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Enlarging your nipples

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by sissy Veronica, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. The most sensitive spot I have access to are my nipples.I love to play with them.
    I've been using nipple suckers regularly to try and enlarge them and make them more sensitive.
    Any suggestions on how I can enlarge them the most where the results would be permanant.
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  2. ive read that enlarging your nipples actually decreases the sensitivity. Im no expert but would look into that.
  3. Piercing them will do it, speaking personally.
  4. I have been into BDSM for 47 years and nipple play was a big part of it. My nipples are very long from women either tugging on my bare nipples or the nipple clips on them. Often I wore weighted nipple clips and it seems that doing that enough for a long period of time will make them stretch. I never considered any of those suction toys they sell since my preference was alligator or other piercing type clips.
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  5. If you are into nipple play I would highly recommend trying some nipple suckers.They can be quite delightful.
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  6. I got a set from Supple Nips that I like, though I left them on a little too long the other day and have to take a day or three off due to a little skin damage.
  7. They are addictive.It's hard to stop
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  8. I've a pair too and they are very addictive, my nipples tend to stay enlarged and very sensitive for about a day before the sensation fades :)
  9. I too have have a pair of nipped suckers . I've found if you leave them on for about ten minutes they are nice and big and sensitive. Then you can go with clothespins or clamps . When I clip them on when they are in gorged it a judge rush !!
  10. when you pierce your nipples multiple, they will become bigger. Only pierce them and stretch the holes, you don't need to wear piercings after that.
  11. I can second that, i LOVE my piercings, even though they have been a bit of a PITA healing (A year in now and the right one STILL isn't happy on occasion)
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  12. Waiting for my Electro Nipple stimulators to arrive.I too have very sensitive Nipples and love my kh playing with them and teasing me.Will post a review of them when they arrive.in the meantime will continue with the alligator clips.
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  13. I have only my left nipple pierced, but I can confirm it is bigger than it was and bigger than the right. I plan on getting the right nipple pierced for my birthday, so long as I can get a matching ring. It's a whole symmetry thing. ;)
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  14. Clover clamps and snake bite suckers, and yes my nipples are now a total erogenous zone!!
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  15. Do you play with them a lot? I Find that as long as I am playing with them they do not heal. They need time
  16. I had to leave them before i could play with them, it wasn't until i got over the 1st year that they had toughened enough.. its why i got the nipple cover jewellery, so i couldn't play with them without changing out the jewellery
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  17. Look forward to trying electro stim for other areas beyond the nipples too. Have a good machine. Just need the right attachments.
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  18. Well the nipple suckers stimulator eventually arrived,unfortunately the stimulator machine doesn't work.But the nipple suckers do wow,the pain when you twist the screw is immense, you can also see your nipples growing very quickly the more you twist the bigger they get,the greater the pain,quite like the pain but I don't leave them on to long as I don't want to end up with man boobs(well not yet).Not sure if this is the right forum to report on my cage but here goes anyway,about two weeks ago I had to remove my cage which I had been wearing without any problems for one month.I started to get burning balls syndrome for some reason,it got to painful to put up with especially when errections at night were happening.My cage is quite small but I still get errections.I have now started to wear it again and it seems fine.I have also ordered an even smaller one as lots of people suggest you cannot get erections with really small ones.
  19. I think that most nipple enlargement, meaning aereola growth, would require hormones. Progesterone would work, though I do not know the routines.
    Suckers of various sorts supposedly make the nipples toughen and get less sensitive - opposite of what I'd like.
    Piercings sound sexy (look sexy), but I've got someone who isn't too supportive of this whole thing... She's just not into being an actual Domme type, she's more of of a domineering type.
    (Difference is, domineering makes demands, issues orders - but doesn't manage anything. Doesn't DO anything. Expects mind reading. A Dominant makes decisions, leads, does what's needed, without demanding others do everything for them, or becoming irrational when others don't follow "orders".)

    Can't trust a domineering person who throws temper tantrums. I've had to be The Man, but... :p NOT my real nature.
  20. Well, there's always HRT, which can make quite a difference in sensitivity! But, that's quite a step and requires a commitment.

    If that doesn't suit you, then I recommend the clamps (clovers work for me), a good cupping set, and possibly even a breast pump. All of these items have been worth their weight in gold. I can't recommend them enough. I have some photos of the pump in use on me on my page if you're interested....
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  21. Thank you for that suggestion.
    The things I'd like to do what you! You are gorgeous, Sara.

    Wish I looked half that pretty.
    Do you know the brand? I'm on several forums where pumping is discussed, from kangzu to Noogleberry to Breast Nexus (nexum for the males), and a lot of people report success... But I'll have concerns about being a stomach sleeper... I would love to use pumps like the Brava system (domes actually), overnight, and get my 8 hours of pressure that way.
    Long term, would be awesome to work out a daily wear program for the day time, but I see a transition required for that.
    Speaking of, do you work outside the home, or are you a home maker? If you don't mind my asking.

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  22. Thanks for the compliments, Dianna. That's very lovely!

    The brand of breast pump is unknown. I picked them up at MedicalToys.com. It sounds like you already have a handle on things. Very interesting. But, yes, I went the transition route and I've completely happy as a result.

    As for work, I have a professional career, complete with office and work travel. It's part and parcel of the transition I reckon. And, no, I have no problems with your asking. :)

    I hope that you have a terrific day!

    In chastity,

  23. I'm glad to hear the job is transitioning with you, Sara.
    I'm in IT.
    I've had my fill of the job, especially the current one, and the location.

    Timing would be good to transition, but I'm stuck between wanting to be a woman, and wanting to have one. Both seems an impossible dream, especially as I don't like being dominated.
    Lead, sure, but I got my fill of being ordered around 20 years ago.
  24. This is pretty much the way I feel. I have very sensitive nipples and my wife likes to play with them. I enjoy using the nipple suckers, and I love the larger result and increased sensitivity. I just wish they would stay that way, but unfortunately it doesn't last very long. I'd be curious if there was something short of drugs or piercings, neither of which are things we are ready to try yet--though they have been discussed.
  25. Religious use of the suction devices will result in permanent growth.
    Daily use for hours, mind....
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