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Enema tips?

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Burger_01, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Soooo....

    I really like being fucked by my mistress and her strapon. But lately I seem to be having a hard time getting properly cleaned out. Everyone is busy, and spending most of your playtime cleaning out, then cleaning up, can take the fun out of whatever little play time you actually get.

    Does anyone have any tips, please?:squigglemouth:
  2. The cleaning out process is part of our playtime. My wife will use the enema as a way to humiliate me, she is the one who administers it. When she then gets the strapon out, I am more than ready.
  3. Enemas are the only solution for a good cleanong before "anal play".
    Mistress likes to give me enema as a "strict nurse"!
    It's not painfull but it can be humiliating during retention time when you beg for release :cry::cry::cry:
  4. Enemas are the only solution for a good cleanong before "anal play".
    Mistress likes to give me enema as a "strict nurse"!
    It's not painfull but it can be humiliating during retention time when you beg for release :cry::cry::cry:
  5. Burger,

    The enema is half the equation for anal cleanliness. Don't forget your diet. Reduce your meat and processed food intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. If possible, 24 hours prior to anal sex, cut your food intake down by at least half. Regular aerobic excercise will also help.

    Have a nice day,

  6. OK... not trying to be gross by being too specific and detailed here, but here's what works for Mistress and me: First off, sometimes Mistress likes to administer the enema, but usually she tells me that I need to be "cleaned out" before play time. If the later is the case, I will try to void first, then step into the shower and use an enema attachment on the shower hose. For me, the key is to clean out only the lower rectum area... in other words, not a deep cleansing, large volume enema. I find that if I do a heavy or large volume enema, it is more difficult to get all of the enema voided before play time. (And that, I'm sure you can surmise, is EXACTLY what we're trying to avoid altogether!)

    Anyway, planning ahead and not doing the large volume is what works for us.
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  7. Thanks all for your replies.

    Catoris_CD_Jamie, I wish it were as easy as diet! We are near vegetarians.. we hardly ever have meat, and have plenty of fibre and whole grains. It's a bit hard getting good exercise though, as it's the middle of winter over here.

    I think sb_andycb might have hit the nail on the head with this. I'll try using smaller amounts and shorter times in future to see if that works. I don't need my entire tract cleaned out as we're not into extremely deep penetration or anything like that.
  8. I always used to have an enema before Mistress would take me, but lately after changing my diet, we have found that it is not as necessary. If I do have an enema, then it is no longer with a large volume. I used to use about 1-1.5 liters. Now its only 150 ml two or three times and it seems to do the trick
  9. I agree with Sophie, several small enemas work for us also, we only use large volume enemas with castor oil as punishment. I often have to wear a pad for at least 24 hours after to prevent any accidents.
  10. I use a shower nozzle to clean out for a strapon. The advice that you only need to clean the lower areas is right on. You get pretty good at it, and not retain any water with a bit of practice. If you do this in the shower, it means picking up the matter that comes out to dispose of. Either that, or filling with water, then stepping out of the shower to the toilet to void, repeatedly. In any event, a shower nozzle is the best way that I know of.

    I have not been required to be fisted. However a good friend of mine's wife puts a huge plug in hims every morning to start the day when he wakes up, and she fists him regularly, He tells me that a deep cleaning, with multiple enemas, and a restricted diet is necessary for that sort of activity. And not to cleanout too close to play time as this also washes out the natural mucous protection of the gut. People into fisting generally have a proven method, and it seems to vary by individual, as to what they prefer.
  11. I was pretty sure this was a big no-no... but I'm not the expert on enemas (obviously!)

    I thought I found it on one of the enema sites that you could do yourself damage because of the water pressure??? :animal0017:

    But... I can't find the link, so take my memory for what it's worth!
  12. I just got up and thought i would see what was new in the mansion. Todays my house cleaning but before i start , i like to take a hot bath and make sure body is rid of all the hair. After reading this thread i guess i'm not ready until i'm clean inside and out. " Just in case M'Lady whats to have some fun ":smilies_xxx02:
  13. I’ve used an adapted hose and nozzle connected to a tap before now. It’s safe enough as long as you’re careful with the pressure, you’ll know when you’re anus is getting too full. :boobeyes:
    It did a good job although I think a proper shower attachment would be better.

