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Erection anyone?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Sublifter49, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Darn you Sublifter49, just as I was settling in, you had to bring up the erection subject.
    Actually, at this point, 6 weeks into my latest lockup, I've gotten to that point where I want and orgasm, but almost fear it since I seem to tolerate being locked and denied for long periods rather than short ones. Ms K/H hasn't figured out that if she wanted to use my device as a punishment that she would be punishing me more by making me masturbate about twice a week, orgasm or not, then locking me back up.
    At this point, I would love an erection almost more than an orgasm. I would love for Ms K/H to call me into the den, unlock me and tell me to get erect, masturbate, don't cum, then lock me back up without orgasm then tell me "at least a month."
  2. I'm in need of a smaller cage to stop the erection before it has a chance to get going. I'm at three weeks with no cummies and the involuntary erections are slowing down. Although this thread managed one. :cool:
  3. That's what worked for me, the smaller cage. That and time. Once the little rascal realized it was useless, it gradually quit waking me up in the middle of the night, screaming. Now that I'm locked in the quoted "28mm" cage, I sleep through the night easily unless I overdo the drink leading up to bedtime.