth at the bottom that has been added. Questions to why it's there and what it really unlocks would ensue. I actually thought this last time she was going to tell him...she was just tipsy enough to do so. Her friends I'm not to concerned about, but mine are coworkers and would create a shitty work environment...blue collar and nicknames will stick forever. There once was a kid that always had dirty jeans and was called grubby. He changed company's and it still followed him there. He's a manager now and it's been fifteen years...people still call him grubby. Not sure I am ready for whatever nickname that would ensue lol...forever.
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  8. Thats the key to a locker or a condo. She wears it like that because she doesn't have a pocket. My wife does the same thing at the beach.
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    If you know them well you could try a 'multiple control' arrangement, so that two (or more) of you have a veto on both (or more) wearers. Various ways to set this up..........
  10. FYI-I bought a beautiful 14 ct gold chain for my wife/keyholder today, and plan on presenting it to her tomorrow with my key hanging from it. She's worn my key on other, inexpensive chains occasionally, but inconsistently. I'm going to encourage her to wear it routinely after this. It would be smoking' hot to be out with her somewhere and have someone ask about it-particularly another woman wearing a key herself.
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  11. I won't go in that direction thanks. I don't aim for world record lock in times, I'm not knocking those who do, but it's not my style. I work on the view that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
  12. I have the key to my cage on a tiny gold chain around my neck (with the clasp permanently glued shut with crazy glue) It's there so that in an emergency, it can be off simply by breaking the chain. SO, my situation is 180 degrees different. When dressed in male clothes, I try to wear a higher collar so that it is not quit so obvious, but it has been the subject of questions a few times and I simply say that I am so forgetful that I need to always know where the key to "my gun safe" is. Here in Alabama, that is acceptable, it seems! (Well, there used to be a "gun" there, but now its just a water spout!)
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  13. My wife and I went to dinner a month ago and sat down at a table beside another couple. My wife wears the key to my first cage,the belt I have now has a different shape of key that does not hang on a chain flat.After a few minutes I noticed my wife half smile,half laugh.I was pretty much facing the guy so I couldn't see the woman's face. My wife looked toward the the guy and the woman looked toward me,I saw the key around her neck and we all laughed.We introduced ourselves and talked a few minutes.Before they left I told Bob we guys are really lucky and I am glad he agreed with me.:)
  14. The other day I saw a woman walking her dog. She was wearing spandex pants with large key graphics on them. My wife wears a similar pair.
    When I told my wife she asked where, what time and what did she look like. I've learned she is really hoping to meet other KHs and couples.
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  15. My wife was never that shy about it. The first answer was a generic, but if they persisted she would admit exactly what it goes to.
    Now after 2 years in a row of going to a motorcycle rally wearing nothing but my jailbird one night. There are countless people that knows about it.
    One couple we visited with showed a lot of interest and they talked like they needed to begin taking measurements
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  16. My wife always wears her key on a silver necklace. The other day we had a waitress tell my wife how much she liked her necklace. She then pulled out a necklace from underneath her blouse and tell us that it's to keep her husband "in line". My wife looked at her and said, "that's exactly what mine is for too". The waitress smirked and gave us a knowing look. She got a big tip!
  17. I'm still wondering.. did an unsuccessful search.. what does this mean?
  18. Was talking about the queen of spades tattoo...preference for gentlemen of color.
  19. OK.. found it! "It connotes white women with a sexual preference for black men"... in our community and this thread, I can adjust the meaning ;)
  20. That is the best quote ever I'm totally sharing that with my Queen.
  21. Madame says that until I buy her a proper necklace to display her power it stays frozen in the block of ice.
  22. Lol I wish someone would ask mine everytime we go out. Just the humiliation of it to me her just telling some random girl when she asked.
  23. I have never seen one on anybody else but my Mistress always wears my key on a chain, around her neck in private and public. As long as i have a chastity device on my dick (which is now permanent) she will visibly wear my key. This is very important to both of us as a testament/witness to our deep D/s relationship - much like a wedding ring.
    Most friends and family know what it is. If a random stranger asks Mistress then she probably wouldn't go into detail but in social situations and other occasions, when appropriate, She will give a honest answer if asked.
    in a similar vein, last week i wore my cuckold charm ( on a neck-chain), in public for the first time. Nobody remarked on it but I will be doing it more so lets see if anybody asks! DIPHUhoW4AA0A26.jpg DMkwpp5W0AA1HbX.jpg
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  24. I love your photos and your charm. Being as comfortable as you are in public must be very exciting.
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  25. As for seeing a lady wearing a key necklace. I have only seen this twice and haven't struck up a conversation with them. I did see an elderly classy lady walk by me in a mall with am ace of spades tattoo a few month ago. She definetly looked like the kind of lady that was in control of her life

    My Mistress doesn't wear the key on a necklace very often. She does it more as a way to tease me, the key and lock we use is from my Holy Trainer which also fits the other integrated devices I own. The thing with the HT key is it says Holy Trainer on the key so it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

    My Mistress does have a lock and key charm on her Pandora bracelet that she wears a lot. I have seen her showing the bracelet to other Ladies, what she says about the charm is her secret.
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