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Enemas and Chastity

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Bobby, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Thank you, I'm sure it would be. It's not that much, just a rinse and a lot less then enema. There is no cramping involved.
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  2. During an enema there always is some oozing pre-cum (milking) for me as well. We use an enema mainly to clean out my lower intestine before plugging. I experience more of a milking like sensation especially after several hours of being plugged. My guess is the butt plug is massaging my prostate.
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  3. Here's a look at my newest enema nozzle. It's quite a monster that I call the Sissy Splitter and it's guaranteed to stretch a sissy's hole while he's getting his punishing purge;


    Here's another pic showing the Sissy Splitter in use. This also shows my newest chastity device which ensures no orgasms are possible, even while my hole is being thoroughly stimulated;

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  4. Very nice way to enjoy cleaning yourself. Nice picture,smooth locked and Loving It
  5. It seems that, now, a prep enema has become a normal practice before I am pegged. Does anybody else do the enema before pegging routine? It's a lot more hygienic!
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  6. A prep enema as you call it is something I do on a regular bases. Since I don't know when my Mistress is going to order me to present my self ( kneeling,head on the floor, holding my cheeks apart) I've been instructed to always be ready and clean. I do get some break when she is away for a few days or at work but must be ready when she returns. So after you've cleaned yourself many times it's just part of your daily life.
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  7. ooh yes you has to have one of them. but not everyday cos then if you do then it hurts your whatsits and you cant go normal and its bad for you.
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  8. What does the rapper have to do with chastity?
  9. Oh I just put on my glasses now I see it is enemas and chastity Sorry