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Estrogen Cream

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by MelsBitch, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I am wondering if rubbing estrogen cream on your balls daily will shrink your testicles? If it doesn't what might? Would really like to shrink them some more!!!
  2. Well - don't know if estrogen will shrink your testicles but long term it most certainly will 'destroy' them / make you impotent for sure.
    The pill for men (the versions that were experimented with some years ago) used estrogen for disabling sperm production. Used as injection it disabled sperm production for about 4 months, but in this case it was a controlled dose.
    If you appy cream regulary / daily you most certainly will overdose and the effect might / will get irreversible.
  3. You should only use topical estrogen on your arms and inner thighs. It goes into your bloodstream so in theory it doesn't matter where you rub it, but getting too much absorbed in the wrong place can increase the chance of getting estrogen related cancers.

    Taking estrogen in low doses won't really do much anyway. If you want to reduce testosterone and ball size perhaps some spironolactone would be a better idea.
  4. I,ve been using estriol vagitories and cream for two years but not consistently. Vagitories (the grease in them) put in anus or melted in mouth irritate intestinal mucosa and and are laxatory so I don't recommend. Cream applied topically on nipples, testicles, anus ets. are my way. No irritation and satisfactory effect. They are so mild that I wouldn't worry about bad effects, whic come mainly form ingested doses. I've had vasectomy so I don't need to think about fertility, nice. The effect is systemic mainly, cream gets to your ciculation without processing in the liver which means practically no risk to cancer on blood clots., Estriol doesn't give you breast an a hip but it makes your skin glow and at least I get a soft penis and loose my spontaneous erections, which is very nice! My anus gets very soft and sensiive too and it stays moist every time.
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  5. I am very interested in what is discussed in this thread. I have been thinking about how easy it would be to get a more feminine skin without all out hormone treatment, but dismissed it as impossible. I'd like to hear more about these creams.
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  6. Dear Pinkpaw, thank you for your interest in this. I guess that estriol cream is prescription-free in Europe. Check for Ovestin or go to any pharmacy's gyne-shelves or buy in the net. Estrogel gel/cream is more powerful and needs a prescription, so do antiandrogens. Some hair-gowth stimulating ones might be free.

    The skin glows and smoothens because of more subepithelial volume (mostly fluid=swellig=oedema) and less perspiration, also I notice a little more grease but less frequent acne.And the male smell of sweat goes away!!! So go for it , it's wonderful!
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  7. I've been chaste for 12 days. I've been applying estrogel (inhousepharmacy) twice a day for 5 days. My penis was 7in erect and 3.5 in flaccid. I haven't measured, but now it is a lot shorter and skinnier, i am losing my spontaneous erections. I have a cb-3000. Very comfortable. I slept straight through the night the first day I got it.
    I am self chaste and gay. I've been looking for a way to shrink my penis and make it impotent since I was 14. Now that I've found a solution, I couldn't be more happy.
  8. @Gingy@Gingy I am in the exact same situation now, can you tell me if your shrinkage was real and permanent?
  9. Balls shrink when the sertoli cells shut down and quit producing sperm. Estrodiol is anti-androgenic but something like spironolactone or androcur works much better. Many trans people use low dosage hormone therapy if they dont plan to fully transition. Just stay away from the dangerous synthetics and only use the bio-identical estrodiol. All the health issues come from the synthetic estrogens and progestins like premarin and provera. I have had good luck with www.alldaychemist.com, just skip where it asks for prescription and they wont ask for it.

    Personally, I think estrogen is much better to inject it every 5-7 days.
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  10. Dr Wendy's Biology class !!

    Good Afternoon class

    Please sit nicely and I hope you have got all your pens and note books ready.

    Boys have testosterone at around 27 nmol/l and oestrogen at around 1-5 pmol / ltr .
    Girls have oestrogen at around 450 -600 pmol/l and testosterone at 1-2 nmol /l.

    So if you want to reduce you boy sex reduced testosterone will do the trick .

