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Ever see a KH in public?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by sb_andycb, May 22, 2014.

  1. I can remember seeing this 4 times. Interestingly, 3 of those 4 ladies were Asian. The first time I noticed a woman clearly wearing a functional key on a necklace was in a supermarket in Switzerland in 2010. There was a blonde, very beautiful girl clearly playing with a real key on her necklace. A few moments later, her boyfriend showed up and the kissed very intimately.
    In 2014 I worked at a university in Mongolia. 80-90% of the students at the English Department were female. On the first day, I saw a female student very clearly wearing a functional key on a necklace. The key looked similar to the one worn by Lady Jezerae. I got very excited, but didn't dare to ask what the key was for. Unfortunately, she was not one of my students, and I never saw her again.
    In 2016 I saw an Asian woman at an airport, I can't remember which one exactly (possibly Munich), who was wearing two identical, clearly functional keys on a fabric bracelet.
    The last encounter was in Mongolia again. Only recently, about 1 or 2 months ago, I saw that the lady working at the till of an Indian restaurant had a real key dangling from a silver bracelet. It reminded me of a certain version of the CB-6000. I was more excited than ever before, but again didn't have the courage to say anything.
    I really wonder whether the key just has a different meaning or male chastity is actually more common in Asia.
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  2. My wife wears her key in the cup of her bra. She hasn't worn it on a necklace, but I'd like her to try once or twice...it'd be cool I think.

    As for others, actually my wife and I were away for a weekend together away from the kids (we have 4), and our waitress at the lounge we were at had a key on a necklace. My wife commented and asked if the key was for something special? The waitress replied yes, it is. Later on, my wife asked the waitress if the key kept her man in line....lol...and she smiled and said, actually, that's exactly what it does. My wife winked at her...from then on, the waitress looked at me quite different. lol Never ACTUALLY said it was for a lock on a cage, but it was definitely implied!
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  3. That's very cool
  4. gold_key_to_my_heart_charm_bracelet_-_heart_lock_removable_key_charm_3317c433.jpg I don't like to see a functional key on my KH's necklace. I'd very much rather see a beautiful Tiffany key there or on a charm bracelet, and the functional key hidden.
  5. That is the key she wears every day. I made it from an old key and the key to my cage.

    Mostly looks like a pendant but there is definitely a functional key on the end

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  6. My KH has worn it out a few times on her necklace. She was asked once by a friend what it was, she just play it off as a charm. A couple of other times she's been wearing it around the house, and we've gone out for the day. When we got home we realized that she was still wearing it on her necklace. I wonderd if anyone who seen it knew what it was.
  7. I have been asked also. I reply that it's the key to my boyfriend's heart. After all, I can feel @Nicoftime@Nicoftime's heartbeat after he's been caged for so long.
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  8. I love this reasoning. Will be my new go-to. @Nicoftime@Nicoftime
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  9. You are my everything... you have no idea
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  10. I have not seen it in public but haven't been looking that long. I asked my Wife if she would like to wear her key and she has been hesitant. I even suggested it around he ankle and she was kind of thinking about it. So the other day she saw a pandora charm that has a lock and key that dangles off of it and now she wears that on her wrist band. I love it when she jiggles her wrist and wears it but she doesn't wear it often yet.

    But Im always looking! lol
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  11. I work in the marine transportation industry, and get to see lots of people on a daily basis as we load and offload the boats. I do see quite a few keys hanging from necklaces, most are more "charm" type of keys .. there are a few "functional" keys though, and if I get the chance I will make a comment about it such as "Nice Key" or " I really like your necklace" or whatever kind of flows with the atmosphere with the group they are in. Never had anybody flat out say it was for a chastity device yet. I really look forward to the day it all comes together.

    One day, I did not know it at the time, but it clicked later when I saw it online somewhere ... I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that had the Rooster in the Cage picture on the front. Oh I woulda loved to have talked to him about that lol.
  12. My wife has the functional key with her car keys. She sometimes wears a sterling silver and ruby key on a silver necklace I gave her earlier on. I already gave her a heavy gold anklet which she has not taken off since the day I gave it to her, when we started our FLR, Told her I would get her a charm for the anklet for each year we celebrate the anniversary of our chastity and our FLR.
  13. There is no way to tell since people are wearing keys for various reasons other than chastity. My wife has a Tiffany key to my heart and there are several websites selling regular looking keys for whatever cause or reason they have. You can see actresses on TV wearing them, notably Valerie Bertinelli. The key around the neck is as useless as an anklet bracelet meaning you are a hot wife. Both items are sold for non fetish reasons. My wife has worn an ankle bracelet, and still does, for 45 years and no one ever thought she was a hot wife. She has worn a key for many years and no one every thought it was for chastity.
  14. What about the girl who first shows up at 1:40 in the following video? This definitely looks like a functional key. But why would you wear it at the beach? Do you think we might be looking at a a chastity key here?

  15. I've seen a few functional keys around the necks of women but have been hesitant to ask for the most part. Couple of weeks ago i was at the doctors office and the nurse that did my intake was quite cute, friendly and showing a bit of cleavage. She had on a nice chain with a gold ring on it and a small brass key. They rested right in her cleavage. Tried to be discrete but it was quite the lovely sight. I mentioned to her that I liked her key and my wife had one exactly like it. She smiled and said I was a lucky boy then. I can't imagine how red I looked, i certainly felt it in my cheeks.
  16. My wife wore her key on a thin gold necklace for the first time in public last weekend while we were away for a few days.

    No-one actually commented, but we seemed to get additional attention at dinner from both a waiter and waitress.
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  17. The Odd Teaser has often worn "the key" on either a necklace or anklet in public. We always wonder if anyone in the know notices...
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  18. I see there is a website called thegivingkeys dot com. They sell a necklace key. There is no reference to chastity, but that is what I thought about when I saw the website.
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  19. I have seen a few wearing a key necklace but have asked but give a knowing smile and wink
  20. Yes, salonslave is actually right. Those "giving keys" also look like functional keys (they actually used to be) and there is no way of distinguishing them from chastity keys. This makes things even more difficult...
  21. My girl wears hers on a anklet 24/7. No matter were we go or who is there. And I love it.
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  22. My wife has a very generic looking key on her anklet that she wears when I'm locked. She has been asked about it once by a stranger and other people have mentioned how much they like her anklet.
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  23. She ever tell them.
  24. No. When I was with her she told the person it was the key to my heart. My wife is very modest and I don't think she would ever admit to someone what the key is truly for. Even if she was drunk (which she doesn't get hammered just a little buzzed) and talking to a stranger. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if she did though. I wonder if she would ever tell one of her friends or not. I am 99.999% certain she never will though.

    Funny thing it, the key is to a heart shaped lock I got her. That lock is on a box that holds the real security screw "key."
  25. How about you, does she ever tell when asked?