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    Hi everyone,

    Here is my review of the Erostek ET312B estim power unit. It's an independent review and I have no commercial interest in the company or any suppliers. In my experience, it can be used with great and very enjoyable results both in and out of chastity.

    The ET312B is often described as the daddy of all estim devices. It's definitely one of the most expensive, retailing at over £500 in the United Kingdom. It's marketed as one of the most powerful power units you can buy, and I can completely agree with that having first tried a much more basic device that cost around £100 and which just used a 9 volt battery. That was crap, just not powerful enough to even get me mildly eroused.

    The ET312B has a large internal battery which once fully charged is good for at least a week or two of regular play.
    It is a two channel unit, meaning you can estim different parts of your body at the same time (for safety this should always be below the waist). The basic controls are to vary the power levels on both channels, a multi adjust control which changes the sensations like the rate of pulses or the frequency of the current, and at least 18 different power modes. There are then a variety of tweaks you can add to each mode, like altering the width of the waveform which creates either smoother or sharper sensations.

    The only downside is that the unit doesn't ship with much by the way of electrodes and in my view the ones Erostek sell aren't the most interesting. I used PES electrodes which are much more exciting and innovative.

    My favourite set ups are to either use a dedicated channel just on my cock and balls, and a channel in my ass that stimulates my butt and prostate, or to connect the electrodes on my cock to those in my ass and send the power right through my whole groin area.

    All the settings are worth trying but these are the best in my view.

    My usual setup out of chastity is a PES cockhead electrode which stimulates my head and with the power flowing down my shaft to my balls, where I have a PES cockring electrode. I then have a medium size metal bipolar electrode up my butt. I have found that ass stimulation is pretty essential to have an orgasm.

    I start with the Waves mode which sends really delicious rippling sensations over my cock and in my ass. I set the power unit on high but start with a low power setting - around 30 works for me - and then over 5 minutes or so I increase the power to 50. I can go up to 60 but anything above 50 starts going from pleasure to pain.

    I don't often cum on Waves, I need the Intense setting for that, but first I will spend another five to ten minutes on Toggle which alternates pulses of power between my cock and ass. When the power switches to my cock it twitches and jerks involuntarily which is very nice.

    Depending how long I want to edge (and if you like extended pre-cumming estim is great for that) I will often eventually move to Intense which creates an incredible strong tingling in my cock and a gentle pounding feeling in my ass. With power at between 45 and 55, and with the multiadjust control turned most of the way to the right to give a high frequency, I can get an amazing hands free orgasm (HFOs) within a few minutes.

    HFOs are for me what estimming is eventually all about. It's hard to describe how good they feel other than that I can't get anything like the same intensity of orgasm using a traditional hand technique. Nothing wrong with hand jobs of course, but estim takes things to a whole new level.

    How does all this work with chastity? Well you could just use the Erostek to edge and bring you to the brink of orgasm and prelong the frustration of denial. As chastity prevents erections, it is much more difficult reaching a HFO and the orgasm is different. My cock obviously isn't able to shoot in the same way, so the cum more drips out. I feel spent and kinda satisfied but it's a restrained orgasm. If you are thinking this might be a good way of training and teasing your partner, either not allowing orgasm or ensuring his balls and prostate can be occasionally drained to keep them healthy and in working order.

    Yes it's a lot of money and you need to allow another £100 at least for the electrodes but it really is worth the expense.

    Highly recommended and happy estimming.;)
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