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Enemas and Chastity

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Bobby, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm wondering if I'm not alone when it comes to the after effects of a long, soapy enema, with regards to being kept continually in chastity.

    I have noticed that beforehand, my little wee-wee is full of excitement (albeit tightly restricted) and my libido is in overdrive (as it usually is). But it seems that between the long, filling torrents of soapy water and the fat, slippery dildo nozzle being forced into my sissy hole, that afterwards, I feel like I've essentially been milked. I find that there's much less tendency to try or be able to get erect within my device (as much as one can) and I feel certain that the process has drained me of much of my built up semen. This is further evidenced by the gooey deposit left in my diapers.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do enemas serve as a method of milking sissies?

  2. I have found that it certainly gets the milking process pointed in the right direction, and can at least get it started, depending on how backed up you are. No doubt.
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  3. I'll have to try that.Sounds like it could be a nice stress reliever
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  4. Although not into your kind of play, we used enemas as part of our S&M Play. I was given two bags worth, plugged and made to hold it in until I was moaning with cramps. Also was given various kinds of liquids like milk, urine and even wine used on me. Did you know you can get drunk from a wine enema? Did not know how dangerous that is back then but you can get alcohol poisoning from doing that. Often our enema play was things like holding it until I made either my wife or our girlfriend orgasm orally or being whipped a certain number of times before I could release it. We only did this for a few years until we moved on to other things. For me, an enema was never pleasurable.
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  5. I always wanted to try enema play.
  6. Enemas seems to crop up in several contexts, such as submission, feminisation, chastity, medfet.

    Submission: the sub gets enemas for e.g. health reasons - it is good for them, or sometimes as a punishment. They have to readily accept the penetration, hold for a certain time etc.

    Chastity: the anal area is rich in nerves, very sensitive, erotic. Anal stimulation is very powerful, especially if no conventional genital stimulation is happening! 'This is all you're getting, mister!' Or, in my self-chastity 'this is all i'm allowing myself' :)

    Feminisation: sometimes, the anus becomes the main sexual organ, the penis is totally downgraded. Enemas often used alongside pegging, plugs etc. I know that feminisation does not always go along with chastity, but it does for some people.

    Medfet: enemas can be part of examinations, cleansing for health reasons (such as 'till clear', which is a series of enemas take until clear water is produced.)

    And I'm sure there are lots more thoughts....
  7. My Mistress knows how much I have come to like being milked, but lately, She has added another dimension to it by making me endure an enema before my milking. She does this with the understanding that the enema cleans me out and thus makes my cunt somewhat cleaner for Her to put Her gloved finger into. She laces me up rather tightly into a corset - to make the cramping even more severe. She hates gross things and so I have to administer the enema myself and She has me wait for 15-20 minutes until the cramps get incredibly uncomfortable. She tell me that may be now, I know what girls go through just before their monthly period. She tells me how this helps me to feel really feminine - and it surely does that!

    By the time the enema is complete, my clitty is usually raging against my cage, but the milking soon gets that back in softer mode and the juices flowing.
  8. i has enemas and my Mistress does as well. She say they very good for you and i like them cos it makes me very clean.
  9. Also gets things nice and clean if pegging is part of your fun.

    Xx Wendy
  10. Have not done this... sounds hot:)))))))))
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  11. Hi All

    I have found with me, that i need to start out with a small enema the volume of liquid that is about a pint to start with, I let that take its damnable effects and then repeat several more times with increasing amounts till it runs clear, this i find leaves me clean and not feeling so drained that i,m no longer leaking with desire and i'm ready for anything. Also I have learned that by pushing to hard/much when evacuating this can cause my Pspot to squirt at the wrong time (if there is ever a wrong time !)

    Sissysnax X
  12. Yes, I know what thats like. Not the ideal time to see your desire and excitement come dribbling out, but sometimes I am thankful for even that, as it is the only relief I often get. A rather humbling experience which again reminds me that I am no longer in charge of that dribble.
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  13. Totally agree with you there, especially when my sadly now Ex GF was standing there waiting with the strapon tapping her foot looking like thunder, after all it was her milk to do with as she saw fit and my accident had robbed her of that right!
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  14. You sound like a smart and resourceful one. I am sure you will find a nice KH/GF/etc..
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  15. Thank you for your kind words JiL, I hope so too!
  16. I tried an enema with a cage for the first time last night and it was fun and interesting. When I've done enemas without the cage, for me, a good way to battle cramps was to rub the penis. Well, i couldn't do that last night, so I had to just breathe thru the cramps. Overall the enema with chastity was a fun experience and one I hope to do again in the near future.
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  17. My wife likes to administer enema's also, if I haven't been milked in awhile it will cause me to dribble come from my cage. Like a finger milking, it is not controlable and just flows out. If she wants to be more cruel, she likes giving a milk and molasses enemas. Extremely hard to hold and extremely painful. I can't hold it for no more than about 10 minutes. Once expelled, she gives me a hot soapy one, followed by a cold water one. It takes a few hours to play this out, and my ass is sore for a few days. Worse than preparing for a Colonoscopy
  18. please, rubbing your tummy helps if you gets cramps when the water is going in you.
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  19. Cumslave that sounds like a delicious enema series! I'd love to experience that!
  20. Also, an enema can be quite erotic. The last one I had was very sensual. Her caressing my head, light kisses, massaging my stomach to help keep the cramps at bay as I laid on my side. The slow flow of warm water filling me....
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  21. So I've not been able to play for a long time due to some houseguest that we've had. However, today I found myself alone and though it was time for a bit of fun. I put on my chastity device and filled a nice 2 qt bag with salt water solution. I set a time in my head that I'd retain it for a half hour while I showered, shaved, etc. I figured that I'd need some help so I grabbed my large doc johnson round ball plug. Away we went and I held for 32 mins before letting go. Wearing the chastity device now and am thinking the wife tonight will get to enjoy a bath with foot massage and scalp massage (with relaxing in the tub), followed by a long back massage with whatever she desires after that if she'd enjoy such an evening. She'll have wine too of course. Fun evening ahead hopefully! Chastity and enemas are great together!
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  22. For me, an enema is the prelude to my prostate milking and pegging. My wife's purpose is to make me helplessly submissive, starting with my bare bottom spread open. The milking is the natural sequel to the enema. When it's done, I am totally emptied and docile.
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  23. I've never had a regular enema, but I think I would like it. I use a hose and nozzle with warm water in the shower to tidy up before a pegging.
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  24. It's a wonderful feeling. The anus has so many nerve endings that anything coming out of it or going in (with enough lube) is pleasurable.
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  25. ooher. please how do you know how much has gone in. when i has one i know cos the thingy holds the water. Mistress say its danger to put a lot inside you.
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