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    Hello everybody,

    For years I have visited such sites because I have an interest in erotic literature. I plan on being an erotic writer and have several different projects that I working on at the moment. However, unlike most men on this site, I have an interest in being the dominant partner in such relationships. I became a bull in college before knowing the term.

    One of my favorite forms of erotica is feminization erotica. I have read several Sandy Thomas, Reluctant Press and other publishers of this genre. However, I always read these with the idea of feminizing a woman because I am attracted to very feminine women and I dont see too much of them around anymore.

    Eventually my readings in female domination erotica led me to chastity erotica. I found Alterboys site and found those stories amusing, I also knew that I would never allow myself to be chastised. Of course in the readings of chastity led me to readings in cuckolding. I always read these from the point of view from the bull. Having sex with a married woman is something that I have done before however, her husband was not aware of our activities.

    Right now I am working on several literary projects. I would like to share a feminization story I submitted to Reluctant Press but they never got back to me on it. Its about a young man going off to college and meeting a wealthy older lady who feminizes him. If anyone would like it give me a message and I will e-mail it to you.

    Have fun.
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