    If you want to get soft skin oestrogen will do that however you should get boobs as well . Hormones are quite a profound and make you either boy or girl depending on the dominant hormone.

    Only just realised that aperture from the last post this thread is 5 years old.
    Xx Wendy
  11. Wendy, as I understand biology, the more a male takes estrogen, the body will produce testosterone.
    So how do you stop testosterone? So you can put the estrogen to better use.

    I'd like to have more feminine breasts, not male pecs and I'd like to stop wearing fakies.

    I looked at the all chemists site http://www.alldaychemist.com/womens-health.html for creams.
    But what do you take to curb testosterone production?

  12. Hiya
    An anti -androgen Androcur or finestride . Either will just about kill off a lot of your testosterone.

    Then if you want to take oestrogen on top you won't need so much .
    Xx Wendy
  13. Once t is lowered, E can keep it suppressed but that level of E would cause significant feminization. Anti androgens come with a long list of mental and physical risks and should be kept at a minimum.
  14. Thanks, it looks like Finpecia is the one and it looks like it should help with a fuller head of hair.
  15. 5 alpha reductase inhibitors (DHT blockers like finasteride and dutusteride) can also have serious sexual side effects, leave you in a brain fog and cause long term depression. It effects brain chemistry so please do some serious research on it.
  16. Thanks, I read the side effects and it seems doses should be kept to a minimum.
    As for the sexual side effects, I have not had an orgasm since 1998 when I fell and suffered a spinal cord injury. Nothing works below the waist which is probably why I have this feeling that I want tits. I like dressing feminine and have felt this way before I got hurt. Wish I worked on this when I was younger.
  17. I was on 5 mg finastride for 12 months .
    Testosterone went from 27 -12 skin softer hair removal was more effective ie a waxing lasted 6 weeks or more rather than 4. Libedo reduced very nicely . Felt calm and much more able to sort problems . Quite a silver bullit if you want feminising .

    Xx Wendy
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  18. I'm finally back from my midwest road trip.
    I went to order at the alldaychemists site and they will not take credit cards, what's up with that?
    I have a real problem giving out Bank account and routing #'s to any website.
    The Chinese take credit cards, what's up with India?

  19. Hi
    Try" in house pharmacy " seem to be very reliable.
    Xx Wendy
  20. The endo system isn't something you play around with without doing some REAL homework. Doctors usually do this for you, but if you must, be careful.

    Having hormonal problems I can't see anyone messing with this stuff for soft skin and boobs. I am becoming estrogen dominant and have come to terms with it, but something's will never be the same. My chest will always shake when brushing my teeth, taking my shirt off will always be embarrassing, and my face that I always knew looks different. Soon my partner will have to deal with the fact that erections may be few and far between.

    Just be careful
  21. Hi

    I assume you know why your testosterone is dropping . So why not ask your Dr or endo for testosterone shots . I think the guys with testicular cancer post op are on 2 months ones.

    Definitely agree that messing with your hormones is not something to be done with out expert help.
    However done correctly it is not high risk if you are fit well active and a non smoker.
    Within the context of this thread it's folk who are not happy with a testosterone fuelled body. They very likely have some degree of gender dysphoria . The calm that people experience when their testosterone is reduced to female levels say .7 -1.5 is obviously quite profound. However to stop osteoporosis you must have either testosterone or oestrogen. Oestrogen is then most likely choice .

    However this process if done with proper professional help and regular blood tests is not inherently risky .
    Obviously for you the flip side applies and more testosterone would be your choice.

    Xx Wendy
  22. Hello, I am a bit of new player on the whole chastity/shrinking thing. I tried search for method to shrink my penis but all seems very dragstic, but.

    Is there any supplement that shrinks the penis but without give hormone imbalance and breast size increadse?
  23. As I have aged, it seems that my Testosterone has diminished. At 72, I now have much softer skin, no longer grow any hair beneath my chin have developing boobs and my whole attitude and persona has become softer and more gracious. I have taken no hormones, but I am enjoying the "Pink Fog" that comes over me with increasing frequency and strength! Just wait and it might just happen to you, too!

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