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Ever see a KH in public?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by sb_andycb, May 22, 2014.

  1. Curious, has anyone ever seen a woman with an obvious key hanging from a necklace while out and about in a public setting? And I'm not talking about your own KH, or being at some munch or get together with like minded folks. Just a plain old random key sighting. Never happened for me, but I'd love to see it one day.
  2. No, my princess chose to have me purchase a Princess charm. She only wears it when I am under lock and key. She showed it to her friends and such but I know did not expose its true meaning.

    Makes ya think, maybe there are some closet KH that you seen just don't know it.
  3. I haven't but I'm always on the lookout for one. Plus I'm always on the lookout for the Queen of Spades tattoo on girls.
  4. i only found out what that means a bit ago. i wishes i cud have one on me.
  5. Mistress goes to work with the key hanging around her neck when I am locked up - she gets asked and just tells them its for something precious ;-)
  6. My Lady also wears her key on a necklace sometimes when she goes to work or out and about. She says it's the "key to her man's heart"'when anyone asks (which isn't very often). At least one of her coworkers knows (that I'm aware of) and a couple of her friends. But I've yet to see another complete stranger wearing a necklace with a key. I suppose most folks would rather keep their private lives private. (Or maybe there really aren't that many people who live the lifestyle or even play chastity games.)
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  7. We ran into a couple at our State Fair a couple years ago where the female was wearing a key. She actually noticed my wife's key and started up a conversation...
  8. We were watching a TV program a few months back where a woman was being interviewed and she clearly had a Key around her neck.
    Her husband was also interviewed as it was about a couple who had an accident based around a raunchy night.

    As soon as my Wife spotted the Key she was....Look she could be a Keyholder too. lol

    Its possible that they were not into this Kink but it was fun to see it on TV.
  9. At a work situation I was dealing with a new designer. A very attractive married woman who was very flustered and sweet with me. She had a key around her neck and I did ask about it.
    She played with it and pulled it as she answered and said "oh its nothing just a key I like..."

    Unfortunately I have never worked with her again... (Wait maybe that's a good thing!)
    But I have always wondered.
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  10. My wife gave more or less the same answer - at a party once. She was asked - sitting in a group of friends, what the key was for. She replied: It is for something very precious to me, and smiled at me. There was silence in like 5 secs while they where looking at us as you watch a tennis match- back and forth, - and then everybody rapidly turned to other matters. No one dared to follow up.... Very sweet!
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  11. The answer I would give would be "wouldn't you like to know?" with a smile. But then I would never wear that key around my neck , especially not in public.
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  12. Mistress and I were out at the pet store, buying dog food, and the cashier had a keey on her necklace. Mistress commented on it, "I like your necklace, I collect keys, and have a couple like that." Cashier gave a polite "thnakyou, it is pretty special to me." Kind of wonder....
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  13. Quite obviously there are any number of reasons a person might wear a key on a necklace... But those of us with this kink want to assume that the wearer is a hey holder for someone in chastity. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Like a lot of things in this kink, it's fun to fantasize.
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  14. Isn't that what this is all about.. I mean a lot is made into reality and the male remains caged out of the desire to please his wife, GF,KH, princess ... But in the end it is all fantasy made into reality to whatever extent the Dom/Sub agree but no one is every really truly locked with no say barring extreem submission and boarding on illegal.

  15. Bingo! Any fantasy is possible if two people agree to live it out and make it real.
    Thank you for that.
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  16. Mistress wears her keys on an anklet, shes been asked about them, and always says they are just charms. there is a bartender at our local casino who has one on a necklace, she says its to keep something safe, and smiles. i wonder.....
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  17. I have a niece who wears a key pendant. This I noticed after her husband started to expound on the subject of male chastity, but was quickly silenced by her before he could say much.
    I noticed that familiar bulge and the lock at a swim party not soon afterward. Had I not known what it was however I would not have noticed it!
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  18. I know that a key on a charm bracelet or necklace can also symbolize a key to success. Many times its the skeleton type key though.
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  19. fuss mit symbol.jpg my K/H in public ! reg. GWENY
  20. i wear a collar. I will put a pic up of it, but i like it, its pretty, Ive had a few odd questions, and my sub has had a couple of questions cos his is more obvious and he has worn it for longer. Its wierd tho, if people ask him why he is wearing it, they wont accept his answer, but as i put it on him near valentines day, i just say it was his valentines present from me, and they seem to take that for an answer and shut up. Ive had a few smiles and the odd comment about mine, I just say i wear it because I want to (my sub bought it for me at our first trip to LFF), it also shows off my microdermal quite well, better than a necklace cos the necklace kind of obscurs the dermal. I do often look for others, but not spotted any, other than at fetish events
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  21. ps i think my kids have given up wondering, ive got piercings and tattoos, so they are kinda used to me being a bit less than ordinary....

  22. When I worn mine it was very much out in the public eye. If ever asked I would simply say it unlocks something very precious, and I wear it around my neck so that I never lose it.
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  23. I wear a key charm around my neck and since I'm new to the lifestyle I haven't seen anyone else wearing one. But now I scan constantly. I have been asked many times what was the key for and I tell them it's just a key to a lock box.
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  24. I have noticed key necklaces before, most often they are clearly a piece of decorative jewelry, but occasionally, it will be a functional key, and I cant help but wonder.
    I work with clients, often couples to design remodeling projects for their home. Very often I identify subtle things in their home or behavior which eludes to something more exciting behind the scenes. But, I generally attribute it to my own thoughts and presume them as normal, helps me keep it professional.
  25. I saw a male gay couple and one guy had a dog collar with a padlock on it and the other had a neck chain with a key on it. They were wearing jackets but it was clearly visible. That was at a fair. If there wasn't kids everywhere, I would have asked them about it. I keep my key on a small chain attached to my mobile phone case. Feel free to say 'hi' if you see me. I just say it's for the security gate. Not too far from the truth.

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