    Douches are ok I guess but don’t clean you out that much. It takes sever uses and a lot of messing about to get any sort of result.
  14. They make special nozzles for this. You regulate the pressure to get the flow that you want.

    My technique is to relax and let the water flow out as fast as it is flowing in. That means that I have to pick up any turds that fall out, which I don't find particularly appealing. However, it is the best technique that I have found. It is very fast and effective - and it doesn't leave any water in your gut to come out later at a bad time.

    They also make contraptions that hang reservoir from the shower head stem with a hose attached. You turn on the shower to fill the bag which is open at the top, and the flow is gravity fed. You can travel with this type, and there is never a water pressure problem.
  15. Thanks slave kris and mudgely!

    I'm glad we have members here with such knowledge, it's the best way to learn.

    It's still something I haven't managed to get round to yet, but it's always on my "to do" list!:animal0008:
  16. There are some very cool things about an enema. Here is my list in order of perceived coolness:
    1. It is very invasive. That nozzle slides in easily, like it or not. When you feel that flow start, you feel very helpless and vulnerable.
    2. The fluid can be any number of things ranging from water, to intoxicants, to stuff that is very punishing. A punishment enema is very effective. There is no need to tell the patient what the liquid is. The patient will begin to realize something is happening, and then things will accelerate. It is can be disconcerting for the patient.
    3. It is definitely humiliating. There is no way to receive a large enema or a punishment enema with composure and grace. I suppose this is entertaining to some.
    4. It is so simple for the administrator. Put patient into position. Lube and insert nozzle. Turn on the flow. Plug if necessary. Wait patiently for results. The more patient the administrator is, the more impatient and desperate the patient becomes. Enema recipients can end up doing the most amusing dances if you just leave them standing naked for a while. They can't seem to help it. This can be a great party game. Imagine several subbies dancing around for you at once.
    5. Each successive enema, at the same volume of liquid, is worse than the preceding one because each time some water is retained in the gut, so the next one is harder to take in. For the poor patient who thinks that the last enema is over, it can be discouraging to feel the nozzle to start to penetrate one more time.

    An enema scene takes a lot of time. Be sure to allow for this.
  17. Has everyone seen kinkish1's WONDERFUL album?

    i love these pics and i love learning about fun new toys! :)
    i've played with enemas a bit wiht a disposable plastic bag, but i'd love to get a strudy set up like in the pictures, a double bardex. :)

    i know a little:
    Don't hook enemas up to faucet pressure because you dont know how much you are taking and it will push too hard when you are full, maybe poping something. SO just hanging the bag is a good safe pressure.

    It is possible to to casue brain/nervous system damage if you dillute your electrolytes from using too big of a a fresh water enema.

    i've only done small ish enemas for very short periods, but id like to do more, but i wont until i have amor precise understnading of the freshwater problem.
    i recall that you can salt the water somehow and it iwll be safe again.

    oh i'd love to do a HUGE enema so much! :)
  18. Mistress won't even give me the enema... I have to do that myself. She says its dirty work, and that is for me to do...

    I do find it assists in stimulating the prostate, and that just add to the torment that comes later with the strapon.

  19. Enemas are fast and work good. I myself use just a big dildo to clean myself before my Mistress fucks me. I take a shower and ram the dildo in and out so that if there's anything inside my ass it will come out stuck in the dildo. It's then easy to clean to toilet with the shower. I repeat this as long as my ass is clean for my Mistress. And it's a good way to prepare for her strapon or fist.
  20. For me a full "clear out" is essential. I use about 2.5 lts each time. After doing this about 5 times, over the course of an hour, we know that I wil be completely clean for Madam to deep fist me.

    In fact last night she deep fisted me to half way up her forearm.

    Going by the fisting videos on Xtube I must be built differently to others as when she fists me she gets to a depth where she says there is simply "no where else to go". Any ideas?
  21. I've found what could be the perfect enema device for beginners. I’ve done a full review of it in the mall.

    I think Master can have some fun giving forced enemas now, he’s expressed his interest in doing it to me quite a few times.

    Enema Kit review
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